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  1. I joined the site waaaay back in 2018 and met wonderful people here. If it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't have met my lovely wife. Also I still keep contact with Vince, Francois and Jasmine.
  2. @DHZ I hear you and know how you feel. From my experience towards you, I can tell you never give up, stay positive and pray. Okay this might sounds harsh, but please don't take it offensive... (I'm only sharing my experience) You have a choice: (A) You either stay the same and be too hard on yourself - and maybe turn bitter in life (B) You grab the bull by the horns, be positive and make the best of it I want to encourage you and say there is hope. Never ever think there is something wrong with you, or you screwed up. Look at it as a building block. Just like Amarillo said.. don't dwell in the past (the what if moment), because if you dwell in the past then it's going to be hard to move forward, and you always going to remind yourself the "what if" moment. So when an opportunity comes on your path, grab it and make the best of it.
  3. Favorite Sports teams

    NBA: Chicago Bulls NHL: Philadelphia Flyers Baseball: Boston Red Sox NFL: New England Patriots Football: Man Utd and England F1: Williams Rugby: Springboks And Im a huge athletics fan
  4. Favorite Sports teams

    NBA: Chicago Bulls NHL: Philadelphia Flyers Baseball: Boston Red Sox NFL: New England Patriots Football: Man Utd and England F1: Williams Rugby: Springboks And Im a huge athletics fan
  5. It happened to me as well KG (couple of times). I'm just tired to hear "you're such a good guy and you need a good girl" .. heck .. if I didn't like her, then I wouldnt try to date her and waste my time. I've made peace what they told me in the past.. and what happened in the past.. stays in the past. But I've heard I'm not to tanned, or I'm to short for their liking (5'7 / 5'8 .. want a taller guy) or why are you hybrid? Heck I can't help it. Or "why don't you show the same interests I'm into?" .. But honestly.. I'm just tired of people playing with my feelings and show interest, and when you let your guard down and fall for them, then you are not their type. I can carry on like an old grammaphone and sound pessimistic .. but you are not the only one to whom it happened. I'm fond of that feeling and it is my acquaintance
  6. I read your agonies .. I'm taking my hat off for you guys. Feeling your pain. Im just grateful I never broke a limb. My one molar tooth broke clean off last year. But never had any pain. It happend on the weekend and the dentist wasn't open. So I'm grateful for that. When he did a root canal, that hurt a little bit. Because of the nerves. But the biggest pain I ever endure was last year December... not going to say what it was (it's too embarrassing)... it hurts a lot. I'm just one of the unlucky people who got it from cycling and squats..
  7. Random Thoughts

    want a vacation
  8. The Island game

    3 books: The Bible, Any architectural or engineering book (so that I can built myself a hut) 3 films: Hardly watch films, but I will opt for Gladiotor, Inception, Indiana Jones (the classic ones) - (but these things will be of no good because you wont have any electricity nor a television) 3 songs: Hmm Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife, Guns n Roses - Paradise City, Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer (yeah yeah it's old school) - (the same applies with the above) 3 TV shows: Also hardly watch tv.. but I will choose .. Prison Break, Lost... 1 meal: Fish 1 drink: Cranberry juicy (but any fruit juice will do - besides guava) 1 luxury item: a calculator and measuring tape (so I can make calculations when I build my hut, drainage systems, and reservoir)
  9. hey everyone! :)

    Welcome Nick
  10. A fighter pilot or spec ops
  11. Happy New Year 2015, guys!

    Aye Vince my man ehehe, you make me laugh and hey.. when do we skype? And happy new year everyone
  12. The avatar you're looking at... that's me in the flesh. That's how I look like. * Why do I use a photo of myself? It's for fellow wtm people to know and see how I look like. There is also no hidden agenda behind my profile picture ~ like seeking attention or whats'o'ever. * What leads to a specific picture? There is no specific picture. Change my picture once a year (or maybe twice) Also I shall never forget Mark's first question when we chatted in the chatroom
  13. Hi 5 Benjamin same.. proud Man Utd fan Pity we had such a bad season last year, but LVG must buy Hummels and another defender in the transfer window. What do you think? Defenders and maybe one winger?
  14. Hi Benjamin. Woow. Fellow Christian here as well. Quick side note... Man Utd or City fan? And welcome to the club
  15. Alcohol??

    Hehehe yeah it's nasty aint it hehehe