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  1. I've only ever been in one relationship, and it was long distance (2000 miles). It was very very difficult, and it didn't end because of the distance but because of other things. Its definitely not impossible, but its all I've ever known, so we made it work. One of our visits was a whole month long, so it really helped us to get to know each other on in a normal setting.
  2. Were are you SINGLES :O

    We exist haha
  3. Sexy Hands

    haha, its all about the bone structure and the size of the hands. theres something about that protruding bone at the verrryyyyy bottom of the thumb. not where it connects to the hand, but way down by the wrist. I always notice that. I dont mind if his hands are rough or not, but when they're warm and strong, its perfect.
  4. For Your Husband...

    yes i would, because his desires are just as important as mine. but i would hope that if it was uncomfortable and annoying for me, we would make a compromise of some sort. For example, maybe it would only be completely shaved sometimes or maybe it would only be partially shaved to account for both of our needs.
  5. Hello Everyone!

    Hey thats great! Its definitely nice to hear! I'd love to hear your story! PM me if you feel like it!
  6. Hello Everyone!

    First off, wow, this site is wonderful! I'm so glad it exists! I'm 22 and I've known I wanted to wait until marriage for as long as I can remember. For me, its both a religious thing and also because I really want to share the intimate act of sex with only one man in my life. I'm currently in a relationship (long distance actually) with someone who is also waiting. We know its a difficult thing to do, but its very important to us I look forward to sharing opinions and stories with all of you! -Emily