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  1. Skirts on Broads

    @ Blueeey when I first read your question , I read it like this ... Long, medium, or short, guys? Or are you into panties ? ! hahahaha ( like very short till they are showing panties ) But the answers mentioned Pants , hahaha so I went up & re-read it again & I can't stop laughing right now
  2. What Impresses You?

    Say : a really really true thing about me , like analyze my personality ..... Do : a really really gentleman thing Be : 300 Fahrenheit hot
  3. Proposals!!!

    I try not to dream on it , so I wouldn't be disappointed when it falls out of my expectation zone But there is this very special place that is dear to my heart & I would love to visit one day ... maybe we go together on a trip & he proposes there , anything he comes up with , would be great with me long as it shows he thought of me specially ... After all , the whole point of all of this is .....THE RING , so it'd better be big .. lol , No pressures ,though
  4. Random Thoughts

    I want to shave bald
  5. How Do You Know That...

    I dont know , Jess , ...I have heard more powerful stories than that Placebo or delusion or whatever .. some experiences just can not be by coincidence or plain chance .... there is something more to it Some call faith a delusion anyway ..& some may think you crazy or hypnotized hahaha but I would choose faith over science & theories any day I even believe, God has special way to talk to people who overthink with their minds & need reasonable , scientific proven evidence for everything ... " I am kinda like that " so he may speak to someone in a dream , plain dream ... or through a verse , or something that many people would call a coincidence ... or or he has to go all the waaaaay , to do it in person Then he said to Thomas, "Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe." John 20:27
  6. How Do You Know That...

    I know God listens , I live for that ... I will share one of my stories ... First a little background .... Well , back when I was a kid , I used to talk to God all the time , we have this kind of relationship , that I can absolutely say anything on my mind or nothing at all .... some days my heart is too heavy to spill a word ,,, I just look up & say " You know " ...& always always alwaaaaays ,, He kindly hugs me through the day ... like traffic would be so easy to go through , I meet people who cheer me up , He sends me random messages like he always used to ... oh , the list goes on & on ... even little things .. like my favorite seat in the library " which should be taken in the second period of classes & that's for sure " on heavy heart days ...amazingly I find it there , waiting for me ... "I know I might sound weird or delusional to some people , but really ... it is the little things ..really the little things he speaks to me through ,,, because I so much pay attention to the tiny details , so God speaks to me according to my mind hahahaha A story that happened with me which proved that he listens even more than ever .... I went through a very painful time in my life ... it has been years ... I never gave up on God ... but the pain was still there & I am still hurting .... I went to a christian prayer day ,,,the day started by praise then a brother spoke ..." first I should have mentioned , My friend & I were discussing something on the bus on our way there ... he said some stuff & we prayed together that God speaks to him through the day " so back to what the brother spoke of ...Oh God , it was like the words were written specially to my friend ...word to word even the verses , the prayers ...all of it ...was all about what we spoke of earlier we looked at each other speechless .....! the amazing part is still to come That was first period , then we had a lunch break . during that break ...I separated from the group " wanted to be alone for a while " & I just said .. " Lord , speak to me , you know how much it hurts ..It is getting harder & I can't take all of this alone ...." then couple of minutes later , I ran into an old friend who I haven't seen for a year ...we hugged & talked & all ...then there was another woman with her ...she introduced us ... at first , that new lady " she is 7 years older than I am , graduated from medical school - working as a resident currently in a missionary hospital " at first she seemed so quite & didn't interact much .... Lunch break was almost over , so we all walked together heading for the prayer hall again ... I don't know how it happened ...but we " the new friend & I " separated from the group ...we started talking about medicine in the beginning hahaha , shared interests & all ....but then got deep ...I can't describe it literally ...but she had a similar experience like mine ... we kept talking & talking ....the more we talked felt like God was sending us both messages ....oh god , I felt complete & infinite ...we skipped the second period of prayer & kept talking for almost 5 hours ...about it all ... "haven't talked about it before like that - haven't had someone to even understand how painful it was or what I dealt with " God touched my heart , showed us stuff , we prayed , she recommended me a book that would help me along my healing path ... In short .....It was magical Sorry If I rambled a lot , I know ....but I can speak all daaay about how God handles my life ... &Once I get started , it is hard to shut me up there are other stories ,,, but this one is the most recent /most powerful one so far . God listens , He really does , just make sure , You listen when He whispers back at you
  7. Children! What if you can't...

    I would be devastated if I couldn't have children " after all 5 or 6 kids won't just happen " if that happened , I will consider it as a blessing to give all that Love in my heart for my unborn angels to other children as much as I can ... help them , volunteer with them ...ect ... I will devote a huge part of my career for their sake " though I am planning to do that either way " . about adoption ... it is a mutual decision , between me & my partner ... but I think I wont go for it ... at least till now , it is a bit harsh & painful for me ..I would not know how to deal with them , tell them they aren't mine & all but I love them the same,,,, what if that went wrong & the hardest thing is to feel like you don't belong ...!! ... I dont know ...I wont think about it till it is time to think about it
  8. Women's Intuition

    I was talking about that with my friend yesterday ... We both agreed it is true , women has some kind of strange intuition , & we even reviewed some good situations that proved that .... , so yeaaaah , SHE KNOWS It is REAL " creeps creeps "
  9. Hello All!

    Welcome , Kim
  10. WTM/Relationship/Married Jokes

    hmmm , who said anything about the unibrow ! more of the Mushroom nose Lol
  11. WTM/Relationship/Married Jokes

    I know I am supposed to write a written joke & all .... But I like this pic
  12. Ladies, what should you say when....?

    Look confused , have a good Look - clear your throat , then say " hmmmm, I'd rather not comment on that , see yaa " hahaha , It was high school , so everybody gets to be weird & creepy
  13. Admirable traits!

    Opssss , Laaaaaadies we all forgot to add that to the " The One 101 " List of ours hahahaha @Envinceble : Let us dream ...
  14. A New Topic/Question

    hmmmm ,..Why does your nose "run "and your feet "smell" ?
  15. Admirable traits!

    Admirable : Faith , intelligence (social & emotional intelligence included ) , bravery , Kindness along with good manners , forgiving , supportive -pushes me to purse my dreams-respect them , being ambitious himself , & & Romantic .... some leadership skills would be great too ...ect Deal breakers : being a Liar takes the Top of the List .... followed by being Emotionally abusive ( along with other kinds of abuse , but emotional abuse is always the hardest to detect ) , being conceited or self centered , taking the relationship for granted ( at any phase) , being too serious or having over the top impossible moral standards , Unhealthy jealousy ..... ect But , again all of this traits - good & bad - can be in every single one of us , but it depends on the degree ... No one is 100% something , but you just know in your heart when something is really impossible to overlook or deal with..!