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  1. Why do girls act so shy?

    As a shy person, here is my viewpoint: It's in my nature to be shy, always have been! Another thing, just because a girl acts shy or blushes around a guy does NOT mean she likes him or even thinks he is cute. It is a combination of the various social factors surrounding the situation which contribute to the girl's expression of herself. As for what we are thinking when we are shy: Well, I am sometimes shy because I get hit on a lot and I honestly get so tired of it so I shut down around some guys I don't know, to avoid saying no' (not that I think every guy is gonna hit on me)....I know, I know ...But anyway: So it could be her just 'shutting down' so to speak. Another thing is that they are simply a new person and we are not comfortable with them yet!
  2. weird habbits

    I push my nose up with my upper lip &play with my nose ring, without thinking about it, when I'm bored or thinking... people must think I'm blowing them a kiss or something. Haha
  3. I was very surprised to find a thread of this sort on Reddit but here it is if you guys haven't seen it already! It's pretty interesting (and hilarious) to see different viewpoints on this. So what are you guys' expectations on WTM? Do you think your sex life will be fantastic immediately; or do you think it will take a little time? What do you think about those people who want to see if they are sexually compatible with their SO before marrying them? http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/14ksom/people_of_reddit_who_waited_until_marriage_what/
  4. Birth order

    This is a good question, good article too... I'm the first born of 2 kids and I do fit more of the personality traits of a typical first born
  5. It is great to see research on this topic The results are awesome, makes me want to wait that much more!
  6. I meant that post above in the most non-creeperish way possible btw haha. I feel like I do this out of sheer interest in their relationship
  7. @Tev omg I totally do this. I will see a celebrity couple and be like wow they are such a nice couple, and proceed to listen to all their songs/movies/or look up pictures of them! I haven't done the twitter thing yet, good idea. The celebrity couple I am in love with ATM is Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. I just love them together And they are actually married now! What celebrity couples do you like?
  8. Dating "Game"

    I really don't think game is necessary unless the guy is trying for a one night stand or a mostly physical relationship. I kind of feel like "having game" is another way of saying "manipulates women well". I have more respect for a guy who is just himself, rather than being all "hey girl you lookin' fine". It's just really uncomfortable when men do that.
  9. this commercial is amazing "Get some birth control that actually works" hahaha love it
  10. What is your career?

    I am still an undergrad in college...but my life's ambition is to practice medicine. Since different specialties are hard to get a residency (basically shadowing a doctor in that field and learning from them after I am already an MD), I'm really not sure what kind of doctor I will end up being. Anyway, my top choices right now are anesthesiologist, ophthalmologist, and dermatologist. My other life's ambition, like most people here, is to be the best mother and wife I can be!
  11. ~ Lest We Forget ~

    Wow that's crazy! Sounds terrifying. Gave me goosebumps
  12. What is your #1 hobby?

    Vince I just found this thread today and was going to guess shooting but you beat me to it! haha
  13. What is your #1 hobby?

    Doing hair/makeup is hobby I have...and I'm pretty good too! My female friends ask me to do their makeup, wardrobe and hair if they are going some where. Fun fact: I cut and color my own hair also. Another hobby tied for #1 hobby is nutrition...I'm intrigued by the complexity of our bodies. But I am more so interested in the biochemistry of nutrition and how different molecules react with our bodies and the result of this reaction, and how to manipulate to get the reaction one wants.
  14. I agree, coming to this site really makes me feel more secure about WTM just from hearing others' stories and reasons for WTM I am so glad it was created so we could all come together... I feel like sexuality is deeply ingrained in modern culture. For us to defy this and preserve our virginity until marriage is very non-conforming so sometimes it is difficult to stay happy in such a culture. Having a support system or at least a group of others like us is important. It has also helped me come up with arguments for non-WTMers who are like wtf are you waiting till marriage? no one does that anymore. Well, I direct them to this website and they shut up lol.
  15. I used to be very self conscious about it. It was a result of dogma, however. I was surrounded by people who made me feel like the underdog for believing in WTM. However, as I have removed myself from said situation and just in general matured, I can honestly say I am very proud of my decision to WTM and if anyone ever makes me feel like the underdog in the future, I will tell them to shove it