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  1. Hey happy birthday!

  2. I need to replace my ring as unfortunately something happened to it and I can't find it :/

  3. Whoever forgot my birthday a few days ago btw is in trouble :P Lol

    1. Kendra


      Hehe.. thank you! I try to be pretty selfless generally, but I LOVE attention on my birthday ^_^

  4. Birthday wishes to you!

    1. Tatyana


      Thanks Kendra :)

  5. Hey! I hope you've been well ^_^

  6. 1000 likes! Woot woot!

  7. Oh! I forgot after 993! Thank you so much Mark!

  8. You cannot serve two masters.

  9. Sending you some birthday wishes!!

  10. Been here for just over a year now... wow

    1. Kendra


      Thanks! Thank you guys for everything :)

  11. The things God can do, and the doors he opens when you strive for him is AMAZING :) God is purely awesome.

  12. Love is sacrifice

    1. Jordan


      Indeed. Love is many things... 1 Cor. 13:4-7

    2. Kendra


      Oh right on, I needed to read that :) Thanks!

  13. Love each other and forgive as Christ has done for you.

  14. Aching a bit right now for my home state....

  15. "...Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning". :)

  16. Sometimes, the most amazing thing happens that gives you a smile when you need it most and least expect it :)

  17. Hmm, I may or may not have been medically misdiagnosed.... hoping I wasn't but I'm getting doubtful.

  18. Tonight, I can't wait for tonight. I need worship and time with friends.

    1. Kendra


      Just got back from youth group, then a hang out with my Bible study group. I missed it last week, and really needed the time tonight for this :)

  19. I'll be back around in a couple days, not feeling the best. Pm if need be

    1. Kendra


      Poppin in for a few, see ya!

  20. Got your eye back on us I see.... :P

  21. How you feelin?

    1. NicoleNova


      Better. Thank you for asking. I just had an anxiety/depression attack and now that I got that done with. I still have more but I am to a point where I am not letting it effect me. Which is good except I should care a bit more. :/ lol

  22. .....

    1. Kendra
    2. Kendra


      No :P I had messed it up cuz I meant to put one on a friend's status, but put it on mine. So I had to erase mine with dots

    3. Kendra