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  1. i just watched interstellar....that movie is amazing
  2. Other Forums

    Personality cafe is one of my favorite forums, because u get to meet people of all different mindsets and personalities and actually get a better understanding of why people are the way they are
  3. Random Thoughts

    Jesus would have been unbeatable in the hit tv show Jerusalem's got talent
  4. did the past actually happen?

  5. The science of awkwardness

  6. How do you deal with morning breath?

    I make her suffer by kissing her a ton
  7. What if you married someone who didn't wait?

    would probably commit suicide
  8. One sentence to describe your wedding night

  9. Random Thoughts

    i feel like entering as many terrible puns as i can into that canadian lays chip flavor contest thing Chipotlays O'lays
  10. The Island game

    3 books = 1. TV REPAIR MANUAL 2.wind power generator repair manual 3.how to make your own reception tower 3 films = August rush,The Green Mile, 50 shades of grey 3 tv show = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_anime_series_by_episode_count probably the 3 longest animes i could find for more entertainment quantity 1 meal= my wife (haha sucker!! now your stuck on the island too!!) 1 drink = Potion of immortality 1 luxury item = Wind power generator
  11. Favourite decade and format for music?

    the time is now!!!!!!!!! there is so much technology for people to make new interesting sounds now my favorite format is mp3 because then you can put it into music programs and do whatever you want to it
  12. Careers

    Homeless man who steals wifi from mcdonalds
  13. Random Thoughts

    if you get breast implants and then die do you turn into a skeleton with 2 blobs of silicone?
  14. How old are you?

    7835 days old from the time i post this 15905 before i can retire
  15. 10 ridiculous US laws

    http://www.exposingtruth.com/10-ridiculous-us-laws/ :I
  16. NERD ALERT! Which superhero/superheroine do you identify with?

    Samurai flamenco
  17. Random Thoughts

    what the heck there was a Friday the 13th before valentines day...and now theres ANOTHER ONE :I!!!!! whats that about
  18. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/5-reasons-why-many-american-christians-wouldnt-like-the-first-ones/ the person put american but i figured thats to specific
  19. Random Thoughts

  20. Random Thoughts

    The first time i saw the dress it was white and gold, then i scrolled down and it showed a different picture of the dress and instantly when i went back up to the first picture it was dark blue and black and now every time i look at it its light blue and gold and it hasn't changed since i wouldn't worry too much about us being colorblind because my colorblind friend saw it as blue and red
  21. Does your family know?

    I have this aura of waiting that let everyone know for me so i didnt tell anyone but i remember other people discussing waiting in school and my name was brought up as '' that guy is def a virgin'' xD , I think my parents specifically allready knew because i never left the house thankfully no ''live lifes'' xD but one time my mother was like ''son...if you ever go out and have sex...make sure you wear a condom.... and i was like WTHHH MOM WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME FROM?!?!?! (literally out of nowhere watching tv) son your a boy,i don't have to worry about you as much as your sister.. boys are the ones that go out and have sex, your going to do it whether i say no or not, so wear a condom, i cant afford any extra mouths to feed so don't be stupid that is the only ''sex talk'' i can remember
  22. Any other Warhammer 40K or Fantasy nerds out there..........

    hmm I think the greeks have something to do with it
  23. Have you ever cried during a movie?

    I cant think of any movies off the top of my head but the endings in the animes ''Angel beats'' and ''Mirai Nikki'' those are murder on your soul
  24. 5 reasons why modern christians wouldnt get along with first christians

    lol i just posted it becuase i feel like that specific post is food for thought i agree with this post, i haven't looked at his other posts, whether or not that shouldn't really impact what i think of this post, that be like me saying something amazing that would benefit the world but because i have some weird view on something else people would refuse it or a better analogy it be like me refusing Jesus teachings because he went crazy in that temple one time
  25. Random Thoughts

    whatever still counts *puts on sunglasses*