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  1. No, I'm not "thirsty", I made myself a promise that when I got back home from the Army, I would put myself out there more than I ever have before. The only way to win a battle is to keep advancing, not every once in a while. And I live in a city, and go to a pretty large college, so yes, it is possible to find that many people in such a short amount of time. And I also don't go up to a woman and say "I've asked out 32 women before you. How are you doing?" I don't even mention that fact, so no, they probably don't just see a thirsty dude.
  2. Well, every girl I've gone after recently is shorter than me. However, most were shorter by an inch. Is there a difference of height equation that determines whether I'm screwed or not? EDIT: And all I got from that article is that the women I like will never like me back, and my only chance is to go for women I don't like. So, yeah...
  3. I've asked an unreal amount of girls out. Ever since getting back home from the Army July 18th, I've asked about a collective 30+ women, with no successes. And with this last girl, I thought I moved fast enough to avoid becoming a friend, but I obviously was wrong. All of my friends thought that she understood that the first activity we did was a date. Apparently we were wrong. And as for the be attractive/don't be unattractive part, I've been told time and time again I'm not a bad looking guy. But I am 5'6". That's the problem, right? Women don't like short guys?
  4. But how come everyone else I know doesn't run into this problem? Every guy I know can just go from girl to girl, but here I am. So, what are they doing differently that causes girls to be attracted to them so much?
  5. "Just Friends" The two words I hate more than anything else. My question is...why? How can you just be friends with someone who clearly adores you and thinks you're not just the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you are a million times better? Wouldn't curiosity compel you to at least see what that person is about? That's not really the question I care about, but rather: how can one avoid just being a friend? What is that ever-so-elusive answer?
  6. Holy crap. For a website about waiting until marriage, you people don't seem to care about ever getting married. It literally blows my mind. If being married is a "luxury" that Christians are not supposed to partake in apparently, then how can we even continue the human race if we are not to have sex outside of marriage? It makes absolutely no sense. I guess in my situation, my prime goal is to marry someone. I could care less about anything else. Some people's dreams are to become CEO of some corporation, some have goals to become a famous athlete or actor/actress, and so on and so forth. My dream is to find someone to enjoy the world with. To me, visiting places around the world and just doing simple activities in general frightens me. What's the point? I'm not going to sit down at lunch one day, with myself, and ask myself, "hey, remember that one time I went to Paris?" And it's like everyone, to include you guys, my friends, parents, and random people off the street, cannot seem to grasp the concept that the thing that makes me happy is when I'm with someone of the opposite sex. I don't know. Like I said, I just don't get your reasoning. 99% of the world seems to have no trouble finding someone, so how come someone who has so much to offer is apparently required to miss out on that for some reason? Because it seems like that's the case based on what you people say. We are required to be single. How depressing and empty does that sound?
  7. That's ridiculous though. Why would some people be condemned to be alone forever when it's easy for billions of other people to not be alone? If I was told that I would be alone forever, I would see no point in being here. Seriously.
  8. If you're content with being single, you're on drugs. You'd have to be.
  9. Hey, it's the resident WTM pessimist here...so I've been seeing a lot of "it will only happen if you believe it will happen" statements. I'm just curious...what are the facts backing these statements up? So you're saying that if I believe I will be the Premier of China, or if I believe I'll own a Bugatti Veyron (a $1.4 million car), it'll happen? Are there really forces of nature that control what happens based on what a person believes? If that's the case, then I'll never find another woman for the rest of my life, since it's what I believe based on past and current experiences. And another one that confused me, people also always say that you have to give up on love to find love. How does that make any sense? If everyone gives up on love and isn't looking for someone, then how can anyone find love? Since both parties are not looking because it's the only way to find it, they also cannot find it because neither of them are looking. Also, how can one truly give up, when it's essentially an instinct to find someone. So technically, you can never truly give up anyways. It's like one of those time-travel-kill-your-grandfather-type of situations I guess... Just curious about what you guys think.
  10. As someone who views women as otherworldly and not human (in a good way), the moment an attractive girl talks to me, I'm ready to propose. But realistically, I'd prefer to wait 3-4 years, but I imagine this waiting period will decrease as I get older.
  11. What impresses you? (Guy edition)

    This is quite ironic, given the fact that I have none, but confidence. Also, intelligence, passion, knowing what she wants in life, and being able to stand up for herself. And recently I discovered that I love a woman who is commanding. As of me typing this, I'm planning on going after this girl who I helped move dorm rooms. The moment I fell for her was when she took me to her room and told her roommate and her friends to "Get out RIGHT NOW!" (she was extremely fed up with her roommate, hence the move) and they all scurried away like cockroaches. It was insanely attractive. But I don't want a woman who is too commanding, obviously. And this isn't really something that they do to impress us, but I am attracted to women who have "problems", such as they have to take a pill for this or that, half of their body is broken, they have a condition that causes them to pass out randomly. I have no idea why, but I like that stuff. I guess you could say it adds character haha..
  12. Gentlemen: Does Size Matter? (Female Version)

    I prefer large in proportion to the size of her body. And if I could make my perfect wife, she would be...uh, very "gifted". But I'm more concerned about the overall size of her, as in someone who is either the same dimensions as me, or preferably smaller. She can be as flat as a 2x4 but as long as she's smaller than me then I'm perfectly fine with that.
  13. Getting rid of my God-forsaken last name (I would say I'm kidding, but I think I would seriously consider it depending on what her's is. I'll put up with the constant insults). But in all seriousness I'm looking forward to just being with my other half and waking up next to her every morning. Plain and simple.
  14. What do you think of shy guys?

    What do you ladies think about a guy who has the courage to join the Army in wartime, but can't start a conversation with a girl to save his life? I know a guy who's like this and I just wanted opinions...
  15. Well, hello I guess...

    @Vince - Yes, I have the M44 carbine. Out of everything I've fired, I'd have to say the RPG-7 is the best. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to fire a real one thanks to Romanian Military Police. @RedYellowBlue - I imagine I would enjoy long walks on the beach haha. I mean, I am a hopeless romantic despite how "hardcore" I try to be. @Sweety - Well, I was born and raised in the North and since my memories of Texas are related to the Army, I just don't like this state. San Antonio and Houston are pretty nice cities though.. Everyone else, thanks for your support and thanks for welcoming me here!