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  1. Your virginity (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with your self worth. I mean that literally - absolutely nothing. You are not 'soiled' or 'damaged'. I am sure everyone on this forum (including myself) feels a little annoyed when someone claims that WTM is 'antiquated' or something of the sort...because who are they to judge what choice we make? In that regard, it goes both ways -- men and women shouldn't be judged for not making that choice. Even if you're someone who insists on dating only virgins, fine, that's your call, but to insist that a non-virgin is less 'worthy' based on her sexuality history along is sick - and it's language that should be denounced by every waiter, period. And don't even get me started on the silly hymen thing - you know you can break that without having sex, right? You made a choice within a relationship that you regret (quite a lot of people can say that), and now you're on team WTM (welcome!). You're here having learned from your mistakes, and you will eventually heal from the pain your ex caused...and be a stronger, wiser, and greater (not lesser, as you seem to think you are) person because of it. That's what you have to share with your next partner. And yes, many guys would wait for you - if he doesn't, he's not worth it. Whether waiting is worth it for you or not is a call you'll have to make but if you decide against it please please please don't let it be because you're not already a virgin.
  2. Tiny Dancer where you at? Lol
  3. I don't watch many Bollywood movies, but when I watched Veer Zaara it became my favorite romance.
  4. The Official Shout-out Thread

    Great idea! Mike - Wasn't sure if it'd be worth mentioning the commander in chief since everyone else already explained it...but I'd feel bad if I didn't lol; thanks for everything! Belle Femme - For being one of the smartest people on here. Of all the successful waiters on this site, I look up to the you the most - especially because like me you are a Christian with a little different viewpoints than the usual; a social progressive and feminist "living outside the virgin/whore dichotomy", as phrased in your signature you are an inspiration. TinyDancer - Aw well where do I start. You're my internet bff lol. You're a breath of fresh air and I can always count on you for a good conversation Invincible - For speaking your mind. Whether or not I agree with your opinions you're always bold and brutally honest when you post and I really respect that. And when your topics aren't serious they make me laugh haha wny - I'm not sure why I like seeing you around, but I hope you find that someone, friend. Josh - Similarly, your posts are just generally fun to read Paul - ALMOST forgot; I knew I was missing something and this was it - you need a shout out for being a genetleman and being secure enough to know that masculinity ought not to be how 'alpha', etc you are and more toward real substance. Compassion and sensitivity are not akin to weakness and cowardice. I'm not sure if I could phrase this a little better but I think you know what I mean
  5. Thanks for the replies, everyone. It's reassuring...I was beginning to think I might be too naive haha. And Paul, I can only hope to have a relationship like yours! I wish you two the best. Regarding the lie itself, truthfully I don't think I would've dated her then had I known the truth. So if she liked me that much I can bring myself to forgive her for it, even though I still disagree with it. Fortunetly, in the years since I've grown to a point where a woman's past does not bother me so much, but even so a couple other revelations regarding what she's been up to since we departed tells me we have waay different views about sex lol and it probably would've never worked out... Everything happens for a reason, huh?
  6. New Member, saying Hi!

    Welcome! I'd like to see how that book turns out.
  7. So...I just reconnected with an old ex, after spending a long time without any contact. Somewhere along the lines of catching up, I discovered that she lied about the amount of sexual partners she had when I asked her about it, before we started dating. At the time, she knew I was waiting and that I was already jealous of another significant other in her past, and so she said it to avoid conflict. I wasn't extremely upset when I found out, because the last time I dated her was years ago and it never became serious. I also can understand where she was coming from, honestly. Still, it did hurt a little to know I was lied to and I told her I wished she had just told me the truth, even if it would've stopped me from dating her. To which she responded, "Every single relationship is based on lies in the beginning. Every single one." I wasn't really sure how to respond, or what to make of it... What do you think? I've been in relationships before, but never anything that lasted more than a few months so it makes me wonder if there were other lies I've lived through and would've found out had those relationships grew more. Can anyone relate? Is she right?
  8. markb4 what about your pride?! I could never understand why anyone would WANT to txt twice if she doesn't respond to the first one...cuz when that happens to me the last thing I want to do is suggest I care (even if I secretly do)!
  9. MBTI? (Myers Briggs)

    Yea def, huge turn on. Another INTJ here.
  10. Political compass

    Economic Left/Right: -7.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.28 Seems about right I suppose. Then what's yours?
  11. 242... Guess I should go out more cause I'm still single lol
  12. I follow politics pretty closely and so I don't think I'd be able to stand having a partner vote for the candidate opposite mine haha.
  13. Celebrity Crush?

    Alicia Keys, Adriana Lima, and Selena Gomez!