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  1. THIS puts a whole new view on the, "You need to test drive a car before you buy it" theory. (FYI; this is meant as a joke and I would NOT be okay with this commercial if they were casual partners, but since they just got married I think it's hilarious!!)
  2. Nope. That's one thing in your lives together that will change once you're married. It'll all be apart of the new experience
  3. Would You Rather...?

    That's tough... especially since where I live there's good reason for knowing different languages cuz of all the different types of people. But I have to say master of all instruments. Music is just too much apart of me, and I would LOVE to be able to play every single instrument. Would you rather own a BMW or a Mercedes??
  4. As long as it takes. I wouldn't want to lose someone I love most over my lack of self-control.
  5. Why do girls go to public restrooms in groups?

    That's just weird...
  6. Asking YOU out.

    Thanks for all the replies so far guys and girls!! I appreciate all the input on this topic. I was curious of what my Waiter guys had to say especially. Thans again!!
  7. That's true. I'm just meaning for those of us here who are virgin Waiters-till-marriage. But your's make sense for someone who didn't wait, but are now WTM
  8. Well, there's a guarantee that they can't play the, "... But you didn't WTM so why should I?", card.
  9. Anyone else that just doesn't know?

    I'll come back to this later cuz there's a few things I wanna share with you Mathew. Some very good things my best friend told me; as well as some personal words. Edit: I decided to pm.
  10. Asking YOU out.

    Just a little bit at first lol
  11. I waited!

    AUSSIEMAN!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear some of your story, and welcome back!! Also, thank YOU for having WTM successfully
  12. And so the phoenix is reborn...

    Very sweet!!
  13. WTM because of guilt and shame

    Awwww!! That's so sweet of you to say!
  14. WTM because of guilt and shame

    Also, wanna make it clear, I don't agree that you should raise kids to think that sex is bad. Cuz it's not. In fact, God loves it!! I think people need to focus more on teaching them in what context it's bad. Just doing it out of physical lust/desire is wrong, but doing it cuz you love someone and wanna show them that you love them more than anyone else after you''ve commited your lives to each other, that's great!! So it's not a bad thing in the right context.
  15. WTM because of guilt and shame

    I decided to WTM because I felt/feel it's something so special that it only deserves my utmost commitment to someone first before having any. So in that way I can avoid any guilt or shame. I've learned that it's normal to have sexual desire. It's what we do with that desire that determines if we ruin it's true meaning or not, depending on the context in which we have it (sex). So I would only be guilty if I acted on all those thoughts. By Waiting, I have no right to be even a hint of guilty or shameful, cuz quite frankly it shows self-control. To me self-control is nothing to be ashamed of. By WTM, I believe you EARN and deserve to be physically intimate with one person. Like, you sacrificed temporary physical satisfation, you thought about your future spouse and their wants/desires/dreams before and above your own. And WTM doesn't turn sex into something bad, it turns it into the most amazing act of showing love towards your spouse ever. In fact, I believe it makes it everything it's supposed to be. I will say that yes, I believe it's bad for me now cuz i'm not married. But to those who are married, I don't believe it is bad. Cuz I believe it's God's gift to those who are married. So if you're not married, you don't get this gift. Simple as that. So WTM doesn't turn any of that into something bad... it's just if you do it outside the context of marriage, then I believe it's bad. How you treat the act and when you do it, that's what can make it naughty or the most amazing act of love you can show.
  16. You know how if a guy doesn't respect your wanting to WTM, so you gotta leave him?? Well it applies to anyone else too. So see if you can find a new doctor! I wouldn't want this one with any of my body issues that need help with. Jeez people these days!!
  17. Asking YOU out.

    And of course whoever does the asking out should be expected to pay for both parties
  18. Asking YOU out.

    Thanks everyone for your input!! Like Mathew said, I think that it would proceed normal after the first date. I'm not saying that if the girl asks the guy out for the first date, that she would have to be the leader every time for everything after that. But thanks everyone again!! I was hoping that most of you gentlemen wouldn't mind
  19. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    Count me as one of those "women".
  20. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    Yes. Cuz I hope he would date me...
  21. Opinions please!!!!!

    So i'm pretty sure that i'll be getting this. For many, many personal reasons. Told you guys about 75% of my reasons, just cuz the rest is so profound and personal. It's something for me, and I don't care if it looks terrible to other's. Cuz quite frankly, it's not going to be for them. Sure some will probably like it a lot, and I would show them, but it would mean so much more to me than the eye can see. Anyways, just thought i'd let you all know. This year probably. So I guess when I can, it's time for me to start testing out a few temporary trial ideas!!
  22. Opinions please!!!!!

    So I was wanting to get you all's opinion on a tattoo. For about 6 years; (give or take a year, but close to 6), i've been considering a cross tattoo. A small one either on the inside of my left wrist, or the inside of my left pinky. I'm starting to lean towards inside left pinky. It would remind me of the sacrifice Jesus made so we could live every time I look at it. The actual tattoo would be no longer/taller than an inch. Anyways, opinions.... GO!
  23. Opinions please!!!!!

    Hey, that's pretty cool countryboy!! That's cool though cuz I honostly like the cross design a little better, great job with that! Obviously there's a couple things on the site's forums and explicit content I avoid, but other than that it's pretty cool. Thanks for all your advice/input man, it's really good
  24. Opinions please!!!!!

    Okay cool, thanks for your input!! Like WW suggested, I would test it out a few times first with temporary stuff and see how/if I like it.
  25. Opinions please!!!!!

    To reply to the last three people who gave their opinions. @countryboy... That's true cuz I would most DEFINITELY research the artist before. Maybe even ask if they use new needles every time. I would for sure take care of it. Make sure it doesn't get infected or anything. @WW... That's actually a great, fantastic idea!! I would definitely do that for a little while and see. That way, like you said, I could test out the different areas and see how I like it. Glad you replied, that's definitely something i'll do before getting one. (If I do, of course.) @Jegsy... Thank you for the reply!! I appreciate every little bit of ya'lls opinions here. So thank you Also, yeah my reasons are definitely personal for wanting to get it. Like I said, i've thought about this for about 6 years and the idea is growing so we'll see. Thank you all again for all the input. And if you have any questions about it feel free to ask. I'm pretty open to any convo about this.