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  1. Greetings and Praise Jesus!

    hi dbfan15, nice to have you here! i'd love to hear more about Christianity as you seem very enthusiastic about it
  2. i would never lie to my other half & i hope he has the same respect towards me! although if you're girlfriend is telling you she's a virgin and you're unsure, you have every right to do some digging and find out. hire a P.I! get them to look into her history, question some ex's.
  3. Sin vs. Sin

    i agree whole heartedly. stealing money is never going to be as big a problem as raping or murdering someone, it doesn't leave the same torment and terror in a persons life.
  4. Why is virginity so important to you?

    i'll be honest, i made a mistake when i was young and lost my virginity. i regretted it immediately and haven't done it again since, i am now waiting until marriage. my boyfriend isn't a virgin but he understands that i want to wait. being a virgin isn't a major issue for me (it is a preference as they'll understand my feelings a bit better), as long as they understand that i don't want to be intimate until after we wed.
  5. Sub-forums for Gender neutrals

    i hope they can get this sorted for you, i know loads of gender neutral people and i understand how hard & frustrating it can be to be forced into those labels.
  6. Celebrity Crush?

    omg guys i love Billie! he's so cute isn't he?! i can't wait to get on stage to hug him & thank him for everything. Lady Cobra (love your name too!) you're so lucky to have had that chance!