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  1. March Against Monsanto

    I have and will continue to eat GMO corn. I am confident to do so as GMO foods have been thoroughly investigated and nothing I have read suggests that there is any risk to human health when such products are ingested. That said, it is of course a personal decision and I feel that all GMO foods should be clearly labelled (everywhere in the world, as they are in the EU) so people can make an informed decision about whether or not to consume GMO products. In my opinion GMO produce is just the latest development in a process that began when wheat was domesticated thousands of years ago. The ancient Sumerian farmers selected the wheat grains that were the biggest and hardiest and kept them to sow during the next planting season. As this process of selection continued for several generations the domesticated wheat eventually became genetically distinct from it's wild component. We have effectively been eating genetically modified wheat for the last seven thousand years! The GMO produce that we see today is just a continuation of this process of experimenting with the genetics of foodstuffs to increase yield or prevent crop failure.
  2. March Against Monsanto

    For a number of years the EU has had legislation that requires all food containing anything genetically modified to be clearly labelled as such. Not sure whether the USA does the same thing.
  3. What is your escape?

    My escape is swimming - I recently bought a waterproof music player and just listen to that and zone out by doing laps. I find it so meditative and it really helps me to deal with any stress or anxiety I may have.
  4. Free the nipple?

    My post was in response to your statement that all major discoveries and innovations have been made by men, which I countered by providing examples of the achievements of women in these fields. Thanks for the advice about covering my breasts. Maybe you'd feel a burka would be appropriate attire? At least then my sinful body would not be exposed to men who have no self control over their sexual urges.
  5. Free the nipple?

    Marie Curie - conducted pioneering research on radioactivity, discovered two elements, won two Nobel prizes in both Chemistry and Physics. Her research led to the development of radiation treatment used to help cancer patients today. Hedy Lamarr - a Hollywood movie star in the 1940s, she also was a groundbreaking engineer who was working on developing weapons technology to help the allies win WW2. Discovered 'frequency hopping' which is an essential component of modern WiFi, GPS and cell phone networks. Dr Francoise Barre-Sinoussi - virologist who identified that AIDS was caused by the HIV virus. This discovery was the foundation for the development of all future research into HIV and AIDS. Florence Nightingale - a nurse during the Crimean war who was an advocate for improving standards of hygiene in hospitals. Eleanor Roosevelt - campaigned for Human Rights and was one of the authors that helped to draft the 1948 bill of human rights. This is only a very small sample of the incredible innovations discovered by female scientists, engineers and advocates. This does not mention the achievements of female monarchs and political leaders who changed their countries for the better. It would be a very different world today without th e influence of these incredible women.
  6. Free the nipple?

    If you weren't actually being serious this would be an excellent piece of satire.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Just had a huge cockroach run over my bare foot!
  8. How do I get him back?

    What is it that you want to hear? You've been given some thoughtful advice regarding your situation and it appears to have gone in one ear and out the other. For what it's worth, I don't believe that a relationship that makes a person this insecure and unhappy is worth salvaging.
  9. @Paul - high five from a fellow INFJ who has embraced the weirdness!
  10. 30 minutes

    Perhaps thirty minutes including foreplay etc could be accurate but I think this statistic is a bit of an exaggeration!
  11. I wouldn't judge anyone regardless of what they decide to do or not do before marriage - ultimately it comes down to what you and your partner are comfortable with doing. Discuss with your partner the boundaries you both are happy to adhere to and use that as a rule to live your relationship by. There are a whole range of people with different boundaries on this site - from those who wish to save kissing until marriage to those that feel comfortable with doing everything but penetrative sex before marriage. I don't think there's anything immoral or sinful about it as long as both partners are happy with the choices they have made.
  12. Man caves

    This would be my dream space: my own lap pool!
  13. Nice sentiment but I must say I'm surprised that you're the one expressing it after some of your previous posts!
  14. I can absolutely sympathize with the fact that it is bloody difficult to date in the UK if you are a waiter. This actually was the final straw which made me decide I needed to change my life and move overseas as attempting to date as a waiter in London was laughably bad. The problem with the UK is that there is no real dating culture - it's more of a 'sex first, relationship later' place. I have no real advice to offer unfortunately but I completely understand where you're coming from and how difficult it is in the UK.
  15. To cut a long story short, I live in a country that due to various cultural reasons and the nature of my job, the dating pool is extremely limited. I am making plans to move to a country with more 'prospects' when my contract ends and get back on track!
  16. Choice Moms

    I've actually seriously looked into egg freezing as an option for me and will have to make a firm decision about it over the next couple of years. The thought of never having my own biological child really frightens me and I see egg freezing as a sort of insurance policy to fall back on if I don't meet the right partner.
  17. Other Forums

    I'm on Reddit a lot (especially on paranormal and archaeology subreddits), but I'm most active on this forum.
  18. I wish I could like this more than once! My thoughts on this issue can be summed up in this blog post written by a pastor:http://johnpavlovitz.com/2014/09/17/if-i-have-gay-children-four-promises-from-a-christian-pastorparent/ I found his words very moving, and only wish that the same level of tolerance, understanding and love could be shown to all people who feel ostracized by the church because of their sexuality.
  19. I have a really embarrassing one - when I was little my mum told me that if I ate too much chocolate then I'd get fat. Shortly afterwards, and to my mum's horror, I walked up to a random pregnant lady and (seeing the bump) said 'I know what you've been doing'! So awkward!
  20. Religious Freedom Restoration Act

    I could not agree more. It sets a dangerous precedent.
  21. I personally cannot abide clingy-ness. I have been in a relationship before where the guy was clingy and it nearly drove me mad. He would text me every five minutes (not even exaggerating) and would get annoyed if I didn't immediately respond to the texts even if he knew I was busy at work. He also expected us to spend all of our free time together and would be put out if I had prior arrangements to meet up with my friends. It all got too much in the end and we had to call things a day. It sounds like a great thing on paper, for someone to be so enamoured that they want to spend ALL their time with you but in reality it gets stifling and just plain annoying very fast. The main issue I have with it is that I am a typical introvert and need to have alone time to get my head together and recharge, and being in a relationship with someone clingy is just not conducive to that.
  22. 2nd hand stores...

    Love them! I had an eighties-prom themed party back in college and the second hand and charity shops proved to be a goldmine in terms of finding outfits!