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  1. Youtube

    Does anyone on here have a youtube channel? Random but curious.
  2. I personally couldnt because it would just be too much temptation. Short but blunt, haha.
  3. Im thinking in my mid-twenties, but if a "suprise" happens then it happens. lol.
  4. Why is it that it is just us females that have to dress appropriately? I personally dont think its right to be wearing a string on your personal areas, but why is it always us? Its a "stero type" that women have 'low-libido' and we dont lust when we see a guy in tight clothes or a bathing suit or even appropriate clothes? Thats so wrong! I havent lusted for another guy since Ive been in a relationship, but I know that if he wore tight clothes around me, I wouldnt just be focused on his face. My point is, is that guys and girls both need to be thinking about how their clothing might make someone think or affect someone else. If we dress appropriately and someone lusts for us then it isnt our fault, no we dont control anyones tboughts but we are capable of influencing them.
  5. How do you feel about being called "hot?"

    Personally I like being called hot once in a while, its a confidence boost for sure. Lol. But I know my boyfriend so when he says it, I know he isnt calling me his "sex object." If you dont know the person well, Id say it could be viewed as them calling you a "sex object." I do enjoy being called beautiful, what girl doesnt!? haha.
  6. What is your view about gamer guys?

    A guy playing video games is like a girl doing her nails for 6 hours (no joke, personal experience). Its a stress reliever! Now if my man played video games 24/7 Id be annoyed, but I dont care if he does! I even bought him some game stuff for Christmas. haha. I dont believe its wrong as long as its not excessive. For instance, buying something is fine but excessively buying can lead to a lot of issues!
  7. Men and crying.

    My boyfriend cried in front of me before but he is ussually very good at holding it in, I lost my cousin in a tragic way and he was able to hold everything in at the funeral. I dont get how you guys do it. haha. Testosterone?
  8. Dressing up and makeeeeuppp!!!

    I personally deal with red-noticeable rosacea and some acne, blackheads, and scars on my face so I do wear makeup, if I dont, I get told how red I am and it makes me feel insecure. I dont want to use it as a way to "cover natural beauty" but I dont like it when Im talking to someone and all they are focusing on is how my face is and then comment about it. I love dresses. Lol. Ive never been on an actual date with my boyfriend but I know when we have our first date that I want to wear flattering but appropriate dress!
  9. OMG! Help

    I asked my boyfriend out over four years ago, I know its hard but just because it "cultural" for him to ask you doesnt mean it has to be that way. I hope it all works out <3
  10. Why do girls go to public restrooms in groups?

    Oh and the whole couch thing is true! Sometimes I do want someone with me cause I get scared to be alone because I feel like someone could just grab me. But the only person Im not embarrased to hear me in the bathroom is my boyfriend so that never works out. haha.
  11. Why do girls go to public restrooms in groups?

    Honestly I dont like it when my friends wanna go in the bathroom with me haha! Im like thinking I have to pee go away!
  12. Dont want a wedding?

    Thank you all for your wonderful responses! I am sincerely thinking on all the options you've given me and I know that it will all work out for my good, as well as for all of your relationships, weddings, and finding the perfect man/woman will work out good for you <3 again thank you all very much and I really appreciate it! Hey I already created unicorns. That is all.
  13. Dont want a wedding?

    Your response like made my day! Thank you! @mstrjosh
  14. Hello. (: I'm sorry I've been gone for a while, I really have no good excuse for it other than I went through a phase of wanting to ignore the thought of waiting till marriage (not this website). But I hope you all are doing very well and I have been checking posts off and on<3 Onto the topic! My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married when I'm eighteen (which is in less than a year). I know it sounds crazy and many people are normally like "YOUR LIFE ENDS WHEN YOU GET MARRIED!" I've been dating him for over four years and I KNOW without a doubt that I want to be with him. But the longer we wait to get married, the less I desire a real wedding. Its not because "I'm not as in love with him as I was" NOT the case whatsoever, but it is getting severely hard and pretty dangerous to wait extra years. I don't want to sound like I'm ONLY marrying him for sex, if that was the case I wouldn't still be a virgin. But I realized that if we wait to have a real wedding, we may not be able to get married till I'm 19-20 (or older). I am not at all worried about how things will turn out, I'm just curious to know if I'm weird for not desiring a wedding that much. I have nothing against a wedding or anyone who wants one or a big wedding, but the situation I'm in now has proved to me that I don't need a wedding to make our marriage last. But for our relationship to stay pure and for our marriage to be blessed, I know that a wedding might be way out of the picture. Its also extra money for our home, etc lol. My conclusion is, is that we are thinking about just getting a marriage license and have our own celebration.. lol as long as I'm with him I don't care if we don't have a huge wedding. But am I weird for not wanting one? Since every girl normally wants one. Also, if my family knew our plans to marry when I'm 18...uhm this might be the last time you guys hear from me. Okay so not that bad, but REALLY BAD!
  15. Thank you @Sarita and @Alex992 ) my boyfriend and I have set boundaries many times before but Ive realized how serious it is to go through with them, all your responses encouraged me to really talk to him about it again and I did. We have boundaries set and we are both really serious about fulfilling them this time. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words, it really has helped me and I appreciate it very much.