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    I am:
    - Christian
    - Waiting till marriage
    - 6'3
    - Honest
    -looking for something Serious.. leads to marriage

    I want:
    - A good honest girl that has integrity and does the right thing legally and morally. mature and know what she wants. A Christian is a must, and i prefer her to be in shape and of a athletic/ slim/ average build..

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  1. Were are you SINGLES :O

    Should not Make u mad. Everyone has a right to date who the heck they want!
  2. Were are you SINGLES :O

    I disagree. Other the rape there is a problem with not ever have been married and not a virgin. That's fine to think but it's not what I'm looking for. Thanks tho. I want a CHRISTIAN VIRGIN that I find attractive lol. That's it
  3. I dont want anything BUT A VIRGIN
  4. Were are you SINGLES :O

    I'm very aware it's not a dating site but really do you think there is any better place on earth to find Christian virgin singles other then here lol. I used to be very active on here lol.
  5. Were are you SINGLES :O

    Thank you for the serious ones on here that commented. I am looking a Christian, in shape, 18+, mature.
  6. Were are you SINGLES :O

    Well I thank you ladies for your help. Please don't hesitate to come this way. Lol. I might be young at 24 but I know what I want. People say 24 is young because automatically assume they are going to like to 75. Well between being a cop, a firefighter, and a soldier, reality is you might not live that long. I want to spend the time I do have with my wife and our family,
  7. Were are you SINGLES :O

    I just need to know.. Are there any Christian woman, that are very attractive, that are virgins, and SINGLE.. I am so frustrated because I keep hearing how all the girls lose their minds in college and Im slowly losing faith… I am so tired of hearing how girls give it up and then just dont seem to care… Im sorry i just need some motivation… Where are you guys!!!!
  8. Is it naive to want the fairy tale?

    I want the fairy Tale as well. I want to find a good Christian girl that has saved herself for me and wants a family. Its so hard to find a girl that I find physically attractive, that is a Christian, that is a Virgin, and tries to live a life pleasing to God.. I some times… or I ALWAYS feel like I will never meet her..
  9. No I would'nt.. It is against the Christian faith to be unequally yoked. I tired dating a muslim… It didnt go over with her father to well if he found out I was a White, Christian, American Soldier LOL
  10. 18 y/o and waiting....

    dude join the military hahah you can go 3 months with out the PMO.. best of luck to you..
  11. 23- SINGLE Christian Military man

    Thank you for your advice, welcome to the Site. I am willing to let God show me who I am supposed to be with, but I have standards (Gods Standards) on how a girl should be or act, Prov. 31 is a good place to start the search. And I am subtle to a certain extent, but I know what I want and I will not settle until I find it. I am blunt about things and dont sugar coat stuff.. best of luck and stay strong in the faith.
  12. 23- SINGLE Christian Military man

    well the Military is where it was the hardest. between guys bringging the sluttiest hottest girls in DC to the Barracks.. It was so hard to do the right thing. I mean i am a Christian, but thoes woman were like the evil woman in Proverbs.. very tempting...
  13. 23- SINGLE Christian Military man

    a year before the army 3 months now
  14. 23- SINGLE Christian Military man

    I waited to go all the way to have sex, but im worried because I have done "the other stuff". I have came closer to God and know I am forgiven. I really hope a virgin wont hold that against me :'(
  15. I was stationed in Washington DC. I know the feeling!!