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  1. I know at one point I got to hang out one evening with a member from here! Was good fun!
  2. Where have you been all my life?! :o

    Hey! You seem cool, welcome
  3. What do you have in your big a** purses?

    My minority buddy!
  4. Happy SONday \o/

    Good stuff!
  5. Quck thoughts of mine is I say be honest. Tell them that sex is actually beautiful, so therefore the best way to preserve it's richness is in a commitment of marriage. Having multiple partners can make it more challenging to physically openly accept your spouse, it almost creates unnecessary mental barriers of comparisons you have to overcome. Saving that physical part of yourself for your future spouse isn't always easy because sex is a natural thing. It's very possible to Wait for your spouse despite how challenging it can be at times. It's also very rewarding to Wait because it shows your spouse that you care more about them than satisfying yourself. Even if you didn't originally Wait for your spouse, it's never too late to change and begin a new path to purity. Though purity is more a lifestyle than just physically not having sex. It's about basing relationships on trust, and communication, and letting the emotional/spiritual and mental aspects grow you personally as well as with that person. Just because you've been involved physically in the past with someone doesn't mean holiness no longer matters. Sex drive can seem overwhelming at times, and that's only natural because that's how we were made. For Christians we don't deny that we have sexual desires, but to rightly embrace our sexuality we must bring it under the dominion of the One who created it. When we do that we are not fighting against our sexuality, we're fighting for it. Anyways, hope that helps! If you want I can pm you an awesome book i've recently read. A couple of the things I just told you were from the book, the rest is my own input
  6. What do you have in your big a** purses?

    I think i'm in the minority in that I don't own a purse. (That could change though...)
  7. If he doesn't agree with it or is already Waiting after discussing it and learning to stay within the boundaries then I don't see the relationship continuing.
  8. Also for the record, a guy who is Waiting to give his virginity to his wife, that is just as important and valuable as the reverse scerio. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!! Please listen to your fellow Waiter friends on here
  9. Yup, and i've been mocked, called names, told I was naive, etc. I've had good things too though, but yeah some bad things have also come with this lifestyle. Even if I don't say anything personal about myself, some people assume things about me when they don't even know me! So yeah, i've got some crap for it, but at the end of the day i'm still going to WTM and I have a great group of supporters right here
  10. Too Old For Purity Ring?

    Since this would be personal to you in the fact that you are from now on Waiting until your wedding night for physical relations, I don't think it matters. This would be a symbol to you of this decision, and if you want a purity ring I say go for it. I will wear mine until the day of my wedding when it can be replaced at the altar, even if I have to wait until i'm 25. So in short, it's your decision to WTM, so it's your choice if you wanna wear a purity ring or not
  11. Husbands Forgetting Events

    Aww...Yeah I don't know how I remembered that thread!
  12. Husbands Forgetting Events

    Here's an old thread that is similar to this one...
  13. Just a personal opinion of mine, I think if you've done so much or went so far, you should be willing to forgive someone else who has done the same thing. Again, just my personal thoughts.
  14. Willpower

    I think you need more. Willpower comes from your own flesh and relying on fully on yourself, and when your flesh is left to make THAT choice, I believe at one point or another you will need more than just willpower.
  15. Definitely! I think that it really depends on the person.
  16. Feel free to ask any questions btw
  17. It wouldn't get in the way of a relationship with a future spouse. At least not for me cuz i'm a twin. We're close sure, but she doesn't know everything about me. I would hope guys would be willing to. I think it depends on the person anyway. Sure I have a lot in common with my identical twin and we have similar interests, etc. But I also have my own particular interests, mind, thoughts, knowledge, views, passions, etc. We are two very similar people, while at the same time we're completely different and unique individuals.
  18. One can be Bi and choose to act only towards the opposite sex...
  19. umm im leaving

    Best wishes and take as much time as you need in reevaluation of everything. It can be a big choice to make with Waiting, so I pray for guidance for you.
  20. umm im leaving

    So I have to ask... no second chance? You decide to quite a whole journey after one mistake?
  21. New Members-Girls Only

    @Animdre, you're a guy right? Just to clarify
  22. Hello, my name is Animdre

    Welcome man!
  23. Newbie here 😊, my story

    Hey, welcome! I just wanna give you HUGE props for sticking with this decision even though it wasn't easy! I'm 19 as well, and seriously people start giving themselves away pre-marriage around these years, if they already haven't. So just thanks for the encouragement, really!! I wish you the best in continuing with actively pursuing this choice. If you ever need encouragement or advice, or just need some support or someone to talk to who understands, don't hesitate to let us know! Welcome again
  24. Lol...... okay then I could tell after and thought "yeah..she didn't care too much for that", haha. Well now I know.. hopefully we'll catch up again and I'll just give ya a hand shake or something
  25. Oh dear... I apologize for hugging you before you left when we hung out over a couple weeks ago..... Normally I don't first meeting someone, but you didn't feel much like a stranger, haha.