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  1. Ah, the irony...

    How ironic indeed!!
  2. Songs

    Great songs everyone! Love seeing them
  3. Oh, good topic!! I really got mine just being in chat often And perhaps helping people leave when it wouldn't let them!! And a few members started joking that I was "Chat Master", and it caught on. Eventually that lead to Mike changing my member title to "Chat Master" for me. So really it's just something that developed itself. Which I love cuz it really wasn't something I thought of, it was born in the midst of chatting with some of these awesome memebers!!
  4. For the most part at least. First knowing what the act was, I knew in my heart I wanted it to be with only my spouse in marriage. I knew by choosing to WTM, my body would be in perfect harmony by being able to give my future husband all of myself physically, and not just some of myself. I guess you could say i've always had this "All or nothing" type of mindset about it. I did reassure that decision at 16 after thinking on it, and weighing out the pro's of WTM, etc. etc. When I decided, I knew it wasn't gonna be easy, but worth it.
  5. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    (Sorry to intrude, but Jegsy you're doing an awesome job answering these questions!! And what Josh said, this is better than looking on google!)
  6. What do you have in your big a** purses?

    Haha, that was fine Sorry to bring it up if you didn't want anyone to...... (I guess it was kind of a given anyways.)
  7. What do you have in your big a** purses?

    I don't carry a purse, nor do I own one in fact. But i'm suprised no girl said "personals" as something they carry.
  8. Being's I use the word "love" and "being in love" not often at all, I haven't been there yet. For me personally, I don't think I could truely love someone unless they love God first. May sound cheesy, but that's how I feel about the matter. I think that both our desires for God, and a passion for his heart, will give us a mutual feeling unlike any other. Which in turn I believe will give me the utmost desire for my spouse Some of my expectations for real love.... hmm. I'd say being willing to love him/her above yourself. Put their needs first out of desire for their heart. Much give and take, both parties continuing to show each other their love for the other, in the small things just as much as the big things. In their actions which back up their words. Having a trust in that person like no other. /being supportive of each other. Sure there will be arguments, and disagreements, it happens because we're human. But I also believe that any special or close relationship has some of that sometime. You just gotta know if the journey with that person is worth it, and if they're met to stay in your life, then just know that it happens but it can make your relationship even stronger after
  9. Wow... in the midst of your vulnerability in the sharing of your story, you gave everyone all the more reason to love you Seriously though, where you came from and coming to where you are... you are unique, and special, and definitely worth Waiting for. God creates beauty from messes, and art from ashes, and thank you for being a living proof of that. I'm so glad to have you here, and to be able to call you friend And i'm glad you trusted us enough to share with us real pieces of your real heart, and you were able to get all that off your chest
  10. A guy who didn't use a sentence, but rather a word, to describe Mark.
  11. A guy who loves participating in this thread!
  12. Does Marriage Have to Be Hard?

    Like with any relationship, there will be up's and down's. But I believe marriage is one of those relationships worth fighting for.
  13. Not sure honostly! Well, there would be a guarantee that I wouldn't get stood up
  14. If you could change your name...

    I wouldn't Mstr Josh

    Your hair looks fine to me!
  16. Introductions are in order!

    Hey Dani, welcome! That was not too much information. That's who you are, and i'm glad you were able to share that with us. I'm super glad to hear that, despite your past, you are now WTM. I think that's awesome! If you ever have anything you wanna ask about, or have any concerns, feel free to bring it up and we'll help you in the best way we can. Welcome again!!
  17. Can I just say that I LOVE you all. You are some of the best examples of making a promise of commitment and keeping it no matter what. You are an awesome example to us young people, showing us that we CAN be different in this society. I applaud you all and I thank you guys for being people who I can trust and look up to. Keep WTM all of you, cuz you have a huge impact on my life. Love you guys.
  18. A guy who likes to be different and can be wherever you want him to be.
  19. Wouldn't the reward be great enough without the Klondike bar??
  20. Hi, everyone! *waves*

    I absolutely LOVE that story!! That was not by accident Welcome btw!
  21. Having Pets :-)

    I went ahead and did, "Having pets".... that okay?? Aha.
  22. Having Pets :-)

    lol It's real simple to edit the title Mark I can do it then... what title you thinkin??
  23. Hey everyone. I wanted to take a minute to thank you guys. You have given awesome support, advice, and understanding. I haven't always been the best person I can be, but you guys take time to listen anyways. That is something I really appreciate. You guys are the best, and i'm glad to have you. I'm glad you all are yourselves, and continue to stick with that. I know we grow in our life, but you all seem to grow into an even better person. So for all that you do, I wanna say thank YOU
  24. Not as glad as i'm glad to have YOU all here