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  1. Food for thought

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ednn2iOnGkM&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxsVOa1lgLs&feature=relmfu just some interesting videos,post your thoughts
  2. What are your bad habits?

    im nocturnal,drink soda like water,sing in the shower,and really bad at starting conversations
  3. Favorite flower?

    White bleeding hearts
  4. 100 years old

    we had a neighbor who lived to be 110 but he got alzheimers and started talking about an angel he kept seeing in his room. it was very poetic
  5. Dreams and its meanings

    I have the weirdest dreams ranging from seeing a deer on 2 legs reading a newspaper to me being a pirahna. If my dreams are too long a bee will fly into my neck out of nowhere ( i have a phobia of bees) and wake me up. I have had many dreams where the town was different from my town irl but still the same in the dream as other dreams. Ive even had a dream where i was robbing a 7-11 then had a dream like a year later where i dreamt i saw myself from the other dream robbing 7-11 but from across the street in a diff POV. when i woke up it triggered the memory of both dreams. I love it when i hear music i have never heard irl in my dreams. dreams amaze me
  6. What is your favourite colour?

    i have a tough time choosing between Flourescent Beige and Poingerine jk, its dark green(its really hard to come up with your own color name btw)
  7. Girl's Voice

  8. Are your parents still married?

    my parents tried to hold there relationship together for 7 years which did way more harm than good. Then they became nextdoor neighbors and best freinds and my dad recomended my stepdad to my mom which i was never comfortable with,i never went to there wedding. my dads still single but trying hard to change that. Its awkward to hear your dad hit on telemarketers
  9. The Question Game

    My Band trip to seattle, Not only was it exciting to go to a different country, I was doing something i love AND i found an object with meaning there that made a giant mark on my Identity. A Mad Hatter Hat (ironically was sold in some sketchy 2nd rate bong selling shop), which i used in seattle to see how people would react if i broke norms,strengthening my other love of psychology. The reactions of the people...priceless It was the only time i have ever not felt introverted or weighed down by societys standards My question for you is.....What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
  10. Toilet Seat

    I just sit when i go, easiest solution ever. when i was in high school i didnt use the urinals because i find it so awkward when someone stands beside you (i hope that paints a nice vivid image in your mind now)
  11. If you're a Christian...what denomination?

    My dad was amidst building the 1st church i went to when my mom was pregnant with me , It was baptist and we drive there everytime it has its anniversary to prove were still members there (or at least thats dads philosophy) but after we moved to another town we went to a pentecostal church for a few years .Then the pastor diid something or said something (i dont remember what it was) that my dad disagreed with alot so we stopped going to church for a long time, THEN when i was old enough to go to church youth programs I alternated between calvary baptist and word of life churches on fridays but wouldnt actually go to the church on sunday(the word of life youth program was incredibly focused on Living as an example and shocking the culture into seeing how life fulfilling it can be to be a christian,it used modern music styles,motivational speeches,strange games ,and junk food to attract newcomers. Some people even started accusing it of being a strange cult and the WIERDEST rumors started appearing about it.) Now i dont even go to those,I go to the Church of God with my dad mostly because i like singing the hymns in the choir.If there was a church with a black choir in our town I would go there in an instant. One time when i was over at a friends house and his mom took me to a catholic church and (not to be offensive) I thought it was the dryest,strictest church and im sure i made people mad by just being there and oblivious to some of the things they do. I had this overwhelming sense of gloom when i entered it as opposed to the liveliness of all the other churches. My mom was raised a catholic and now doesnt go to church because she got tired of all the people not walking the paths they speak. My dad is a baptist but comes with me to church of God. Overall i came out with a belief similar to this man .
  12. "I don't want to have any children".

    I Personally dont want children, we see how this world is turning disgusting everyday. Imagine it when your child is your age? I dont want the responsibility for leaving a life in this world on my shoulders. Best compromise I would have is to adopt because that child would allready exist. I think i would be a terrible father though, i want to travel alot and spend my time and money trying to impact the world.
  13. Who is your favourite fictional character?

    The Mad Hatter of course
  14. Evolution vs Creationism

  15. Morality of man without god?

    there are good christians (martin luther king jr.) there are evil christians (adolf Hitler) there are good muslims (malcolm X) there are bad muslims (osama bin laden). Alternatively there are Ethical people who live without religion (Bill gates) and Evil people who live without religion (joseph stalin) Religion doesnt always correlate with ethics.... Morality is a relative , some people murder others for the thrill,some people murder others due to heartbreak, some people murder others to end there suffering,some people send other people to foriegn countries to murder for them to prove murdering is wrong, one of the punishments for murdering someone is to be murdered by someone. heck..some people even murder out of sheer convenience. philosophy was built on the principle that every voice has worth and every day is as beautiful as we make it.
  16. what am i doing wrong?

    so i was reading the question on here ''whats the first thing you look for when you meet a guy'' and the one thing i noticed was that alot of you talk about how his sense of humor and his personality are important. I happen to think i have a good sense of humor ranging from witty to corny to perverted to simple randomness. i find alot of things funny and enjoy laughing all the time but i also notice that no girls i knew ever even thought about having a relationship with me. I Got ''freind-zoned'' by everyone without even knowing why. people just automatically did that to me. So my question is, what is it that makes you ''the WTMer ladies'' freind-zone someone? becuase im starting to question my looks and personality. Be as Brutally honest as you can
  17. Unrealistic Ideals

    That story is beautiful and it just made my day
  18. Ello Govna

    hi there, Im new here, im 18 , im male, i want to be a musical therapist , I have severe retroactive jealousy and cant be in a relationship with someone who isnt pure without becoming incredibly depressed so this seems to be my kind of place to be. Ive never been in a real life relationship. I love creativity. Nice to meet you all.
  19. He/She is Not a Virgin: Dealbreaker?

    Deal breaker, 100%, I remember the first relationship i ever had (only relationship i ever had) I had decided that to help remove any temptations of giving myself away like all the other kids did in my school, i would only have relationships on a computer first. Someway in the middle of my relationship i had learned that the girl i liked had a past of CYBERING with other people, not even having real sex but just talking dirty to other people on a computer. That was when i started getting all these intrusive thoughts, Vivid visual conjurations of the girl i loved having sex with other people. It became so bad that i started becoming obsessive, paranoid of her actions, pushy,needing to know everything she was doing... to a point where i pushed that girl away from me. I wasnt myself anymore. Its the only feeling i have ever felt that is worse than being alone. Im terrified of it, after that i had many times where i ended a chance of relationship even before having one. Becuase i would always ''have'' to learn that they were pure. Learning if someone you like is a virgin is actually very hard. You cant just go up to people and ask them ''Hey have you ever had sex with anyone?'' Its not something people are going to tell you on a whim, you have to get to know them, I got to know many people so deeply that it was as if i was in a relationship for a long time, without actually being in a relationship with them. In order for you to get to know someone that deep, they must get to know a part of you as well. Now if i decided to marry a person like that, i would have to deal with these intrusive thoughts, ''For the rest of my life'' with that person. I wouldnt be able to handle that. Ive even had times where i fell in love with peoples stories becuase they were just so beautiful and i told myself ''This person is probably one of the very very few people, who would be lonelier than me'' But even then i have those thoughts become so strong that i had to turn them down, Its very hard on my psyche to get into relationships anymore becuase i feel like ive become some sort of curse for ruining the chances of a good relationships based on something so irrational....but this is who i am. I cant get rid of it. I have learned that im not alone in this way of thinking, The term for my thought process is called Retroactive jealousy, Its basically the OCD of love. Its terrible to have my emotion of ''love'' , labeled by this world as a disorder but thats why its so great to be in forums like these, it gives me hope that i can still find someone who i can love and still be myself.
  20. MUSIC!

    i like soothing and/or sad instrumentals sad songannnnnnnnnnddddddd relaxing song
  21. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    im Canadian? my dad is a metis (thats half french and half native canadian) and my mom is mexican , my moms dad is spaniard (at least i think thats how it went i need to ask her again) and her mom is mayan( which is native in mexico) so if im 1/4 native from both sides i guess that makes me 1/2 native too!! making me half of alot of things, i like to call myself mexicanadian which basically is just a guy that looks 100% mexican but speaks little to no spanish and perfect english
  22. Does anyone feel comfortable posting a picture of themself?

    you mean sophie isnt the cat?!?!??? , , i dont have many ''normal'' pictures of me so i tend to not to use them and use a picture of some sort of surreal art or an eye
  23. Guilty Pleasures

    i like to watch those ghibli studio animes (ghibli studio is a different section of disney that makes animes) and i remember every morning before school me and my mom used to watch jerry springer and maury and oprah and ellen and etc. i have a really strange collection of hats now which started on my first school band trip to seattle where i found this giant madhatter hat and i thought it was amazing and i wore it everywhere on the trip (i have pictures!!! ) but it was so fun because everytime i turned my head i could see 4-5 heads turn away as fast as they could in this giant mall, also camera flashes seemed to be more common when i was wearing it, and many people made funny remarks. now my hat collection has everything from a yamaka with christmas colors on it to a red bowler hat to hand knit jamaican caps to a jester hat, my freinds call me the mad hatter sometimes and it got to a point where people would come up to me and give me unusual hats at school
  24. Do you believe in aliens/UFOS?

    my mother was an alien in canada for about 4 years till i helped her pass her citizenship test, ufos are definetly becoming more common then they used to be...i dont believe in aliens though, i believe aliens (and ghosts) are just extra-dimensional beings (demons) trying to trick us into believing that there are such things to fall off the path. sure this is based on the man in the radio talk show and its kind of irrational but one thing is certain, that man was very very afraid, you can hear it clearly in his voice, now why would a man who was faking it for the laughs be that afraid.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmsFiDv0uBo another thing that is a mystery to me which i believe are demons, this is the famous goldfield hotel flying brick and they explain the physics behind it quite nicely , jump to about 1:09 and they explain how nothing seems to be caught in the video editing software and that it is physically impossible for a brick to be thrown like that without some sort of visible string. this was there first episode (just a videocamera and a recorder) which after getting that footage they became famous and now have way better technology to back them up on there adventures.
  25. If you could have any super human ability, what would it be?

    they have allready invented a device where you can move an object on a computer with your mind , thats a pretty good start if you ask me. http://www.ted.com/talks/tan_le_a_headset_that_reads_your_brainwaves.html if i had a superpower it would be the power of time control, becuase then you can go to the future and learn how to scientifically create or fake all the other powers, you could also go back in time and talk to any of your role models for advice and gain amazing wisdom , your only limit is your own creativity