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    I like meeting new people, learning languages, gaming, spending a lot of time on YouTube, reading, going to the gym, learning about nutrition, astronomy, literature, editing and writing compelling online articles, web development, computers, philosophy, all kinds of music, and I watch movies a lot :)

    I'm an ambitious individual who likes to seize all opportunities. Self-improvement is something I think about all the time, and try to motivate others to get a more positive outlook on life. Feel free to ask more about me if you're interested!

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  1. Just need a few friends

    Welcome to the site! So you moved to a big city? Is it Toronto, by chance?
  2. Virgin Territory

    Seems nice, but I just hope they don't make it a shaming show...
  3. I think that tempting situations are valuable in that you can learn to overcome urges in these moments. If you avoid these situations entirely, you may never be able to train yourself to be disciplined and have that self-control
  4. Where do WTM's hang out?

    Im usually by myself taking care of business. Mostly at home studying and playing around, but you can run into me at the gym, at the mall, on the bus, at the park, really any normal places. I go to the movies a lot too. But you will never find me, or probably any other WTMs, at a night club or other shady places.
  5. If I marry my girlfriend it will be easy. Chinese weddings involve all the guests bringing loads of cash (about $200) per person, which should actually make the wedding profitable
  6. Interracial Marriages

    Yes, definitely, because I'm white and like asians. GF is Chinese, and its a strong preference
  7. I've been with my gf since grade 11, and the relationship survived without any problems throughout all 4 years of university lol
  8. From the women that I've shared my waiting status with, all of them have held it with regard and respect. Even one who is only 20 and has already slept with about 20 guys. Except, my sister thinks it's stupid because she is worried that my marriage will fail because of sexual incompatibility, and all those anti-waiter arguments. She doesn't mention it, but I'm sure that on some level she respects the fact that I'm conscious about exercising my self-control of sexual urges to overcome this challenge.
  9. I got to third. Don't really regret it yet because we're still together. If we do break up though, then it's something I will have to get over