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  1. What bothers me is how men who are virgins are often slammed so viciously for lacking experience in ONE area. Just one area. There are also really nasty stereotypes of virgin men, including mama’s boys, basement dwelling young men with neckbeards or young men who are afraid of women. I know plenty of non virgin men who are really immature and not grown out of their frat boy immaturity levels probably because of their over-inflated ego over getting laid. Being a virgin doesn’t mean that I am still a boy like the 40 Year Old Virgin portrays virgin men. But I really dislike the nasty stereotype that people in their mid twenties and older who are still virgins “somehow have something wrong with them.†Being devirginized probably wouldn’t change anything over night other than the fact of me not being a virgin.

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  2. I would NOT be ok with never getting married and having sex. It is just natural and human to have that desire.  I never met anyone who desired permanent singleness (I'm sure they exist). Statistically, most of us will be married at some point (which is a good thing), but it may not be when we want to (which can be annoying). If I reach an older age with no marriage prospects I WILL be very disappointed because I didn't get to experience the ultimate physical/emotional connection that God created. Hopefully, I will end up married eventually. With that being said, I'd rather stay a virgin than have meaningless one-night stands because I know that won't be fulfilling. It sure as hell won't make me more of a man.  I want to look back at my first time and smile, not frown.

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  3. I enjoyed his article, but it was kind of a punch in the gut at the same time. I'm in grad school right now and I've got a few years before I hit thirty, but why not start preparing for it now? All of my friends on campus say don't get married before thirty. They are all cohabiting. However, I never agreed with that ideology. One of my friends has been cohabiting with his girlfriend for a couple of years and he has no intent on marrying her. And he was homeless before she let him move in. I'm not single because I want to play the field. I just haven't found the right person yet, but I am searching. I admit I fell for that "one" myth when I was younger because I watched alot of Disney movies. I do admire his blunt honesty because I think its needed in our culture of extended adolescence. I guess I'm one of the exceptions he mentioned because if I met a godly woman who was right for me I wouldn't hesitate to get married. 

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  4. I'd say let the guests talk more. The length of time on podcasts is fine (around 20-30min) and I don't mind the rambling. (just keep it funny :P ) Here are some future topics I would like to hear:


    The stigma of being an older virgin

    Singleness in the church 

    Dealing with criticism about waiting

    Feeling like you're missing out on youthful sex

    When everyone is getting married except you

    Double Standards in Society


    Pop Culture and Hip-Hop



    You can probably merge some of these. Thats my input.

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  5.  I am heavily attracted to cute modest girls with an intelligent and bubbly personality.


    I like gamer girls who are not nerdy looking and with a slender figure.  


    Tattoos are a turnoff for me and I don't like girls who dress provocatively. 


    Slight tomboys are also attractive like cowgirls or anglers, but not too much.


    I'm also attracted to long haired brunettes or black-haired girls. And some curves wouldn't hurt.  ;)

  6. I consider myself a Christ follower, not religious. I haven't gone to church in awhile. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is far more important than religion. Jesus Himself did not like religion.  Right now I'm reading a book called Jesus is> than Religion by Jefferson Bethke. I would recommend it. 

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  7. I'll take your word for it that this happens, but I've  never seen it.


    What I do see, however, is men sleeping with anything with boobs for most of their teens and 20s, and then when it's time to settle down, they want to marry a virgin. THAT double-standard sexist attitude is one I will happily vilify til my dying day. I mean, there was a trollish poster in these threads for awhile who displayed that exact attitude and didn't understand why we all told him off.


    That dumbass double standard is ridiculous. That should be villified, but virgins who have a preference for other virgins should not be villified. It is not unreasonable for someone to want to share that exclusivity with their spouse. I've seen some ad hominem attacks on men saying "if he was a real man, he wouldn't care about her sexual past." 

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  8. Yeah, this is something I worry about as well. From what I've heard the majority of Western society women usually do not want virgins because they'll assume he sucks in bed and don't have the patience to teach him what she likes. Or worse they'll equate him to a child. In the case of older virgins, they'll assume something is wrong with him and that flaw is the reason why he is still a virgin. And they'll either pity him or shame him (Although some will think its adorable). Those women are not virgins, but they are the dominant segment of the population.

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  9. I was raised baptist, but I'm probably more non-denominational as of now. Being a Christ follower is more important to me than religion. Sometimes religion can leave out Christ, which is my main concern. I'd rather my wife be protestant or non-denominational. I don't think I could marry a Catholic or a non-Christian, but I'd rather put it in the hands of God. Afterall, he knows me better than myself. 

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