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  1. Special section for Singles over 25

    Yes yes! That would be awesome (haha yes I'm 25+...though I don't always act it)
  2. ♥Boyce Avenue♥

    ahaha, somehow I KNEW you'd make a thread like this! Yes these guys are fantastic, I'd love to see them live
  3. Wow, it's been a REALLY long time since I've been here...RJ!! How are you? Thanks for the post Some days are harder than others, but like most of you have said it's really the intimacy of a relationship that I crave at the moment more than anything. And when you're a single person surrounded by couples, it can really be challenging to be patient! That's an awesome verse, and one I will be adding to my wall as a reminder of God's providence and love:)
  4. I'm thinking at least a year, but it's not something that I seriously require. I'm open to discussing that timeline with my hubby
  5. Does Marriage Have to Be Hard?

    I don't think it HAS to be, but for many people it is. I think a great marriage is one where both people realize that it takes work to stay connected and make a commitment to put in the effort required.
  6. Hi Matthew! Welcome to the site; I hope you'll find this forum to be a place of support and encouragement to WTM
  7. welcome to the site! I'm sure that was a very hard thing to share your story. I hope you've found a place here in the community of waiters
  8. noooo my hollywood celeb crush is taken!?!? *sniff* I am better now I hope he doesn't break his WTM promise...I'll be really disappointed if he does
  9. How persistent are you? (UPDATE)

    whoa, I can't believe how perfect it is that I stumbled on this post today! I'm in a somewhat similar situation as you - my friend hinted to me some months ago that he'd be interested in the possibility of a relationship, but I kind of brushed it off and we haven't spoken about it since. Now months later, I'm finding myself really attracted to him and wanting a relationship but he doesn't seem interested anymore. I think I'll take the advice given and just talk/ask him about it. Its better than holding on to this crush and always wondering what if...
  10. aaaaayyyyyy

    welcome to the forum! My sister did her teacher's college in Australia and absolutely loved it! Plus New Zealand is also close by, and really, who WOULDN'T want to visit NZ?? LOL
  11. Loving Couples

    I've felt that way about other couples in general, not just celebrity ones! Haha, it's often a struggle for me to be around other couples too long because then I start feeling envious and sad that I'm still single and wanting that connection with someone so badly!
  12. Hello Everyone!

    welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll fit right in with us
  13. Are you...

  14. I hope there are others like me!

    welcome to the forum!