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  1. It is wonderful when children get to grow up in a two parent household, however just because they don't doesnt meant they wont get married in later life or decide to wtm. Everyone makes their own path.
  2. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    I don't usually let minor hobbies like that interfere with my opinions on a guy. There is much more to them than just their gaming their personality, ect. I am much more concerned if he doesn't want to further his life then if he wants to play a game after work or something lol
  3. How do you feel about being called "hot?"

    a compliment is a compliment. sure hot is a bit more sexualizing one then beautiful. but i dont think too hard about it when someone compliments me lol
  4. Who here aspires to marry a wealthy man?

    lol, why would i go to work when there is a rich man waiting to take care of me? i want to marry someone with ambition.
  5. i think its also because a lot of waiters tend to have a holier than thou attitude and then their arguments usually become a bit aggressive. EDIT: Just for future clarification, I meant the term "holier than thou" to be determined as "better than you." Thank you Mirage for clarifying it in your post
  6. I only skimmed half the responses. But I would date a guy that lived at home if he had ambition. Times are hard on everyone and if if they don't understand that they can go kick rocks.
  7. Maybe he is into you. Or maybe he just thinks you're not really serious when your pushing away and hugs tighter. I have a bunch of guy friends that hug me really tight because thats how they like to hug, nothing malicious. I would just say something like "dude you hug me way too tight, i can't even breath lol"
  8. 2 in both ears. double helix(in ear) nose
  9. What a Tease!

    sorry i did phrase that horribly. i meant that as youre entitled to your feelings if you feel led on. but you shouldnt sit there and bash the other person by calling them a tease. does that make sense?
  10. What a Tease!

    i dont believe in the term tease. why do guys feel like women owe them a date or sex or whatever. you can feel lead on, but you shouldnt call a woman or anyone in fact a tease.
  11. Alcohol/Drinking

    eugene, just taste some of my poison. you wont be telling anyone anything haha.
  12. Alcohol/Drinking

    i'm a social drinker. but i do indulge in a glass or two or three of wine....
  13. Baby Daddy

    eugene, youre so cute hahaha. i dont really care for those terms. i would date/marry a guy with kids.
  14. Any programmers

    of course HTML counts! im actually learning/advancing my knowledge on HTML and CSS because those help you learn Java and JQuery faster!