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  1. I think a date is usually more formal than hanging out. It occurs when two people are interested in each other and they decide to meet in a specific time and place (and with a specific plan). There is usually flirting and other signs of romantic interest between the two.

    I'd say that the basic difference is, when you're hanging out, you are with a friend, talking about anything and just killing time, while a date is with someone special that you like or someone you consider could become more than your friend.

    The lines definitely get blurry sometimes, so it's important to tell him where you stand and ask him where he stands also. This will avoid much confusion and misunderstandings later on.

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  2. Okay so I have to share this video of a first kiss at the altar I found when I was bumming out about guys recently not wanting a relationship unless I'd have sex with them. Much like the way I found these forums! Get ready for a super awkward moment!!!

    I think that the solution to prevent an awkward moment like this would be to agree on having a sweet, simple kiss in public and leave the making out for later in private.

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  3. Yeah :unsure: I always leave the bathroom light on when I'm going to sleep.

    I'm having a sleepless night today (ughh, don't you hate those?) and, while I was staring at the ceiling in the (semi) dark, I realized that when I get married I will totally forget about the bathroom light and just snuggle close to my hubby for protection :D

    Sorry, I get mushy at this hour.

  4. I've changed my mind about this. If I'm interested in a girl, I'm going to ask her out (or if I don't know her at all, talk to her, get to know her, and ask her out if I'm still interested).


    Girls: If you're working on becoming a girl that's a prize to marry, you deserve a guy that will take charge and pursue you.


    Guys: You need to take charge and pursue that girl that you can't get off your mind. Don't give her the chance to ask you out first; or worse, don't wait until she's gone or unavailable. I know it's easier said than done, especially for us introverts. I'm right there with you (and talking to myself here). Just go for it.


    Love this! After all, old fashioned romance is sweeter and more beautiful than whatever is going on now, IMO.

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  5. I do believe animals develop their own personality. I also have two dogs that are completely different from one another. One of them is very obedient, quiet, affectionate and she understands everything you tell her. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a human being! She's super intelligent. The other one is the exact opposite. She is wild, disobedient, and always wants everything to go her way. Her redeeming qualities are her playfulness and that she's just so adorable! I love them both to pieces. 

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  6. I once thought it was authentic, but now I’m not so sure anymore. One reason for this is that the shroud is a long, rectangular cloth and Jesus’ burial cloths were several linen strips (used to wrap the body from feet to neck) and a separate cloth for his head (Luke 24:12, John 19:40, John 20:7). Another reason is that Jesus was buried according to Jewish traditions (John 19:40), so his body would have been washed and wrapped up in spices. No trace of any spice has been found on the shroud and the body from the shroud doesn't appear to have been washed either. Also, Jesus had nail holes in his hands (John 20:24-27), while the shroud image has no wound in his hand (only one in his wrist).


    I think we’ll never be 100% sure if the shroud is authentic or not, but considering some of the facts presented in the Bible and elsewhere, I tend to believe it isn't Jesus’ burial cloth.

  7. I would like to use Natural Family Planning. It is completely natural and environmentally friendly. It has no damaging side effects and doesn't require the consumption of drugs nor the use of devices that could be potentially harmful. Also, NFP allows you to be more in tune with your body and is 90% to 98% effective when practiced correctly.


    The only disadvantage I see in this method is that you have to abstain from having sex for a week (or more, depending on the cycle). I guess a condom can be used during this time, although I’m not too keen on using one. All in all, this is the method that I like the most and the one that I've seen has more pros than cons.

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