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    I ran into a radical life-changing health journey, and am still looking to gain more independence back. Before that I would tell something like;...

    I love anything to do with sports and many outdoor activities; basketball being my favorite sport; I love to socialize with others; journalism, I really love music, Contemporary Christian is what I mostly listen to.

    I am a pretty layed-back type of person. I am a born-again Christian who looks to serve and think of others, and also listen to them.

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  1. I remember you joining not too long after myself. I've enjoyed our conversations. Hope you can make it to the new forum!
  2. Off topic but I wanted you to know I'll probably catch some of you on the other site you set up. I bookmarked it
  3. I joined the site in May 2012, I was 18. Now I'm 26. Then I wasn't in a relationship. Since joining I started dating one guy in 2012 but not too long into being interested in each other I knew someone else would be a better match for him and we ended things. Have always WTM. Now I'm not currently in a relationship. I have still WTM through the struggles. My status is waiting till I'm married, I still believe in that and still want to show love to who I marry by letting him be the only one I'm deeply intimate with.
  4. I joined this site in 2012, when I was 18 y/o. I'm 26 now and though I haven't been around as much lately; (a part due to medical reasons), I've grown and learned a lot. This site has helped me see other perspectives on various things and that's something I've come to appreciate more. And of course I like the support I've gotten through interactions with other members on here. Keeping to your beliefs and values can be a challenge, but it can also set you apart. I'm glad I found this community apart from the rest.
  5. Well, there's so many. Sprained my middle finger as a teenager and it swelled turned black and blue; hairlined fractured AND tore a ligament in my thumb close to my palm; got bruised ribs and goodness that's the worst of those 3 I suppose. More lately, I was in an accident and went through hell on earth because my brain slammed against my skull from sudden impact. Never been the same since, but long story. My TBI has affected my life the most. I also minorly fractured a rib during this accident, it's fine now; tore shoulder ligaments and shoulder separation that's not the same, severe whiplash, a couple discs tore in my neck, soft tissue sprain etc. Just a living sensory overload migraine hell. There's more but honestly it's a chapter... Oh and I've had 2 surgeries for thyroid cancer; (and systemic radiation but it was overall rough not particularly just painful); so swollowing was a b**ch both times, second time I had a drain tube for 5 days and held an icepack to my face. The surgery left me some nerve damage, and I can't wear crew neck shirts because of my first surgical scar. Infected tooth that needs a root canal can be severe. So yeah, I have some experience..
  6. Probably my blue eyes! Also I cut my hair with a short style about a year ago, and I always get compliments on it. It's kind of my own personal trait as I didn't really acquire it through genes from my parents. It's just naturally really nice.
  7. Sally, thanks for the awesome update!
  8. Hey happy birthday!

  9. Hi! I haven't been around the forums as much, but more so because I started investing myself more fully into different things. I actually was involved in a nasty auto accident back in September 2015 and the brain injuries from that have become something I'm still working on. (Thats another reason for my absence.) So, just a lot of medical stuff both from that and which have come up since. That's vague, but nonetheless my life right now is pretty revolved around fighting through it all. Still successfully wtm, also! I'm 24 now but I still have people think I look like a teenager at times, while people who know me say I carry myself/act a few years older than I actually am. Haha I don't mind hearing either. It's neat hearing from you!
  10. Step One: Introduction to NikiVCard

    Welcome! It's good to have you join us. If there's ever anything you want input on, or just curious about something, feel free to ask and we'll help the best we can Welcome again!
  11. Anyone else experiencing this weird site issue?

    I know the chat room isn't working right atm...
  12. I think; (and this is just my thought at this moment in time as I still have a lot of life to live), that during that journey of waiting you look more often to the end result of what that journey leads to. But if that means for you getting married and you reach that, I think it's then when you appreciate that journey you took to get there most. Of course, not everyone marries although majority of people do. But I think either way, through it you learn so much about sacrifice, and what love truly means at its core even when you aren't with anyone. And that in itself can draw you towards those in your life you love. Not saying the journey is always easy, sometimes it's frustrating, and challenging, and difficult, and even ugly at times, but what's life without at least one adventurous journey where you will be able to say you did something out of the ordinary?

    Happy belated birthday! Many wishes.
  14. Winter Olympics!!

    I know it started last weekend, but I'm curious of a couple things. 1. What is your favorite event of the Olypmics? 2. Do you prefer the Summer or Winter Olympics, if either more?