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  2. Truth about Christopher Columbus

    My bad. One of my friends posted this on facebook. I meant to put this in another forum.
  3. Where are the real men? I think there is more to this issue than what the author says. He is saying it is young men's fault to for not asking women out on dates. I think the priest who scolded the guys at the catholic college had the wrong approach. Life is not all about relationships (romantic). Maybe they had other priorities than dating such as career goals and education. I believe if an article is to be written on the loss of “real†men, it should be the loss of a whole race of “real†people and not just limited to one sex. It’s okay to preach a message of chastity and fear, but if you’re going to judge HOW young men and women are courting each other, then you need to give equal scrutiny. A lot of women don't know what they want as well. It is not just because men are cowards and jerks. It is also because women are not looking to get married and starting a family. Why do you think most of them are in college? To start a career, make money and be powerful like everyone else. Modern college is a river overflowing with hormones yet most people have no desire to get married for at least another 5-10years, if earlier they have no desire to have kids. That is 50% of why we have the hookup culture. More men need to step forward and make it known that it’s a pure woman they’re looking for and women need to continue to hold men to high standards.
  4. doesnt any girl think im worth dating?

    I know how you feel bro. I'm shy as well and in the same predicament. I've tried online dating before and have gotten a few responses, but most just cut me off after awhile.
  5. I got hit on by a waitress at a bar this summer. She looked college aged and middle-eastern descent. I also got hit on by an older 35+ bank teller a couple of years ago.
  6. Funny thing is when I told my friend that I never kissed a girl (in a nonchalant way), he said that was not normal. He expected me to be depressed about it, but I haven't told him I'm WTM yet.
  7. Sammy Adebiyi

    You WILL like this guy.
  8. Enjoy!
  9. Sammy Adebiyi Blog
  10. Why Wait? Mike Gugnor

    I've seen this video before. I love his delivery. This man is genius!
  11. New Virgin in the house

    Hey guys, I'm a 25 year old virgin. I just joined the site yesterday. Its very interesting to see that so many people here are waiting until marriage. I haven't met one person in my entire life that hasn't had sex before marriage. They keep saying "it makes you a man." It seems crazy going against the norm when the media is constantly pushing sex down our throats. However, I think its worth finding God's match for me. Afterall, I don't want to hurt my future wife by having sex with different women. Right now I'm reading an interesting book called "Hooked" that gives non-religious scientific facts about the benefits of waiting until marriage and how casual sex is affecting our youth. You guys should check it out. Cheers!
  12. Celibacy

    I'm glad you realized that being an atheist doesn't mean you don't have values similar to Christians. From my experience being a Christian is not an excuse nowadays (especially for younger guys). They always say "hey I'm a Christian too, but lets be realistic. Sex is natural and people got married younger in bible times." People I know claim to be Christian, but they are always laxed about fornication (premarital sex).
  13. Celibacy Have any of you guys heard of Liberated Christians?
  14. Jason will be traveling close to where I am next week. That may be worth seeing.
  15. I don't know about that. Maybe I would get help from a dating coach or a friend of mine (who is successful with women), but I can't see myself becoming a player and contradicting my values. I'd probably just stay celibate for life.
  16. Are women turned off by inexperience?

    I guess not all women are like that. I was just wondering if it was the majority. Thank God for the women here.
  17. Dear beloved , I'm saving myself for you. I'll admit its hard, but true love comes to those who have patience and you are worth the wait. When we marry, God will bless our relationship. Look forward to meeting you and DON'T let the world influence you. Stay strong my love.
  18. I don't see why YOLO has to mean sleeping around while I'm young. It can also mean doing things YOU'VE always wanted to do and NOT what everyone else is doing. Since I only live once, why not be the best person I can be and make sound decisions regarding the future of my well being. I can do this by WTM to avoid STDS and unplanned pregnancies.
  19. "Virgin" as an insult

    Yeah its disgusting, but true in this silly world.
  20. Are you a virgin?

    I'm a super virgin. Never held hands or kissed, but I've a hugged a few.
  21. Hope my kids will be like that.
  22. teasing

    I agree wholeheartedly with Vince. I'm so tired of hearing this all the time. Having sex DOES NOT make you a man. It just makes you a male with sexual impulses. God gave us brains for a reason. Our intellectual capacity and moral character distinguishes us from animals. The bible says your co-worker is a wuss because he can't say NO to sex.
  23. It amazes me how so many people (including my best friend) are so interested in my sex life (lack thereof). Why do they care so much? If they don't want to date me, it shouldn't matter to them. Anyway, let me know what you think.
  24. A sexless marriage is one of my biggest fears. Alot of people say premarital sex would avoid this problem. I hope they're wrong about this. I would hate to be celibate all these years for no reason.