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  1. I am confused about hand jobs and yet no oral sex...would you please explain this?
  2. When do you consider yourself a waiter?

    @ Amarillo, thanks for your input. I think you are right about the guy making or willing to make the commitment to wait until marriage before knowing the girl. I have heard of men saying anything to get laid so I pray I end up with a genuine guy.
  3. I have been thinking about this question. I would like to have your opinion on when you consider yourself a waiter if you are not a virgin. For example, if I meet a guy who wants to wait for me until marriage, do you think he is a waiter from the time he made the decision? Or should I wait to see if he will be able to wait 90 days, 6 months, etc before I call him a waiter?
  4. Great song, Geraldine. I love it too!
  5. 50+ virgin

    You are welcome, Jon. The most important qualities that I am looking for are: God-fearing, mentally stable, educated and loyal. In addition to these, we must share common interests as well.
  6. New member

    Welcome TheStig5150! It is hard to find a veteran man who is waiting.
  7. 50+ virgin

    It depends if the man has the qualities that I am looking for in a husband. Being educated and well travelled are nice. I would like to know why this man waiting until now to settle down and start a family?
  8. Online dating can be a nightmare as many people are not who they claim to be. So be careful in your search for a life partner.
  9. Hum, really? about dark chocolate?
  10. 1. No 2. Yes, depends if they had other types of sexual activities 3. No, I prefer a virgin with no experience
  11. Amarillo, you are so right . This guy's number of sex partners and his history of past drugs are dealbreakers. I think a virgin should reconsider being with him. I would for sure .
  12. I will not date a guy who has children out of wedlock or have children with different women. I realize that most men my age are fathers but I rather be single than to settle in my life.
  13. Hi, I am new

  14. Hey from new york!