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  1. I stumbled across this website the other day and thought it was interesting. The author has a theory that if all women required all men to WTM then there would not be this "commitment phobia" that is talked about so much, at least in US society. Here is a little of what she says: "It finally struck me, the root cause of this so called disorder called “commitment phobia†is nothing more than the desire that most men have to continue having sex with their girlfriends while avoiding the restrictions, commitments and financial obligations of marriage. That’s right. What I’m saying is, premarital sex is the primary cause of commitment-phobia. It is simply an easier route. Most men take it and most women allow it. We women have created a society of smug and arrogant men who feel entitled to hook-ups, booty calls and multiple lovers." http://www.getacommitment.com/index.html I think she may be on to something !
  2. Has your faith ever been tested? To the point that you weren't sure who God was anymore? And if so, what was the outcome? Thanks for your thoughts
  3. When would you like 'xyz' to happen?

    I was so cute in my early twenties, hoping to be married by 26 and start having children soon after. I am actually glad that I am not married now, in a way, and I am glad I'm not a mom yet, because I now know I wasn't ready to be a mom at that age. Watching my sister become a mom definitely put it all in perspective and I love being an auntie!
  4. Keep Her Guessing

    Yes, I want to know. No, it wouldn't be okay if he didn't answer or brushed it aside.
  5. "Given that women are fertile only a few days per cycle [and men are fertile every single day], it's ironic that they're the ones who risk the vast array of side effects and physical ramifications of birth control." Toni Weschler, MPH Taking Charge of Your Fertility
  6. ...................

    It's hard to lose a parent, I lost my dad last year . I don't know exactly what that means about your education, but try not to look at it as if there is nothing you can do, try to figure out a way around it. I have realized lately that life just really sucks sometimes, it's hard and very few people live a "fairytale" existence with little hardship. So, try your best to be happy just being single, work on what you feel will make you better, and if you ever feel ready, try and date another woman or two. Or, maybe you will find you like being single. Hope you feel better.
  7. .................

    Fascinating. I don't think sex is evil (unless it's in an abusive situation, of course). I also don't think the sexual "activities" of the parents have any bearing on how the child turns out, that could only happen if they were exposed first hand growing up, but not just from the conception.
  8. Her Mother

    Well, thanks, I was just trying to point out how ridiculous and superficial this can be.
  9. Her Mother

    or....Girls, when you see a man, to get an indication of what he will look like in the future, do you look at his father? Have you ever seen a man turn into his father? If your future father in law is *gag me with a stick* would you think you hit the jackpot?....ugh, what a load!
  10. All of these are so good and it seems there is a theme here-oh well .
  11. A handsome face, smiling at me, with eyes that speak. Five o'clock shadow or clean shaven.
  12. Taking a break

    Take care of yourself .
  13. Wow, don't let all the bad men color the way you look at the good ones. I think most guys are good, especially the ones that participate in these forums. I know really bad stuff can happen to some women, I mean, I love true crime shows and Criminal Minds, but still. Obviously, if you live alone you have to be a lot more careful, but I still don't get just ignoring a guy. I don't think that's cool at all, to just leave someone hanging. I think if you're scared to say, "Thanks, that's really sweet, but I don't feel the same way," then it's weird and rude, unless you've been through an experience with one of the bad ones. Also, while reading this a quote came to mind, "I drive a Dodge Stratus!" You all are intense No offense, it's just funny- http://youtu.be/9YD_1ObUrhE
  14. Just really fed up or even disgusted, so much so that you had to walk away for a while? For any reason at all, there are many reasons it could happen. And, do you think it's a bad thing, or just part of a normal relationship. Kind of felt that way about a family member recently and was wondering what if... Thanks
  15. Thanks ! I know there will always be conflict, but I was thinking more of an "I can't stand the sight of you right now and I must get away" feeling. I don't know, it just seems more understandable and okay for that kind of feeling to arise in a family relationship. It seems like it would be a really awful feeling to have with your spouse.
  16. Has your faith ever been tested?

    Thanks so much Vince and ChristianMan-I appreciate your prayers -
  17. Has your faith ever been tested?

    In regards to what Christian Man said: I just want to make it clear that whenever I am done going through this, I will still believe in God, but depending on what happens, I might need to reevaluate who God is. I don't want to, I want to believe so badly that he does care enough about each and every one of us to work individually in our lives to-show himself when we need him to. I have had some of the most amazing experiences going through this. But I have doubts, because I am human with a set of experiences unique to me, and I know God knows this, so I just let him know when I pray that I am sorry. At the same time, I don't feel I trouble him much, so if he hasn't been "delivering" so to speak, then it's not going to be okay with me and I'm not going to be able to just brush it aside. Because I asked for him to show me HIS will for my life, even if it didn't match what I wanted, and from my point of view that seems like a tiny request for him to fulfill.
  18. Has your faith ever been tested?

    Yes, I am going through something now, actually have been going through it for a long time. I asked God to guide me on something, and every other day I feel somewhat crazy for believing that he has been and still is answering my prayers. Don't really want to share much about it now, but maybe, possibly later. Steadfast- I actually think it's really brave in a way to believe there is nothing after death. I feel certain I will always believe in life after death. Well, because, I lost my dad last year and a few weeks ago I was very upset and sad (crying) and all the sudden I felt that he was there. It honestly kind of scared me and maybe there could be a scientific explanation for it, but I feel he was there.
  19. Has your faith ever been tested?

    Thanks for all the responses so far, it's all really interesting .
  20. That's so cool 29K ! I remember that quote from the trailer of that movie, it's so true though because it's so scary!
  21. Matthew tells this really great story and I figured I would share it. He's all about action, but I think somewhere inside him he might believe in fate (even if he hides it well). Anyway, I am heavily paraphrasing here: I am pretty sure it's a true story that he heard through his work. I also wanted to say that I know what it's like to be shy and introverted and it's just something you have to work through. I think those of us who are find that we blossom as we get older. I find myself doing things I never thought I would when I was younger. Now when people tell me I'm quiet, I just smile and say "I know." It's just me- If you honestly do have a hard time flirting with people you like just start smiling at everyone wherever you go if you don't already. It will make it easier to smile at that special someone. Oh, and you might want to make sure you look at yourself when you think you're smiling in the mirror. If you don't smile a lot naturally, you might be surprised what you see .
  22. Supernatural

    Supernatural is my favorite show . The chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki is just magical in my opinion, I love watching their relationship as brothers. As a Christian the storyline is getting way ridiculous, but it's a fictional television show so, you know . It's kind of to be expected, they just finished the ninth season and the tenth is coming, gotta keep in interesting.
  23. I adore Matthew Hussey and have learned so much from him .
  24. Weird feeling!

    Hmmm, sometimes when I'm very tired I get that weighty feeling I think you are talking about. It's really weird and when it happens I know I need to go to sleep .
  25. Plus size...

    Interesting. I have no idea if it's exaggerated or not, but I don't think it is unreasonable for people who are overweight to get healthier. I think this concept of being accepted as you are is very dangerous, because it is not healthy and decreases your life span. Simply put, if I was fat I would have no expectations that any man would find me attractive because I don't find overweight men attractive.