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  1. Where do WTM's hang out?

    At home on their computers at 4am, perusing wtm forums
  2. Loneliness

    YES!!! Could not have put it better myself.
  3. How do you maintain hope?

    **Joins in beating dead horse** I, too, have felt the very same way about never finding "the one". It scares the crap out of me that there is a possibility that I will never marry. That is something I just cannot accept. I want a husband and I want a family. I'm 28 now. I can't even imagine going another 10+ years alone. Everyone around me is getting married and having children. I know, I know, I shouldn't compare myself to others. But it is really difficult when I see other people that are younger than me and have already married and started having a family. I feel like I am being left behind. It sucks when your friends and family members all have someone and you are still alone. Being a third wheel is not my idea of a great time. Ok, that sounds like a lot of complaining and insecurity, but I also have faith. There are a few passages in the Bible that give me hope: Jer 29:11 Psa 37:4 I get weak sometimes and just feel like giving up (on love, not waiting). But then I come to my senses and just tell myself to keep working on making ME the best I can. Even when it feels like it, God has not forgotten about me. He knows the desires of my heart. He is faithful. He said that it is not good for man to be alone. I am holding Him to that

    Happy birthday Mike!!!
  5. Vasectomy as birth control

    Would any of you guys ever consider having a vasectomy done as a means of birth control? Vasectomies are reversible and highly effective as a means of birth control. I really don't want to take birth control when I get married. There are so many risks & side effects associated with female birth control, and I am not ok with that. I just wonder how many guys would be open to this idea.....
  6. Haha, so cute!! We have an elderly couple at my church that just celebrated their 71st anniversary
  7. What are you majoring in?

  8. How many piercings do you have?

    Only one in each ear. And that's all I want. No tattoos either. But I don't mind a guy to have tattoos or some piercings.
  9. I don't even want to think about the idea of never getting married >.<
  10. Wedding vows

    It will be traditional vows for me.
  11. MUSIC!

    Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys Sorry guys, I couldn't resist
  12. Fave Girl Hairstyles

    Yay for long hair Not yay for straight hair My hair is waist-length, but it is naturally very curly.
  13. One night after I caught an episode of "The Virgin Diaries", I realized that there are other people like me, people who are waiting until they are married to have sex. So I did a Google search for "waiting until marriage" and was one of the top three results. What really impressed me about was the celebrity section. I was shocked to find so many well-known celebrity waiters. The deal was sealed when I stumbled into the forums. It was so refreshing to know that there are so many others like me who are waiting, but are free to talk about their views, express opinions, ask questions, discuss fears, expectations, etc. I think I joined immediately, lol You guys rock and I love being a part of
  14. love languages?

    6 Words of Affirmation 12 Quality Time 2 Receiving Gifts 8 Acts of Service 2 Physical Touch
  15. Right now, I can't think of anything that would make my life more fulfilled, except maybe having a family.
  16. Yep, I agree. But in my opinion, if you're too young/immature to get married, you're too young to date. I mean, what's the point? One of the reasons I never dated in high school or college.
  17. What can I say? I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.
  18. women used for advertisement

    I like A& F's clothes (on clearance, lol) but they are horrible about always having naked models. Seriously people, you're advertising CLOTHING!!
  19. women used for advertisement

    It's not just the girls......
  20. You meant difficult, right? Lol
  21. I just had my first official date back in April of 2012. I was 26 years old. We 'dated' for about 5 months, and we decided (ok, I decided) we were too different. We are still good friends.
  22. @wny- I would never want you to "settle" for less than you deserve. I think we all want to be attracted to our spouse. I believe we all want to be attractive and feel good about ourselves and the way we look. Nobody wants to be ugly. I feel like having a wife who is "incredibly attractive" may not be as important as you think it is. What if this amazing woman comes into your life, and she is great. She's absolutely perfect for you, but she doesn't quite meet those high standards of beauty that you've set? You're going to let her slip away because she looks more like the girl-next-door than she does a Victoria's Secret model? I am just giving my perspective. This is only my opinion and I do not think you're wrong. I do, however, think that you may be missing out on some great ladies (or a potential wife) because your standards might be too high.
  23. Online Dating

    I just recently found out that a couple that goes to my church actually met on a dating website. They have been married for about 4 years now. I have considered online dating. I even created profiles on a few websites. I have come to the conclusion that online dating just isn't for me. It's too impersonal (to me) and I'm generally not very good at talking about myself (that terrifying self-description section!) and meeting new people. But to each his own.
  24. Can we first define "kiss"?