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  1. Random Thoughts

    http://www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/1282254411873.jpg you wouldn't download a bear
  2. Random Thoughts

    http://36.media.tumblr.com/757ef9f575e3342030212d03d6f86785/tumblr_n3dq13Y2OQ1r3zypyo1_250.jpg good ol johnny bravo
  3. unwanted dreams

    One time i dreamt i was a pirahna and another i was lost in a pitch black forest with a flashlight and found a couple deer standing on 2 legs reading newspaper creepiest one i ever had was when i was dancing in a ballroom and a creepy girl walked in and everyone she looked at died and the ending was she looked at me and i woke up but my favorite dream of all is the one where i saw the sky was red and covered in smoke and i was like hey!! this is a dream!! any second now a giant dog is going to burst out of that building and attack me!!! and then it did, which woke me up
  4. Religious Freedom Restoration Act

    https://news.vice.com/article/bakery-ordered-to-pay-135000-for-refusing-to-make-lesbian-couples-wedding-cake?utm_source=vicenewsfb vice JUST (little late) had an article on the bakery thing Equality (still) at its finest http://www.legalizejesus.com/2015/06/05/a-list-gay-actor-in-hollywood-defends-christian-baker/ Patrick Stewart's thoughts
  5. How can racist people be Christian?

    i find it even crazier that all the racism lately has been black churches being burnt down and of course the church shooting racist christians targeting other christians
  6. Americas BIllion Dollar Divorce Industry

    Viewer discretion advised?
  7. The Unheard Story of David and Goliath

    https://www.ted.com/talks/malcolm_gladwell_the_unheard_story_of_david_and_goliath?language=en just a different interpretation of David and Goliath than the usual
  8. Choice,Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce

    https://www.ted.com/talks/malcolm_gladwell_on_spaghetti_sauce your thoughts?
  9. Am I virgin or not?

    like i posted in viewer discretion advised, there is a new technology being invented called teledildoniks where a person can now have intercourse online 1 machine is a hole that wraps around a penis the other a dildo to enter a vagina both machines affect the other of course so that they can attempt to feel the other person from afar they also have virtual Blowjobs and etc. do you all consider people who do this a virgin? i also met a girl who considered her boyfriend a virgin but not his old girlfriend because he fingered her and broke her hymen which caused severe retroactive jealousy issues in this girl and she ended up being more sexual with him to try and compensate and seriously screwing up her life do you think the guy is a virgin in this case? are people who masturbate in front of each other over a computer still virgins? are people who don't see each other visually and text dirty sexts while masturbating to themselves still virgin? do you consider someone who was raped and had intercourse a virgin? do you consider 2 people who saw each other naked in person still virgins? do you consider someone who has seen countless people naked (like a porn camerman or something) a virgin?
  10. Did that really just happen?

    http://anongalactic.com/how-does-your-silly-flag-outrage-feel-now/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joseph-a-palermo/transpacific-partnership-obama_b_7665862.html
  11. It will ultimately come down to Any Consenting Adult marrying each other(s)

    oh i know, today i was reading about how a person in my province got arrested for marrying someone as a business deal http://globalnews.ca/news/2074187/edmonton-man-convicted-in-albertas-first-marriage-of-convenience-case/ I don't know why this news article is claiming its the ''first'' as it happens all the time (maybe the first time someone got arrested for it? that's pretty bad) that and absurdly high divorce rates,marriage has already been cheapened to a very meaningless piece of paper. I don't know why anyone would want to fight for it now as It probably be better off it it didn't exist anymore , that would be true ''equality'' for every orientation. people would then just have to trust the other(s) wouldn't straight up leave them in there relationship(s) instead of depending on a paper to add a little fear of losing half of there possessions and giving them a slight tax advantage. and if they wanted to act like they were having a wedding . (fancy dress and tux and cake parties and rings,vows, etc) then good for them as they are now free to do whatever because the government is removed from it. Marriage (the legal paper) was unequal from the get go , not just to gays or polygamists or all the other ones, But even to single people. it is unfair that 2 people will get an edge over others just because they "declared'' they are together. That was unfair to the people who didn't marry , and almost everyone on this site. fighting for marriage rights,something unequal at its very core, in the name of equality is kind of ridiculous to me. Its like fighting against slavery but only for your color in the name of equality and then leaving all the other colors out The more i learn about society and marriage(the paper) the more ridiculous it sounds to me marriage was already messed up ever since Jesus said "Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning.'' and its been downhill from there, straight people ruined it ages ago this is what we are all waiting for ^ I waited because I wanted a wife who never had sex to be with me forever and i felt its only fair that i never have sex with anyone before her, but the paper part is silly to me,Regardless i did it anyway to keep her happy like i asked already what are we going to change the name of this site too if marriage gets removed?
  12. It will ultimately come down to Any Consenting Adult marrying each other(s)

    https://news.vice.com/article/infamous-canadian-polygamist-fights-latest-round-of-criminal-charges-against-him?preview&cb=v1433788595506 speaking of polygamy heres a polygamist / highly likely child trafficker fighting for his rights right now http://www.vancouversun.com/life/Canadian+polygamist+Winston+Blackmore+names+wives+court/6046205/story.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winston_Blackmore http://www.vancouversun.com/life/Canadian+polygamist+Winston+Blackmore+admits+forgot+wives/6050990/story.html http://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/wife-of-winston-blackmore-says-polygamy-charge-violates-religious-freedom/ looks like someone is beating me to making marriage a joke. all in the name of religion too
  13. The worst physical pain you've experienced?

  14. Trying to Better Understand Theism and Religion

    ow my brain
  15. Random Thoughts

    just the tiny whirlpool ones in the bathtub drain when its almost out of water,
  16. Trying to Better Understand Theism and Religion

    If you believe in any deity or deities at all: why do you?I believe in a fine-tuned universe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fine-tuned_Universe I believe that this world,this universe (and if other universes exist,those too) were made by intelligent design. The sheer amount of Oddly specific things needed , not only for us to exist as life, but to exist as an individual with free will, capable of the mental capacity and other body functions to even question the ''how'' and ''why'' we exist. Capable of inventing a machine (the computer) where we have developed our own worlds with laws different than the laws of our own world,capable of free will, is the base of my claim. My other choices are we came from another intelligent race which just adds another layer of questions to find the true beginning or we come from nothing, both of which require the same amount of faith as the choice i have chosen , the last choice being the most depressing (to me anyway) How do you sense that he/she/they exist?Thank God for nuclear fusion, without it protons,electrons, and neutrons could never have mixed and created anything on the periodic table of elements. Hydrogen couldn't become helium , stars wouldn't exist (well little would exist but lets look at stars) So the sun then wouldn't have existed. thank God for all the uniform laws of nature that have somehow created a universe that has rules. The universe didn't have to obey rules, Let alone one that abides by the rules of mathematics. It could have been a universe that changed unpredictably. or a universe that things just popped in and out of existence at random. Thank God for DNA, The 3 Billion lettered instruction code that happens to be in every cell in our body to tell them to act in certain ways, Even apoptosis, the programmed cell suicide which gives you fingers instead of webbed hands these fingers we then use to create fine tuned objects we use to learn with our complexly designed brain that processes millions of messages of data to not just keep us alive,no,but to produce complex thoughts allowing us to ask these questions in the first place. Why do you think your religion (and your particular denomination of that faith, if applicable), is correct?I would like to think i am non-denominational , and that my religion is malleable depending on the new things that i learn and the opinions i create from them. I am sure my interpretation is not 100% correct just as any others isn't because i am not perfect conveniently the bible acknowledges that we aren't perfect, just in case people might start thinking that they are I would like to assume that i have the core part down, (love everyone regardless of there sins, love God,etc) but have a lot which i still need to learn more to truly be 100% confident in my decisions on them If you believe that your scriptures are inerrant: why is that?Sometimes i wonder if the bible is accurate anymore considering it has been translated by imperfect beings , some of which could have there own agendas, or just simply be wrong about what a single word means. Its also a HUGE book of metaphors in which everyone and anyone will interpret differently. (and a lot of people will use this as a tool for there own plans) and it also could have been made with the time period it was made heavily in mind. If you seek to reconcile scriptures and science/history: how do you? i really need to leave that to the people in those fields. Fun fact : http://www.eternal-productions.org/101science.html there are many things in the bible which can be interpreted as scientific facts that were far ahead of there time another fun fact : i have a new profound hatred for bullets on forums Do you ever think something your scripture claims was caused/endorsed by your deity was just plain wrong? If so, how do you deal with that? To try and understand why a Deity who is described as omnipotent , omniscient and omnipresent does what he does all the time, sounds like a really good way to go insane If i was playing my game Gnomoria on my computer , and suddenly i was given the option to give my gnomes ''free will'' so i did and all my gnomes just started having wars and doing a bunch of things i told them not to do, i sometimes wonder how i would react to that situation and bundle of hard decisions, especially if i loved them all individually and even more confusing if i could see how the decisions they make and i make affect the gnomes 1000s of years in the future. Then i wonder what if my gnomes in my computer game started creating there own universes and etc etc and even more confusing if there is another thing i created and gave free will with an agenda to screw with my gnomes lives.
  17. Random Thoughts

    saw this on fb today If you ask me I see no reason why aliens, with super advance space craft that are capable of travelling trillions of light years, would come all the way here just to stick stuff up our butts.
  18. What is your escape?

    any game with a world different than this one is a pretty good start
  19. Free the nipple?

    welcome would you be ok with with your rebellious teenage daughter exposing her chest in public at school for all eyes to see? i would find it strange if that was a womans dealbreaker, but i would understand it at least, and i would feel a little sorry for them because it be really hard to find someone who met that criteria. Harder than even finding a waiter who hasnt kissed , or a waiter who hasn't been in a relationship yet I myself hate being topless in public because it makes me feel uncomfortable, and would be SUPER OK if they made men have to wear tops again...because some of the men who use that freedom...blechh xD i feel like we are headed the wrong direction
  20. March Against Monsanto

    reminds me of this video xD
  21. Free the nipple?

    Will have to add one to the list of my deal breakers in relationships ''Openly shows breasts in public for all to see'' I feel like if this went up for a vote a lot of men would say free the nipple (and for the wrong reasons of course lol ) I also think rape crime might slightly increase and that people would start fighting in court about groping boobs now that its ''Not sexual" also a lot more of that fondle business for the public to see. ''Un-Sexualizing it , If that ever even happened, would probably not be the smoothest ride. as for the burka remarks they remind me of this picture It be interesting for the WTM community because there would always be the opportunity for that one waiter to show up, The one that says ''I am a waiter but i openly show my breasts in public and i cant seem to get a relationship with another waiter because all men think i am a sex object''
  22. Religious Freedom Restoration Act

    yea my train of thought keeps going , oh shoot! i forgot this thing!! and then i go back and i got a lil carried away , its what happens when your interrupted a lot by other things , the joys of foruming and edit buttons, the actual thread has more in it too but i really was trying , everyone keeps quoting me to talk about the other topic though, i asked for it though i mentioned it again i should make one of those joker memes ''and everyone loses there minds'' *looks at all the comments*
  23. Religious Freedom Restoration Act

    If i am treated poorly because i am Mexican or christian i will just go to a different place? Though i highly doubt either of those are going to happen in Canada , but i never know , my barbers a muslim, maybe he will turn on me and i will have to go to another hair salon Yes.... It is a business to make money and if your dumb enough to lose money based on prejudices i think you deserve that right? also the freedom to not have to deal with people trying to abuse the laws thanks for pointing out that they are not the same for me....again,because i didnt read it already or knew that already... even though i am saying they are similar , not the same , i have listed off the reasons they are similar enough times i think you can understand why i compare them. they are sound reasons to me and whats your solution to the people being able to abuse discrimination laws to close businesses, like the potential one i had at work with the aboriginals?
  24. "How Secular Family Values Stack Up"

    http://www.evolutionnews.org/2012/08/did_hitler_use063571.html http://www.icr.org/article/hitlers-evolution-versus-christian-resistance/ hmmmm http://www.creationism.org/csshs/v08n3p24.htm but yea, I will never know because i didnt get the chance to ask him edit: today i saw this video on my facebook I find some of his quotes very fitting for this ''Islam doesn't promote violence or peace, Islam is just a religion and like every religion in the world it depends on what you bring to it, if your a violent person, your Islam,,your Judaism,your Christianity(your secular views),is gonna be violent. then he talks about violent Buddhists...''does Buddhism promote violence? of course not!! people are violent or peaceful
  25. "How Secular Family Values Stack Up"

    The only difference i see in this sentence with secular and religious morality is that religious is because God said so(or because i said God said so in a lot of cases, if not all) and Secular is Because I said so, both promote immoral actions , both condemn actions and people that are moral (or for believing a different set of morals) also both have benefited humanity as well like i said, saying 1 is better is real big talk because secular morality is necessarily based on objective facts and logical reasoning? debate-able, especially when there are many many various secular moralities that can conflict heavily with each others secular moralities (a lot of i said so's disagree with each other) http://commonsenseatheism.com/?p=8859