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  1. Random Thoughts

    this made me google condom art was not dissapointed
  2. Random Thoughts

    it wasnt the KKK or the nazis it was PEPE THE FROG THE WHOLE TIME edit: this election is getting soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo out of hand
  3. Random Thoughts

    VR 360 interactive movies please
  4. Random Thoughts

  5. Free the nipple?

    your thoughts??
  6. Gif Warrrrrrrrrr (ARRR)!!

    we are going to build a waaaaaaaaaatisgoingonblepedybloop??
  7. Random Thoughts

  8. Random Thoughts

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/09/nazi-pug-man-arrested-after-teaching-girlfriends-dog-to-perform/ this guy got arrested for teaching his pug to be a nazi... thank you internet
  9. religion... Why?

    To me, there is only 2 paths either the universe was intelligently designed and we have had our purpose given to us by the designer and will eternally live on after we die with said designer or life is meaningless, and we are just a spec of dust on the timeline that eventually leads to the death of everything .everyone regardless of anything they do will die the solar system dies,the last star dies , the universe is engulfed in black holes, after all of them evaporate we reach heat death where nothing changes, the universe itself dies in the end of this path there is nothing, and everything every human ever did at every moment in time will become meaningless our pointless struggle to maintain existence in a universe that will die,that no one will ever remember, because no one will exist we spend our whole lives trying to find meaning in the fact that we come from nothing and we end in nothing to me, not believing in God seems like a really depressing and limiting way to see the world and our universe to me, there is only God, or Nihilism and to me all religions , including the one i believe in, are probably tainted by people in some way, shape or form with there own personal values and that i will never really be able to uphold the Designers rules as i will never truly know 100% if the rules i am following are actually from him or from people claiming its from him ,(heck i do not even know if he has rules for us or if we are just some science experiment that he likes to watch) but i hope he forgives me for believing that when i find out. because i certainly believe we were designed, but i like the thought of a God who at least cares about me enough to die for me, and who understands that we are imperfect, and who created a universe out of organized chaos, just chaotic enough to work but not chaotic enough that things appear and vanish from existence at random, v what is NOT random video link, highly recomended watch who created the second law of thermodynamics so that we could have free will to even question his existence in the first place so i will stick to that one we try to fit our Designer within our laws, yet in every world i have ever created on a computer i have never had to follow the laws I put inside of it I wonder if there will be a time when AI becomes so advanced that if I play a sandbox game the NPC AI programs will start to question if I exist,then maybe one day the AI will create something that will question if it exists
  10. If you could choose your native language, what would it be?

    Latin i have been listening to a lot of Gregorian chant lately i wouldn't be able to talk to anyone, but i would sing like an angel fair trade
  11. JOKES

  12. Older men will be able to go into girls bathrooms in alberta

    http://www.therebel.media/protectourgirls my province folks *claps hands*
  13. Older men will be able to go into girls bathrooms in alberta

    Your right i forgot that there are feminine looking men, when i think of trans men i instantly think of Stefonknee (the 6 year old fetishist ) the one even the pro-trans community tends to be disgusted with but its not the trans that are the major problem, its more the ease of access for Voyeurism crimes by straight men who now simply would just dress up as a girl and say they are a girl for the day and get free access. its the Sex offenders that cross dress (the ones that get caught all the time because they dress as a woman and go to the woman's bathroom but now if they dress as a woman they can cry prejudice) https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/men-love-the-ladies-restroom-this-week-in-the-news/ its not gonna increase sexual assault, because they aren't assaulting people (well some are assaulting people in bathrooms but crying trans isn't going to work on rape charges so no relevance) they are hiding cameras or just peeping themselves, catching a guy dressing up as a girl, putting cameras into changing rooms and bathrooms is a lot easier when dressing as a girl and going into the female bathroom is a BIG red flag. you see a man dressed as a woman and call 911, he gets arrested and they check for cameras on him Now how do you arrest someone setting this up? (unless they are incredibly stupid and record there own face or leave fingerprints) all a guy has to do now is go oh, I am just a trans going to the bathroom (they secretly are waiting for all the girls to leave the room so they can hide some cameras) now your limited to circumstantial evidence (this guy went to the bathroom and a camera was found there a day later) OR they could just openly be watching now. a straight guy could just go and sit in a woman's change room in this situation you see a man dressed as a woman in the woman's bathroom you have to debate if you should call 911 because is he a peeping tom? or is he just a trans? the scary part of that video i posted earlier is all they have to do is SAY they are a girl , that is all I am conveniently a girl today! but tomorrow ill be a guy again, <THIS is the crazy part BUT what if they are BOTH? what if they are a peeping tom AND a trans ? (a Guy who thinks he is a woman but is into women so he goes into women change rooms to watch women change) what if your at the swimming pool and the said man hasn't had Surgery yet and just exposes himself in the woman's change room? is that really ok? just because he actually thinks he is a woman? normally when you do this you go to jail https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/05/28/men-love-the-ladies-restroom-transgender-edition/ turns out some transgenders love the ladies restroom for the wrong reasons too there is a ton of stories on here http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885 and then he quotes this study, Post surgery Transsexuals are more likely to commit crimes if you click on this study and then click on Figures you can see the comparison charts not only do post surgery trans have higher crime rate, they have higher violent crime rate as well as higher suicide rates
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3356084/I-ve-gone-child-Husband-father-seven-52-leaves-wife-kids-live-transgender-SIX-YEAR-OLD-girl-named-Stefonknee.html
  15. Meet Stefonknee Wolscht the 52 year old man who claims hes a 6 year old girl

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk4f7kITxKWHxocTtqMfnrQhere is his youtube channel
  16. Random Thoughts

    love this channel
  17. Dinesh D'souza on a world without america

    http://www.dineshdsouza.com/news/video-full-amherst-event-a-world-without-america/ and his movie
  18. Random Thoughts

  19. Just curious, what is your favorite Christian song? And why?

  20. Random Thoughts

  21. Church and state

    https://news.vice.com/video/should-religion-stay-out-of-politics-the-people-speak?utm_source=vicenewsfb Do you think religion should have to do with politics?
  22. Stephen hawking looking for aliens

    https://news.vice.com/article/no-bigger-question-yuri-milner-has-launched-a-search-for-aliens-with-stephen-hawking-at-his-side?utm_source=vicefbca your thoughts?XD