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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, and that no one gets trampled in any Black Friday madness!
  2. Nope, none of my lesbian acquaintances ever expressed an interest in me! I must not be their type! Currently, I dance with a lot of girls, both heterosexual and homosexual, when I go out swing dancing, but no one has ever said anything other than liking my necklace or my dress. I have only been hit on by the guys, and even then, not that much. I think the fact that I wear a ring helps to discourage potential suitors, which is my goal. A few years back, I did make-out with someone who was bisexual; he was a man, though. No girls for me, but I did help photograph a same-sex wedding this summer with my boyfriend, and at the end of next month, I will watch my cousin marry the woman she loves. As a single girl, if asked out by a woman, I would have said, "Thanks, but I'm only interested in guys." Now that I am dating, I would probably say, "Thanks, but I have a boyfriend," which is also what I would say to any interested men. The only time I would have a problem with a woman asking me out is if she did it in a really disrespectful way, just as I would have a problem with a man asking me out in a disrespectful way.
  3. Never said yes to the right guy

    First of all, I'm not advising you to go for him. Dating him could very well be a mistake, though likely not a terrible one; it sounds like you know how to end relationships if they are not going well, so I do not think going out with him would probably be a disaster, as you could simply say goodbye if his behavior was not satisfactory. So yes, I am not fully advising you to date him, but to speak to your question regarding his apparent personality change, I would just like to note my observation that some guys have a snarky exterior that is just a facade, a front they put up as a defense mechanism, because life has taught them to expect rejection and to guard themselves, yet, when they get to know and trust you better, they start letting down those walls and showing you their sweeter, softer side. This is not so much a personality change, but more a revelation of the true personality as a guy trusts you enough to be vulnerable with you. But please note, not all guys are like this! For many rude guys, there is no sweet softness within; plenty of guys are jerks through and through. So yeah, I am not saying the guy is truly sweet; it could be an act. Still, I have had the privilege of watching a guy open up and reveal his good heart, which he had been hiding under layers of apathy, humor, and coldness; life had taught him that no one would respond well to kindness, but as he came to see that I truly cared for him, he began to stop putting up all those defenses and just was real with me, and the real him was much sweeter than he seemed when we first met. So yeah, I think that sometimes, these apparent "personality changes" are the result of a change in the relationship, in which a guy does not actually change, but just shows you more about who he truly is. Still, sometimes, a guy could just be pretending to be something he is not to try to win you. There are no easy answers: This could be who he truly is under layers of snarkiness, or this could be him pretending to be a nice guy. This rambling was probably not helpful at all. I really don't know what to tell you. If you have feelings for him, and believe that going to the lake with him would not be a safety risk, I say you might want to take the chance. If he is faking his sweetness, he will only be able to keep it up for so long; pay attention to how he treats other people, like cashiers and waiters. If his softer side is for real, you will continue to see more examples of it as you spend time together. If you date him, take things slow. I can't help but think of how boys often tease girls they like and chase them on the playground. I wonder if he rudeness was his misguided way of trying to get your attention. Gosh, good luck!
  4. Fun Thread!

    "He's heading straight for Kent and he thinks it's France!" Hmm, that explains why it took so long for my boyfriend to find me! He just kept getting lost! But hey, better late than never!
  5. How waiting inspired me to write a movie.

    It sounds like a neat movie! Congratulations on making it happen! P.S. Oh my goodness, you're a Seahawks fan!?! Okay, we're friends now!
  6. Northwest is best!

    Yay! Someone else from the PNW! Welcome! If my username wasn't enough of a giveaway, I'm from Washington! Glad to have you here!
  7. What Impresses You?

    - Pick up litter and throw it away if you notice it on the ground. - Nod and look interested when I am talking to you. Bonus points for listening. - Take note of my body language and try to read me, noticing when I need to be cheered up. - Let other people go ahead of you in line. - Apologize and ask for forgiveness. - Introduce me to the people you care about, making it clear that you are happy I am around. - Make time for me; let me know I am pretty high on your priority list. - Take me somewhere I have never been before that you think I will like. - Make an effort to clean up your language around me. - Pick me up and carry me around. - Be friendly and engaging with cashiers, waiters, and other service people we meet. - Find out how to make me laugh, and do it often. - Surprise me with a romantic gesture, especially if it involves going the extra mile. - Be honest with me, even if it sometimes means giving an answer I do not like. - Help me carry things when my arms are full. - Give me a genuine compliment. - Take time to check out something I like, such as a favorite song, book, or movie. - Share things with me that you learn I have not experienced and think I would like. - Ask me thoughtful questions about my day, and follow up about things I mention later. - Check in with me about things before doing them if you think they would make me unhappy. - Do not complain or tease if I need more bathroom breaks than you. - Learn about my friends and ask about how they are doing. - Smile at me! Please, please smile! And laugh at my jokes! - Tell me about your life; be honest and vulnerable with me. - Go out of your way to take care of me: make me dinner, call to check I got home safe, help fix my car, keep me warm. - Speak respectfully about people you used to date. - Let me rant about my bad days, and agree that it all sounds completely awful. - Reassure me when I get scared. - Be kind to animals and children. - Surprise me with flowers. - Send me romantic songs. - Tell me about your plans for the future. - Be silly with me, and play along when I want to be sappy or goofy. - Be patient when things are going wrong. - Ask what I would like to do when we go out. - Develop a sixth sense for when I want affection and hold me close when I do. - Say something sweet to me out of the blue. - Demonstrate passion and determination for your hobbies and goals. - Pray in front of me. - Remember my favorite things.
  8. OKCupid (More Like OKStupid)

    Well, I actually recently met my boyfriend, a fellow waiter, on OKCupid, so I am rather fond of that website. I found that it gave a much stronger ability to filter through and look for people who shared my values than the other sites I tried, which were Match and Christian Mingle. I quickly wound up finding about fifteen men nearby who shared my values of being Christian, waiting until marriage, not drinking, not smoking, and things of that nature; I never would have expected the number to be that high. Yes, there were also many men who were not waiting; I just hid their profiles as I went about searching, and essentially said "thanks, but no thanks" if anyone who was not compatible with me messaged me. Fortunately, everyone was very polite. But yes, having that question about when a person would choose to have sex, and being able to see who answered "only after the wedding," was a huge blessing! Sorry it has not worked out very well for you. I was lucky, because my boyfriend contacted me back in January after only a few months of me setting up online dating profiles, and after only a few weeks of me being on OKCupid. I did not have to put a lot of time and energy into the process before it yielded positive results. That being said, my boyfriend had been trying out the online dating community for a year or two without any major success at all, so I know that it is not always as easy of an experience as I had. But I am definitely grateful that he did not give up, or else we would have never met. Good luck in your continued searching!
  9. Hello Everyone**

    Hello! Welcome to our community! I hope you like it here! We are definitely glad to have you join us.
  10. Fitness!

    Congratulations!!! I ran my first official 5k last October and my second one in December, after never previously being able to run even a mile until September. I still do not enjoy running, but I love the fact that I am ABLE to run! I only got into fitness in the last year. I first started off with just basic cardio, especially the elliptical, the treadmill, and the stair-climber. Then I started to add a bit of lifting weights. I then began running, with the Couch-to-5k training plan. And then this January I began taking swing dancing lessons every week and attending the social dance afterward; I am really loving that! Not every fitness activity turns out to be fun, but I have been happy to discover so many new, healthy interests!
  11. Body Vs. Brain

    LOL, I was JUST thinking about this a few hours ago! Yeah, I know of that conflict...
  12. Do you like anyone on this site?

    *Looks at her profile. Looks at her friends list.* Hmmm.... only one friend. Interesting... Okay, I have my guess! Though I certainly could be quite wrong. Do we have another new relationship happening here, or is this just a declaration of admiration?
  13. Screwed up - hopefully you won't

    Thank you for sharing your story with us! That cannot have been very easy to write about. While I am still a virgin, I have certainly done things in life that I regret, both romantically and otherwise. I know how painful it can be to do something that you feel may have been a mistake, something that violates your prior concept or who you are and what you do. Experiences like this often change you, but the way that you change depends on how you choose to react to this unexpected situation. You had sex before marriage. It was not your goal, nor your intention, but it happened. What now? Will you let this devastate you and ruin your life? Or will you try to forgive yourself and move forward, learning from your past and letting it help you become the best version of you that you know how to be? Judging by your courage in posting here, and the way that you are using your experience to try to help others, I can tell that you are choosing to handle this situation with as much positivity as possible, and I am so glad of that. I pray that you continue to keep walking through this with your head held high, not letting it excessively burden you. And for the record, there are MANY virgin women who would not rule you out because of this, and there are also many women who are not virgins but who are now waiting until marriage. There is still good reason to hope! Welcome back to our community!
  14. Soo....

    Slightly concerned...
  15. Sup?

    Welcome to our community!