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  1. Hobbies :)

    That was too funny Some of mine are reading, writing, embroidery, playing guitar, drawing (I'm not good at it though), investigating about fitness and nutrition, baking.
  2. Post Pro-WTM Pictures

    Ooooh cool idea!
  3. I agree with what you both said. I have several female friends that are beautiful and they are married to guys who are not physically attractive. They say that what won them over was their husband’s personality, the way they treat them and their confidence in themselves. Those are definitely more attractive than a pretty face. In my experience, very good looking guys are usually arrogant, shallow, and they think they are “the last coke in the desert†(as we say in my country). Those are a huge turn off for me. So, I would choose an average-looking guy with a heart of gold any day.
  4. Very true. That's why I'm still not 100% sure
  5. Very weird scenario I would never propose to a guy. I like the old fashioned way much better!
  6. Actually, I would never say something like that to anyone. You can be honest without having to be hurtful. I think everyone has some physical characteristics that make them attractive. When a friend asks me my opinion, I first point out the ones they do have and then I tell them which ones I think can improve (if there are any).
  7. 1) Oh ok I understand. I suggested this because I have been asked this question and I gave honest answers. A friend that wants to help you would suggest what can be done to improve anything that is wrong. 2) I see that you were able to notice that your friend's boyfriends were not too good looking, so I think you have the ability to judge whether you are physically attractive, at least in a basic level. Also, remember that what someone thinks is not attractive may be attractive to another person and vice versa. So, I don't think you should worry too much about it because everyone has people that find them attractive.
  8. What about asking your (girl) friends their opinion?
  9. You don't sound like a bad person, you sound like a normal human being I have a question. Have both of you discussed what boundaries you feel that you need to have to not compromise your purity? I ask because when you do not establish clear, specific guidelines you're not going to know exactly when you should stop or what is okay. I would suggest that you talk to him about setting those boundaries and, if you don't think you'll be strong enough to follow through, then consider establishing a little more extreme measures. For example, don't stay alone together for a long time or in a place where you know you'll be tempted to cross those lines. You can also ask someone you trust to help keep you accountable in the limits that you have set. There are several other things you can do too. It can be frustrating at first, but setting those boundaries and taking the steps to maintain them will help both of you achieve your goal. I hope that helped you in some way
  10. weird habbits

    When I'm thinking or have nothing to do with my hands, I take a section of my hair and twirl/twist it around one of my fingers.
  11. I prefer guys with shorter hair. A little long (shoulder length) is okay. Like this: If it's longer than that, I don't find it attractive.
  12. Very interesting answers everyone! Thank you for responding As for me, I'm not 100% sure that everyone has only one perfect match for them in all the world, but being the idealist that I am, I do tend to think more towards that way. I love this definition. So true!
  13. The thing is that life never goes exactly like you plan it. It's great to dream of achieving many things, but you have to bear in mind that you may need to adjust some of them according to the circumstances that come your way. If you don't, then you'll just end up being frustrated and unhappy with everything.
  14. The Question Game

    The bass guitar. What is the funniest name you've ever heard?
  15. Yes, what you said made me decide to post it. Muchas gracias
  16. So, if you are wondering if WTM is worth it or you're weakening in your resolve, here is another reason to not give up: you need many of these traits to have a successful marriage. Can you develop them after you're married? Sure, but it will be a lot more difficult. Many times it's a struggle and can put a strain on the marriage. IMO, if you acquire these before you say "I do", you're on your way to a better - and more problem-free - happily ever after (yeah, I know, I'm a hopeless romantic ).
  17. Homeschooling

    @April: I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I was bullied sometimes too when I was little and the teachers responded the same way you described. I think that is a terrible strategy and like you said, it solves nothing. You can work from your home. There are a lot of careers that have many possibilities. For example, I can tutor, teach online classes, after school classes, be a translator, do curriculum revisions, etc. You can also have a business from your home and sell whatever you're good at or provide some kind of service that has to do with the career you chose. You can also make money off the Internet, which is a popular trend right now. Or you can combine several of these. There are a lot of choices available that are great. @LonelyKnight and Emulator: Good to know there are successful homeschoolers out there
  18. Homeschooling

    I would definitely want to homeschool my children. Actually, one of the many reasons I became a teacher was to be prepared to do this. I work in a school setting so almost every day I hear about kids being bullied emotionally, physically and mentally (and saw it when I was in school) and how many are influenced to do things they don’t want to do because of peer pressure. In addition to this, there are a ton of other reasons why I’m in favor of it. For example, I’ll be able to monitor their whole learning process and focus on their individual learning needs; we would also have more family time together. I think children spend more time in school and in other activities nowadays than at home. There’s little to no family time. As for the socializing thing, I have no worry there. There are always play dates, ballet, tennis, swimming, baseball, basketball and many others. And, anyways, for most kids what does “socializing†in school mean? Being bullied, mocked, forgotten, badly influenced, etc. What are the benefits of that? Sorry for the long rant...I just feel strongly about this subject
  19. Thank you Vince for suggesting the title
  20. Haha that monologue made me laugh! I loled at these: "Don't be on your phone the whole time...you'll look like a zoned-out nerd" and "Do Catholics and Christians have that big a gap in beliefs? Same God, right? I know they fight wars and stuff, but isn't that in Ireland?". I'll pay more attention to my thoughts to see which way they go. I'm sure I would have a good laugh if I wrote them down.
  21. I like what Dasboy1 said, that you're not wasting your life, you're saving it. What are the positive results from habitually indulging in these things? None. Some people would say that it is fun. It may be fun and give you a thrill for a while but what are the long term consequences? In addition to what others have already said, there's lung cancer, accidents that can happen while drunk, cirrhosis and so many more. Is it really wise to have fun for a few years and then have to worry for your health your whole life? If abstaining from things that usually result in serious and painful consequences means that I'm "wasting" my life, I will gladly waste it. Time will really tell who's wasting and who's gaining.