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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/26/world/americas/brazil-teen-pregnancy-Bolsonaro.html

    RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil’s far-right government has a message for adolescents as the nation grapples with a stubbornly high teenage pregnancy rate and rising H.I.V. infections: Save sex for marriage.

    “Our young people, by and large, are having sex as a result of social pressure,” Damares Alves, the minister of human rights, family and women, said recently as she encouraged abstinence. “You can go to a party and have lots of fun without having sex.”

    To formulate her policy, Ms. Alves has made clear she consulted closely with the team behind a campaign called “I Chose to Wait,” started by evangelical pastors with a large social media following. In doing so, she has incited a heated debate about reproductive rights and sex education in Latin America’s largest nation.

    Critics say the government’s new emphasis on abstinence blurs the line between church and state and could lead young people to make poorly informed decisions about sex that may be detrimental to their health.



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  2. wasn't justin beiber caught sneaking out of a brothel or something

    edit: yes he was , and he was 19 at the time



    he admitted he had a problem with sex too?

    which i guess can be taken a variety of ways


    ---I found myself doing things that I was so ashamed of, being super-promiscuous and stuff, and I think I used Xanax because I was so ashamed," he said in the article. "I think there were times when my security was coming in late at night to check my pulse and see if I was still breathing."

    But that wasn't Justin only vice, he also admitted to having "a legitimate problem with sex," which lead us to that fateful day in November 2013. The then-19-year-old singer was seen leaving a Brazilian brothel with two women after spending more than three hours there.---- 


    did they mean after his crazy drug/sexcapades?

    so like they waited just with each other after having a bunch of sex?

  3. In Canada i actually met this one old guy who wanted to sell my dad a motorcycle and had written some book which was basically a giant racist mess against muslims


    Then i moved to Missouri and became a door to door vacuum salesman for awhile

    while there was never racism directed towards me specifically there was a TONNN of racism towards black people, it was so bad that sometimes they would have to send me in the place of my black friend because they were worried he would get killed just based on what was said at the door

    it was a typically like 70yr old+ democrat confederate flag all over the house people , but one time one of my friends ended up in a Nazi castle

    you don't really get to find out sometimes until you are in the house and hear what they have to say

    it was a scary job lol

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  4. my questions are


    1.how do you find meaning in a purposeless universe that happened by chance?

    if literally everything dies in the end, and no one is here to remember the impact of our actions/ our struggles. they won't have anyone or anything to remember them by, then isn't any meaning we give life just a delusion? Religions included?






    2. what is your opinion of the fermi paradox?

    and the quote  ''There are only two options: either we are alone in this universe or we aren't. Both are equally terrifying.''




    3. If electrons change their behavior simply when being observed and at the moment we are really the only things that ''observe'' anything

    have we unintentionally been influencing electrons from the start? or is something more at work here?


     4. do you think the universe is fine tuned for life?



    5. if i made an ask a ___________ what should it be called?





  5. it was my destiny to post this cheesy overused joke


    maybe he treats us like a sims game and observes our actions/ randomly intervenes for fun 

    i tend to daydream about a world where we invent A.I and create real world simulations where we can observe people calling us Gods and how that would impact the world we live in

    a videogame where the villain of the game is a nihilist because he realizes he is just a program in a videogame so he views his life as meaningless other than for the ''players'' enjoyment

    ''and once you defeat me, your life will become meaningless too,for the one controlling you will lose interest in controlling you''


     maybe free will doesn't exist







  6. White Rabbit Project is very interesting





    its the people from mythbusters doing weird awesome expirements



    example : first episode they mind control a cockroach by putting a machine on its head

    you could be a real life supervillain and send an army of cockroaches to attack someone

  7. Caitlyn jenner might run for president and i want her to win because then essentially USA's first woman president would be a man

    and i think that would just be hilarious

    she is also a republican so why not

    also i think bill nye has lost his mind





  8. well i didn't buy it, because it was a free online MMO, but Tree Of Savior was a pretty big disappointment , it had amazing potential with 80+ different classes , 100s of unique bosses , and the art style was beautiful



    Then the company absolutely butchered it XD, they made new game breaking bugs every maintenance, even revived old ones consistently, left all the hackers and exploiters to run amok, and focused solely on turning the game into a cash cow , lots of innocent people got punished too in the crossfires in between.


    the player base went from 50000 to 2800 currently over the past entire year being wittled down by consistent failure making everyone quit the game, that 2800 is divided by 6 servers internationally and has made all of the servers basically ghost towns when they were once quite active 

    so basically all that art and story feels like a huge waste.


    the forum is full to the brink of trolls constantly pointing out how bad the company is to the point general discussion is just full of arguments about whether the game is going to make a comeback or get closed down soon. The company doesn't even bother with them 






  9. I think taking a lot of things in the bible literally would be borderline insanity

    especially genesis 



    the bible is a giant metaphor mixed with history in specific chapters which over the many years could have easily been mistranslated or even manipulated on purpose at this point


    genesis is one of the most vague books in it, and so is revelations, the perfect setup for a curious human who needlessly longs for the answers of the beginning and the end , maybe that is what makes it so interesting


    we don't even know who really wrote it

    we are assuming Moses and even he wasn't there at the beginning , so he must have got his info from either God telling him or from past documents from his time

    and we all should know by now how imperfect humans are (not the best at playing telephone for 5 minutes, nevermind over 1000s of years)

    heck the bible itself has a reoccurring theme that humans are imperfect


    http://www.patheos.com/blogs/religionprof/2014/11/the-bible-tldr-version.html    see here XD


    time is also  a manmade concept, whose days are we going by?

    a day on venus is 116 days and 18 hours on earth

    a day could mean anything especially to an omnipotent being


    we don't even know if we have all of the bible, there could be some book out there in the dirt still that completely revolutionizes the bible, at the same time there could be a book out there which completely destroys the bible

    there could be a book next to genesis which clarifies everything, now wouldn't that be convenient?


    there is way to many things to think about before ''going literal''



    that being said, the bible was also WAY AHEAD of its time in science , which is the most interesting part to me



    a lot of these are interpretation , but a lot of these are spot on

    its really good food for thought



    interpretation is also so huge of a difference

    i mean just listen to this guys view of David and Goliath and now you have to think, oh man, if i was wrong on that how bad did i screw up with the rest of the bible


    people who take the bible literally at face value are probably the same people who think satan is in charge of hell

    and that nonsense is everywhere now


    we need more knowledge and creativity and theories to grow more, just like any other theory in science

    but the big bang/evolutionist theories hijacking the word ''science'' as their claims annoys me , because it is just as big a faith based religion full of holes as anything we come up with.  


                Theism  <-Science->  Athiesm

    if anyone takes anything out of my rant, take this , Making your opinion ''Science'' is one of the most annoying things a person can do




    GL OP, being a christian physicist will cause you to be conflicted with constantly by both sides