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  1. The Skinny on the Female Libido

    Some of those are pretty sad. Maybe they generally apply to people who never had to wait? I mean, after waiting for it for a long time, who's going to prefer chocolate cake or a massage over sex? I'm with WW... I don't think I'm a part of the 86% that has a low sex drive
  2. I'd say it's precise for the most part. For me, the most important ones that are listed there are loyalty, honesty, confidence, chivalry and hygiene.
  3. Some people seem to have this idea that the moment they are safe within the boundaries of commitment i.e. married, they that means they can do anything with their partner sexually. What do you believe? I think that as long as both partners are willing to try something out, then they can do anything they want. The only things that neither should allow (IMO) is bringing a third party, swapping or something that could be demeaning to the other person. What would you expect of your partner? If there was something you wanted to do and they didn't want to because they didn't agree with it, would you be annoyed? No, I wouldn't. I would never want him to do something he's not comfortable with and I would like it if he would be that way too. Is this something you would discuss before marriage? Yes, definitely!
  4. I'll be 25 this year so I guess I'm qualified to answer I do find it's more difficult to wait as I get older. I agree with Vince in that, as the years go by, it's harder to find someone who's still waiting and who has some/all of the values and qualities you're looking for. It doesn't help either when you see all the people you know getting married and starting their families. I'm happy for all of them but deep down you get that feeling of being left out or something. So yeah, sometimes I worry when I see the years passing by, but I also know that, when it happens, I'll appreciate it more. I believe that when you have to wait for something and work hard for it, that's when you cherish it the most. It's more rewarding in the end. This idea, along with several others, helps me to stay patient throughout the years. Edit: Oh and if you were only referring to waiting to have sex, I think it's harder too. Those raging hormones get worse every year
  5. No, I don't think I would. That could create plenty of weird situations. For me that would go along the lines of dating my best friend's ex, which is a big no-no.
  6. Yeah, it kills the mood for me too. In all the movies I've seen in the last few years the characters usually meet each other, talk for two minutes and then they're like "oh we like each other? Then let's go for it". It bugs me. There's no romance anymore. I enjoy watching the oldies: movies based on the Jane Austen books, Ever After, A walk to remember, etc.
  7. Girls, I hope this never happens to any of us @ min.1:25. It must have hurt and it kind of ruined the moment!
  8. No, not an option. I've always wanted to have kids. I feel that a family would be incomplete without them. I would like to have biological children and/or adopt.
  9. The Question Game

    Twilight? Nah, just kidding. I have tons of favorite books, so that would be a huge list If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
  10. Fears and Phobias

    I'm terrified of cockroaches! So much so that I can't even kill them Maybe it's because of their color, legs, shape or because they're just plain disgusting. Who knows? I also don't like heights. When I was little I loved going on roller coasters and such. I have no idea why that changed
  11. Having Pets :-)

    When I was younger I liked having fish and turtles, but I started having trouble when the female fish started giving birth all the time (it was usually around 100) and they all died after awhile. So, yeah don't want any of those now I'm not a cat person but I love dogs, especially when they're little and cute! Edit: Oh yeah and it would be important to me that my SO liked dogs too. Not a deal breaker, but a definite plus
  12. Weird Thing About You

    Good to know I'm not the only one I got curious and searched to see if that's a common thing and apparently people have taken toilet paper preference as an indicator of personality. Not sure if it's reliable, but someone made a joke about it:
  13. Weird Thing About You

    Me too! And sometimes I use a heating pad. - In the supermarket, I take the items from the back, never the front. . - You know when little kids have a blanket and they rub it? Well, I've always rubbed my elbow (usually when I'm sad or preoccupied). - I like the toilet paper roll flap to be on the top (like the first picture).
  14. How to Flirt

    Here's a video with 8 tips on how to flirt. It's kind of funny and talks about the feet pointing thing that Gene mentioned too: http://www.howcast.com/videos/1409-How-to-Flirt
  15. I really don't like washing dishes. I like to cook and would do anything else, but scrubbing pans is not something I find particularly enjoying. I really hope he would want to take over that
  16. Anyone else that just doesn't know?

    There is free will in Heaven. The devil was a beautiful angel there who allowed evil into his heart. That’s when he met his downfall. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, everyone in Heaven has a regenerated nature and they all abhor evil. No one is going to be tempted by it because it’s going to be undesirable for them. I do enjoy a friendly debate
  17. Anyone else that just doesn't know?

    I know you are talking about this part with Vince but I have some thoughts on the subject God never intended hell to be for human beings. He made it for the devil and his followers (other demons). Man, in his free will, is the one that makes the decision where he is going. God has done everything possible to save us from that place. He doesn't want ANYONE to go to hell. So, actually, it’s you and I who decide where we’re going. If a person chooses to reject God and not follow His rules, how can he be allowed in Heaven? When you have your own home you have rules that people who come in must follow. Would you allow someone inside your home who rejects you, rebels against everything you've said, and disregards and disrespects your rules? Would you allow a thief or someone of questionable behavior to come in? I’m pretty sure you’d not let these people into your home or near your family. Similar thing with God. Everyone has a purpose in life, even those who may never accept God. Many such people have made great advancements in science, medicine, etc. and many have helped a lot of people. God has given gifts to everyone because all of us are created in His image. He allows everyone to be born so they can decide what path they want to take. Here is more on the subject from http://carm.org/questions/about-doctrine/ “First of all, when God made Adam, He made him good. Adam had the freedom to choose to obey or disobey God. Adam is the one who rebelled. God did not make him rebel and God is not responsible for Adam's rebellion. It would be like a parent having a child knowing that the child would eventually disobey the parent. Does this mean that the parent is responsible for the child's rebellion when it occurs because the parent knew it would happen? Of course not. Furthermore, if the parent has more children, does he/she not know that some children may very well turn out good and others bad? Should the parents then not have children because some of them might turn out bad? The skeptic might say, "But God knows for a fact who will be bad and good. Why allow the people going to hell to be born in the first place?" But, if this is the case and if God arranged it that no "bad" people were born, then we would all go to hell. You see, Jesus is the only way to be forgiven of our sins. His sacrifice on the cross was necessary in order to make it possible for us to be saved because everyone, "good" and "bad" has sinned. If there were no "bad" people born, then there wouldn't be any "bad" people around who would have sent Jesus to the cross. If that never happened, then we wouldn't be saved from our sins because Jesus would never have been unjustly condemned and His sacrifice would never have happened. Second, if someone says that it is wrong for God to allow someone to be born and who will go to hell, then would he rather have God remove our freedom to rebel against Him so that no one can be blamed for sin? If the critic says he only wants those people born who go to heaven, then how are they truly free and how would that fulfill the ultimate plan of God to sacrifice His Son for the redemption of mankind?†Not sure what you meant?
  18. I love wearing skirts and dresses more than any other type of clothing. I wear jeans/pants sometimes when I'm in a hurry or if I have to go somewhere that merits them. With makeup, I'm kind of neutral. I don't love it and I don't despise it either. I apply a small amount for work every day and when I go out I use a little bit more. My main goal is to look natural so I just use it to accentuate some areas of my face. When it comes to make up for me, less is more.
  19. I would like to start having them 6 months to a year after we're married. If they come earlier than that I'd still be happy. I love kids!
  20. Would You Rather...?

    I'd prefer swimming with the sharks, especially if they're friendly like this: I avoid heights like the plague Would you rather live forever or have all the money in the world?
  21. Many people scoff at the idea of having a soul mate while others are convinced that it exists. Looking around me, I can see that some couples seem to have a very close and strong connection while others you have to wonder what got them together in the first place! I once read somewhere that many people divorce because they settle for the first person that comes along instead of waiting for that special one that is perfect for them. Do you agree? Do you think there is only one person in the world who is perfect for you or are there several people out there that you can "connect" with in most/all areas? If you believe in it, how will you know that he/she is truly your soul mate?
  22. Welcome Video

    I wanted to suggest that we make a welcome video for our new visitors/members and tell them about all the characteristics and resources that are available to them on the website. Maybe do like a FAQ about the the things that are on the site. I think something like this would be very helpful to those who find us but don't know what to do or where to start.
  23. Well, here everyone lives with their parents until they're going to marry. It's not seen as weird or being too dependent. So, it's really not an issue at all.
  24. Hobbies :)

    @Jenny: Definitely! I love doing that Which ones do you enjoy making the most?
  25. Hobbies :)

    Yes, I love making desserts. If I could I would bake one every day, but that would be way too many calories in a week About the serenading , I would make one but I'm still learning how to play so it wouldn't turn out too well. Maybe sometime in the future when I'm better at it I'll do a video