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  1. Joined August 2012. I was single, virgin, never been kissed and WTM. Looking for like minded people. Now, Married (thanks to this site) and so glad that I waited!:) I am so thankful I found this site. It gave me my husband and some pretty awesome friends.
  2. What is your dream guy?

    You're my ideal guy too!!
  3. Miss you guys

    Hey everyone! I miss you. I'm quite busy with lots of married stuff and work stuff but I often think of you and this site and I have this site to thank for my marriage so this place is always fond in my mind. Please stay encouraged in your wait because from experience I can say that waiting is worth it and knowing that you have saved yourself for that one person and him/her alone has that part of you is an amazing thing! Stay strong my people! I hope you are all doing well.:) -NicoleNova
  4. Like Vince, I have never had a breakup. I actually married the only man that I've ever been in a relationship with. However, I can give you some incite from my experience with my other type of relationships and maybe my experience from guys who have hurt me on a not so deep level since I was never in a relationship with them but they decided to "ghost" me, if you will. (by the way, so thankful that they did in hindsight since I know have an amazing husband worthy of my awesomeness :D) I would say give this girl a chance. Just because she physically looks like someone who hurt you, does not mean she acts like her or has the same mannerisms. When you meet her in person, (if you do) she may come off totally different and not even remind you of your ex anymore. Mannerisms can change the way someone looks dramatically. For example, a shy person with their head down, avoiding eye contact, hair in their face, can look very different when he/she is in a space where they can become comfortable and be themselves. Also, if this works out, you'll spend more time with this girl than you did with your ex and soon she won't remind you of your ex but if you ever saw your ex again, she would remind you of this wonderful new girl in your life because she will have become way more important to you in your own mind. Good luck and I wish you the best!
  5. I abstain from alcohol, drugs, smoking, cussing and nudity in movies, shoes, etc. Mostly inspired by my religion so I feel like the correlation between them is correct since it's also why I waited til marriage.
  6. I'm Married!!!!:) 

    1. Hope7


      Aww this is great news!! Congratulations!!

    2. Kendra


      Not sure I saw this before, but I wish you well and congratulations!

  7. Fiance vs Father

    A little more info, my dad wasn't saying anything bad but just wondering why he does things differently than us and then was accusatory of him, saying he does it only to hold on to old traditions. Dad knows that I believe in total openness with the man I marry, good or bad (unless that thing has absolutely nothing to do with me or him but just a friend's secret for example) I innocently told my fiance what dad had said and the concern that he expressed. My fiance wasn't sure when he would have seen him next so he wrote out a text (which granted maybe he should have just waited anyway but all we can do now is learn from this). He was not snarky or rude but requested that my dad talk to him about it and not JUST me. He didn't say my dad couldn't talk to me but that he wants to be included so he could speak for himself. We are a Christian household so he included a link to a verse that says you should confront each other directly when you have an issue or concern. I know, a lot of people don't like hearing verses to prove they are wrong but I assure you we weren't just trying to prove him to be wrong but trying to help all of us to grow and if my dad had given us a different verse, we would have read it and have tried to learn from that one as well. My dad blew up about this text made all kind of accusations, called me names, blocked me from leaving the house and even took my phone from me for a time so I couldn't call/text my fiance. I am a grown woman and these are controlling and abusive behaviors and it is not okay. It became a pattern for my dad to corner me while insulting me and my fiance and not allowing me to talk. If I tried to go in my room, he would call me a coward. All the while, he won't talk to my fiance face to face. I live at home until I marry and have no where else to go because my fiance and I don't believe in living together until we are married. If it gets too bad, I will sleep at his apartment and he will sleep in the car but we don't want it to come to that obviously. I am scared to be at home now and have snuck in to take a shower or just to sleep and out to go to church. I don't believe anyone will physically hurt me but cornering me and not allowing me to leave is an emotional abuse that has left me traumatized each time that it happens. I don't know what to do, I am at the end of my rope and it feels like I only have my fiance, a couple friends and God with me.
  8. So question, When you get engaged, will you be telling your fiance everything or will you keep things that your family says about him from him? My dad recently said some things about my fiance at lunch. It was nothing horrible and worthy of ending a relationship but I believe he should have talked directly to my fiance about it whether than to me when he wasn't around. So anyway, I told my fiance about what my dad said and he was upset that my dad wouldn't directly share this with him but instead talk behind his back to me. So he sent him a text politely asking him to talk to him directly in the future. Even citing that the bible says that's the way we should handle these things. My father ignores this text and tells me I shouldn't have told my fiance about our conversation at lunch because it was "between him and I" and says he lost all respect for my fiance because he "butted in." That doesn't make sense because the conversation was about him so how could he have "butted in"? My dad says that I shouldn't tell him everything because "he isn't my husband yet" but you don't go from keeping things from your fiance to telling your husband everything over night. A good relationship is built on complete openness and honesty. Am I right? Or am I missing something? You have my permission to be brutally honest.
  9. I had that "problem" when I was single. My friends and family and even people I randomly meet would tell me how pretty I was and how guys would like some of my physical attributes but I would never get approached by a guy. They would approach my friends and flirt with them right in front of me but never me. My fiance had a theory that it was because I gave off a very "good girl" vibe by the way I talk, walk, and what I wear so most guys assumed (correctly) that I would not sleep with them and a lot of guys don't want a relationship and especially not with a girl they just met. Since, I was/am shy not many men got to know me. Most of the ones that did, liked me at some point so I'm sure it's the same kind of thing in your situation. Wait for the right guy and it probably won't be the random guy on the street hitting on you. Lol
  10. Just finished one. We were officially in an ldr for almost 2 years and long distance friends for 3 years. Now we are in the same state and see each other everyday. Completely worth it and I wouldn't change our ldr time if I could because it made us so strong. We can face all obstacles together. <3
  11. What kind of car do you drive?

    2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. I love it.
  12. I too am in a long distance relationship where we met online. We however, didn't become official until we met in person twice. It was my rule. I wanted our first meeting to be as friends and the second meeting I allowed him to ask me on a date and it was awesome But how you do it, is a decision between the two of you. I just wanted to share my experience. When you first meet him in person, it's a bit of a shock to the system. All of a sudden things get really real and almost surreal at the same time. We both had to adjust. I remember asking him if I looked the same and he was kind of speechless and couldn't explain it and I got insecure but later he told me it was a good thing though so it worked out. lol I wish you the best and I've been cheering you guys on from the sidelines since I relate to your love story so closely. Our successes can encourage each others.
  13. New Members-Girls Only

    I got you covered
  14. Hey NIcole 

    Could you let me into the GO forum?

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      I cannot unless you choose your gender on your account as female.