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  1. So there's like several subforums called "Ask the guys" and "ask the girls", "Guys only" "Girls only" but none for gender neutral people. The ones who don't fit in the two categories "boy" or "girl" and prefer to go by "other" and I am one of them. Is there any chance for this to happen, please?
  2. Sub-forums for Gender neutrals

    I appreciate your response very much. So Thank you for taking it in consideration. I'm pansexual, which means I am sexually attracted to all sexes and gender identities so I don't have a preference. But that's only me, there are other gender neutrals who are only attracted to males for example. Gender identity and sexuality has no relation whatsoever.
  3. Hi fellow virgins!

    I am 22 years old and I'm virgin. Even though it's so hard for me to not have sex because I love sex so much, judging from how addicted I am to porn. But it would be worth the wait. Because you know, masturbation keeps me away from having actual sex. Alright, I am so glad to join this forum. Also FYI, I am gender neutral, my pronouns are "They/them/theirs" or "Ze/Zir". Thanks.
  4. Celebrity Crush?

  5. Hello, all!

    I know your pain!!!!!!!