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  1. Forgiveness

    I was not saying in any way, "Don't wait, or have sex then start waiting." I'm not saying that being a waiter from the get-go is a bad thing at all. >.>
  2. Ha! I was a non-waiter, non-christian when I met him. We talked on an off for a few years and only became close friends about 2 and a half years ago.
  3. I met my guy at a birthday party for a mutual friend when I was 13, he was 15.
  4. Evolution vs Creationism

    But it died a while ago before I even joined. :/
  5. Evolution vs Creationism

    Micro evolution, not macro evolution.
  6. Evolution vs Creationism

    Ok, I believe in Creationism and Genesis. And MICRO evolution. (a bird getting an update on it's beak to drink flower blood instead of eating bugs, a mouse getting mega jumps instead of Speedy Gonzales status, etc.) And I can explain all your Dinosaurs too! So, the Dinos were there with all the other animals before Noah's Arc. About the time the Arc was being finished, God said, "Hey guys...you're impure, so... sorry guys, only 2 dinosaurs allowed on the big awesome boat." (English Standard Version) While on the Arc, the girl Dino and the boy Dino, started to talk and share about their lives and friends that had been left on land. They grew up together, so they talked about other Dino bullies and teachers that they remembered before the world was swallowed by water. The boy Dino noticed features of the girl Dino he hadn't before. She was beautiful and sweet, and he was in love. When the land dried up, the boy Dino confessed his feelings. Alas, the girl Dino found that she didn't share his feelings. Instead, she viewed the boy Dino as a brother, and didn't want to ruin the great relationship they had if they weren't compatible in that way. Besides, the 7th-wheel Komodo dragon was sensitive, fun, had that bad boy aura that she loved, and didn't want children, so the fact that they couldn't mate didn't bother him. He was everything she wanted. What am I trying to say? Friendzone killed the dinosaurs. At least, that's my theory.
  7. What are your deal-breakers?

    Deal breakers: Non-Christian/Lukewarm Christian Can't run for at least 3 minutes (Safety net for the Zombie apocalypse.) Vegetarian/Vegan Snooty petooty egomaniac. Refusal to agree to disagree. Non waiter. Smells bad Poor table manners (or inability to learn some.) No life away from the computer. Stoner/drug addict/alcoholic No ambition Doesn't want kids Belieber Preferences: Jesus Freak Appreciation for food, music, and outdoors. Brilliant Hygienic skizzles. Whovian.
  8. Forgiveness

    GASKFJASLDFKJASDFKJ YES! SO MUCH YES! CAN I GET AN AMEN?! "The first marriage was between two virgins; that is true. But the primeval one-flesh union reflected something else, something unveiled only ages later in the preaching of Christ. The cleaving of this husband to this wife pictured then, and does now, the icon of the Messiah and his assembly, of a Head with his Body. Jesus was a virgin. His Bride wasn't. He loved us anyway." So powerful!
  9. If we're not sexually compatible, that's fine. We'll have plenty of time after we're married to figure out what is best with each other. I'm pretty sure 'till death do us part is enough time. And I will feel no awkwardness whatsoever talking to my spouse about what feels good and what doesn't.
  10. Forgiveness

    One preference, though a big one, is still a preference, and in my opinion is not enough to be a game changer. My brain just can't wrap around how one physical preference could decide a life long relationship. Anyways, thank you guys. I've gathered quite a bit of valuable information. ^^
  11. Christianity and Virginity

  12. Forgiveness

    And for the record, if there has been any confusion, I have been referring to waiters that aren't virgins, NOT non waiters.
  13. Forgiveness

    I imagine that it is incredibly difficult to tell a waiter "to wait" for you before they've even met you. I see no integrity issue with any other waiters regardless of whether or not they are virgins. It's a sad day when an idea on a physical preference could make or break a relationship.
  14. Loneliness

    I find that my loneliest hours are my most intimate ones with the Lord. It's when we are starved, tired, and alone; when we have nothing and nobody that we get to focus on God because he is all we have. And then I read and draw. Lol
  15. Forgiveness

    There's a lot that goes into that decision, and it's unfair to expect that everybody is or was aware at an early point that sex at all was a sacred thing. I am in no way saying that waiters are cruel. I am however saying that waiters that treat other waiters like they are lesser or unworthy because they are not virgins is cruel. Even if they wanted to be able to give another waiter their first, and feel genuine remorse because they cannot, and sacrifice their sexuality now, will they be treated like they know no sacrifice, morality, or self control? Will they be looked down on like they aren't waiters, or treated like they don't feel like sex before marriage is wrong? OR will they have their sacrifice recognized, just like yours was and will be?