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  1. I have a question that has been bothering me for the past year or so, would you date the guy who has no job, no car (he rides the bus) but he's in college, smart, and loves to read, and is very ambitious and knows what he wants in life, and he's a real sweetheart and he's abstinent OR would you date the guy who is a jerk every once in awhile, cares about impressing different girls loud and a little obnoxious, but he also goes to college? It's been bothering me because I feel like some, girls not all, will try to date a guy like the first guy, but end up breaking up with him because he's "too nice". And I don't want to go through that. I end up dating a girl for a while til only she breaks up with me because I'm too nice or because I'm a waiter (which might be inevitable depending on the girl). I don't like getting my heartbroken because I'm actually kinda sensitive. And to top it all off I've haven't had a girlfriend since I was in the 8th grade, and I'm a college freshman now, so that'll make matters worse. Anyway what do you ladies think?
  2. Hawaii! I envision us watching the sunset, just laying down embracing each other's presence, and then we go to our suite andddd.... Well I think you get the rest
  3. I don't think I want any
  4. Introvert or Extrovert?

    I'm extremely introverted
  5. I want to do my own research on the emotional attachment when having sex outside of marriage, do you all think its a good idea? I wanna do like my own documentations of singles and couples and the whole nine yards
  6. Post Pro-WTM Pictures

    @WW The 4th one I had to steal and post on my facebook, I hope you don't mind
  7. Too Old For Purity Ring?

    You're only 21????? Too OLD to wear a purity ring????????? Girl go ahead and rock that purity ring and when you do it, do it with pride
  8. Judah and Tamar

    Can somebody break this story down please. It's Genesis 38 and I wanna know the significance of it like what is it trying to say towards Christians? What's the overall message?
  9. This was actually really good! I loved it, it showed you the struggle and hardships of marriage but it show some of the good things of marriage. And I really like Brett and Laure Beth and the way they interact with each other. They give a little sneak peek of what life after waiting is like
  10. The real me

    Lmbo thanks Eugene
  11. The real me

    Hahaha, nope that was Carnelo Anthony when he was in college