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  1. Thats swoozie. I saw those videos this summer. He has the BEST stories!
  2. Nobody knows I'm celibate until marriage. Not even my close friend. He just knows I'm a virgin, but I'm not sure I want to tell him unless the situation calls for it. My other friends/family and acquaintances do not know. So I don't really have anybody pressuring me to have sex. I probably had the most pressure when I joined a Sport and Social Club this past summer. And all those guys were post-college aged (24-29).
  3. Future Marriage University

    I can't get enough of this guy's blogs.
  4. I Kissed Dating Goodbye

    I wonder about this alot. Are you guys actively dating? Does this article apply to you?
  5. 25 facts about YOU!

    1. I'm a Christian who was born and raised Baptist. 2. I have a strong passion for nature. Been that way since I was little; putting frogs in my pocket. 3. Love hotdogs, hamburgers,pizza, and fish. I remember a place I visited called Luigi's Pizza. Biggest pizza I've ever seen. Lets not forget Cuban food. 4. Love fishing and spending time outdoors. 5. My Grandfather was a pastor and strong man of God. (RIP) 6. My other Grandfather was a soldier in the air force. 7. I'm a heavy sleeper. Only a loud alarm clock can wake me up. Or you could use water. 8. I know karate and regularly practice when I get the chance. 9. I'm a huge traveler. I've been to a few foreign countries and many states. 10. Divorce is high in my family. My grandparents had the longest marriage (1945-2002). 11. I love anime and 90s cartoons. 12. I'm a huge Sonic fan. 13. Love playing video games. Old and new. I often play the old ones online. 14. I enjoy watching Big Bang Theory and SVU. I also like browsing YouTube for some inspirational videos. 15. I haven't been to a beach in awhile, but I would like to visit one soon. I grew up near the beach. 16. I'm an only child on my mom's side, while having three brothers on my dad's side. They live in different states. 17. My first cousin has a history of drugs and domestic violence. 18. I'm introverted by nature. I'm usually shy at first, but will open up eventually. 19. I'm not the typical post college kid who hits the bars or goes clubbing. I'd rather visit cafes, attend club meetings or take walks surrounded by nature. 20. My dad was a womanizer in his younger days. My parents split at the young age of 4. My dad eventually remarried my stepmother in the mid 90s and are still married. 21. Never kissed a girl or been in a relationship. I'm still a virgin and proud of it. Although I can sometimes feel insecure about my inexperience. 22. I like to volunteer whenever I can and help teach kids about the beauty of nature. 23. Studying for a Master's Degree in Fisheries & Wildlife. 24. I like exercising, weightlifting and swimming to stay in shape. 25. I used to have a Dalmatian that I miss dearly. Had her for eleven years. Pongo was kind, loyal and a man's best friend. (RIP)
  6. Hey Emily, don't sweat it. Sounds like his desires were more important. Being alone in the long run is far better than being with someone who doesn’t appreciate your worth. Losing that guy was a gain, not a loss. You cannot be good enough for everybody, but you will always be the best for the one that deserves you.
  7. Is monogamy unnatural?

    It must have been rough to go through that. I applaud you for standing your ground. One of the best examples of I've seen to stay monogamous.
  8. Do you guys think monogamy is natural for us as human beings? I notice a lot people (especially guys) rationalize sleeping around because its natural for humans to spread their genes and multiple sex partners enhances that probability. It is natural to spread our genes, but we must exercise self-control and caution for the sake of our offspring. Some anthropologists argue that its not normal to sleep with just one person for life. According to stats, out of 5,000 animal species only 3-5% of mammals practice monogamy (like Canada geese). However, I don't think we should compare ourselves to animals since we are rational beings capable of complex thought and emotion. I just hate how society encourages young people to sleep around as much as possible before marriage so as to "get it out of their system" and avoid a midlife crisis. Here are a few articles on the subject. Let me know what you think.
  9. Some more reading

    Good article. Glad to see a male peer advocating for chastity. A rarity indeed.
  10. newbie intro

    Welcome! No, its not easy, but its worth it. Happy 21st B-Day!!
  11. Celebrity Crush?

    Adriana Lima, Vanessa Hudgeons, Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift, and Michelle Rodriguez.
  12. Do you believe in Soulmates?
  13. New member intro./Aloha!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here.
  14. Brand New Me

    Welcome! I admire your dedication for chastity. You'll find alot of support here. Feel free to read some articles when you get a chance.
  15. Hello everyone!

    Welcome Aurora. I'm glad you found us.
  16. You know, just last year I was indifferent about being a virgin at 24 (I'm 25 now) until I spoke with my friend about it. Although I did get jealous of guys who were good with women. He said its not normal for my age and its best to get experience while you're young because you DON'T want to be a virgin past your 20s. That made me sad/depressed and this was before I was a waiter. I felt like he was a real man because girls liked him and he's had multiple sex partners. I guess I let the media pump that into my head. I never wanted casual sex because I refused to use a random girl's body for pleasure, no matter how hot she was. Now that I've found this website a few months ago; in addition to some videos on YouTube, I feel alot more secure about my decision to wait until marriage. I don't care what society says anymore. I'm getting too old for that.
  17. Hey MissVirgin, I can see why you came here. I know its hard to find virgin men these days. (Especially the older you get) Maybe you should stay here awhile and get to know everyone. Who knows, you may find your man here.
  18. Hey guys, I saw this quote on YouTube and thought I should share it. They were posted at different times by the same person, but I combined them all. Its something I used to think about before becoming a waiter. Let me know what you think. "That first piece of cake will seem perfect because you have nothing to compare it to. But curiosity will have the better of you if you have no experience with "other cakes,"and you'll start thinking "what if there's another cake out there that is even better?"I believe that type of mystery in your life will eventually kill you and you will end up betraying your spouse. This is why I believe you should have experience before marriage,so you can gain a much needed perspective." "The way I see it, the point is to better acquaint yourself with the opposite sex. If you're going to make THE biggest commitment in your life(marriage), you need to have experience before you commit to it. It only makes sense. How is it fair to commit to a lifelong decision before knowing what you're walking in to? It's like buying the first house you see before seeing other houses." "What I am saying is that you need to explore OTHER people before you can finally choose your lifelong partner. You need to date some people--or "house hunt"--before you can truly mature and become true "husband material." It's not good to marry the first person you have ever dated." "The rationale given is that you will be more mature and less likely to cheat if you've gotten all of the sexual energy and curiosity "out of your system." I've been told that if you reserve sex for only one person for life, you will end up with too much curiosity about other women and therefore will cheat. If you've already "slept around," then you're not as susceptible as someone who lacks experience." "You can hit your midlife crisis when you realize that you have only slept with one woman your entire life. When others spent their youthful years experimenting and living; you gave it all up. I mean, that HAS to cause some type of sexual frustration some years down the road. I'm too afraid it will happen to me. That's why I feel weird about celibacy." "I'm afraid that if I practice celibacy, I will end up frustrated and bitter knowing I didn't use my youth years. There are too many men who cheat because they look back and feel bad that they haven't used their time to the maximum." "Plus, finding your one true love is a LONG and torturous process. I dunno how anyone can wait years and years in sexual repression without ever having sex. Especially when you're in your 20s. From what I've been taught by family and friends, it seems unhealthy to abstain from sex completely before marriage. People have told me that if you really want to mature, you need to get sex outta the way." "Isn't it better to have the experience before you take on such a commitment? The idea that you should have multiple partners before marriage does sound like a logical thing to me. I'm afraid that if I don't increase my experience, I might end up being a frustrated 40 year old thinking "what if" my entire life. That usually leads to adultery and that honestly frightens me." Regelemihai
  19. football sex talk

    Yeah, that upsets me as well, but its the life they've chosen. Some guys just don't get it. I know sex feels good, but sometimes they have to love a woman enough NOT to have sex with her. It proves that you value her as a person and not some sex toy. It takes a stronger man to control his urges. You have that strength. Be proud of it.
  20. Hello from Southern California

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the site. Congrats on your abstinence.
  21. Hi all!!! Virgin from Mexico

    Welcome to the site Jimena. Hope you enjoy your time here. Nice dress.
  22. What are you majoring in?

    I'm majoring in Fisheries & Wildlife. Hoping to be a park ranger or a fish biologist.
  23. Its sad, but I found out that some women won't even date virgins past high school or college. I remember one woman said "WTM virgins are the worst kind." Most secular women want guys with sexual experience unfortunately.
  24. Hello!

    Hello Haitigirl, I'm glad you found us. You will find much support and encouragement on this site. We all have felt the same way before, so you're not alone. Cheers!
  25. Scared of Divorce

    Divorce scares me as well; mainly because my parents weren't married very long. I'll probably remarry if I get a divorce, but definitely not a third time.