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  1. I'd much prefer to be in a relationship with a fellow introvert. I feel like an introvert partner would understand my need to retreat off into my own space to recharge every so often. I would worry that an extrovert partner might feel rejected by this behavior even though that is absolutely not my intention.
  2. What a staggeringly ignorant article.
  3. Personally I think Lady Kaede gave a fantastic answer. In this case, WTM is clearly having an extremely negative affect on his quality of life. Being open to other options is a good thing at this stage in my opinion. If anything makes you feel this deeply unhappy then surely something has to change.
  4. What do you all think about this? Would this be something you'd wish to do at your own wedding? http://www.buzzfeed.com/terripous/this-brides-certificate-of-purity-is-causing-a-massive-debat?bftw&utm_term=.hp4OAZ0Zg#.btQ5pAwA8
  5. Obliviousness and Missed Signals

    For the guys - what are some things that a girl could do to make you realise that she is interested? I'm in this situation at the moment and want to make my feelings known without being awkward or creepy! Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Engagement rings?

    1) Couldn't care less about the size of the ring - in fact I would prefer one with a smaller setting as large stones can be a bit too 'bling' for my taste. 2) I would prefer an emerald to a diamond, but my dream engagement ring would be something antique, preferably ancient! It is possible to purchase genuine ancient Egyptian jewellery from dealers so to have an ancient ring would be a dream come true. 3) I wouldn't mind wearing a wedding ring temporarily - it's a good idea actually if it saves money in the long run!
  7. I wouldn't even entertain the thought of dating someone who was currently in a relationship. As well as being unfair to the person they're cheating on, I would have a problem being in a relationship with someone who had such a nonchalant attitude towards being unfaithful. I would be paranoid that they would do the same to me down the line and wouldn't be able to trust them. You did the right thing IMO.
  8. Favourite Time Period and Why?

    Without a doubt, New Kingdom Egypt, particularly the 18th dynasty. I seriously believe I had a past life there, such is the connection I feel to that time and place
  9. What is your dream vacation?

    Traveling to Iceland to see the aurora borealis!
  10. Well said! Couldn't agree more
  11. I would add precisely zero people to the site in that case!
  12. I find this quite fascinating. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3202430/I-married-Jesus-Religion-teacher-38-marries-God-wedding-ceremony-attracts-hundreds.html#article-3202430
  13. Pet Peeves

    So many things! Slow walkers when you're in a rush to get somewhere... People who drum their fingers or tap the table in front of them... People who are constantly texting on their phone during a film or theatre performance.
  14. Random Thoughts

    They are crusaders Don't know why they decided to depict them with their hoods up and faces covered though!
  15. Yes, yes, absolutely yes, yes and yes.
  16. Random Thoughts

    Absolutely fantastic news!
  17. How many weddings have you been to?

    I've been to about eight weddings and have been a bridesmaid three times. Really hope the saying 'three times a bridesmaid, never a bride' doesn't come true!
  18. That response was something else, lol. Clearly this guy knows it all and has a far better understanding of what women think and want than the women themselves. Apart from being incredibly patronising, the post shows such a lack of understanding of women it's actually funny. The part where he talks about how women 'ape masculine behaviours such as independence because they think it's attractive to men' is ludicrous. My independence is a deeply engrained part of my personality and I have been the same way since early childhood, far before the time when I even gave a thought to what men may or may not find appealing. Some people are just made this way! It's certainly not a calculated behaviour designed to attract a man. I'm proud of the person that I am and am certainly not going to change it for anyone. If that puts off vast swathes of men from dating me then I couldn't care less. Ultimately they're doing me a favour by not wasting their time on me as I couldn't imagine how deeply unhappy a relationship with a man who resented or tried to stifle such a major part of my self would be.
  19. I'm definitely a woman with that type of attitude - I don't NEED a man for anything as I have my life together and can more than cope with its demands alone. I do however WANT to share my life with someone but I personally would not want to be totally reliant on a man for anything. I feel that would leave me in a precarious position if my husband left or passed away. I've heard about so many cases of women in that situation where they have found themselves suddenly alone and feel quite unprepared to support themselves after years of everything being taken care of by their husband.I also have no desire to be led or taught by my husband, nor do I have any desire to lead or teach him. To me this dynamic better represents a parent/child relationship than that between a husband and wife. We are both adults with our own thoughts, opinions and desires and I fail to see why the husband, by virtue of possessing a Y chromosome, should feel that his opinions are more 'right' for the family to follow. I believe all issues should be discussed to reach a conclusion that both partners are in agreement with. I know that I am in the minority on this site with my stance on this issue! If it turns off a large swathe of the male population then that's something I just have to accept as I genuinely would be deeply unhappy in a relationship with such a dynamic. I have had relationships with men in the past who have been attracted to the fact that I am so independent and opinionated. I just need to find another man with this type of attitude and marry him!
  20. The advice seemed pretty generic and obvious, boiling down to just 'be physically and spritually attractive'. It also assumed that everyone finds the same physical and personality traits appealing when in reality attraction is far more complex. Unsurprisingly () the paragraph that criticises feminist traits such as confidence, independance and a strong attitude really ruffled my feathers. Traits like these are often developed at a very early age and have nothing to do with the influence of feminism. I have always been fiercely independent (the confidence came much later after much soul searching) and would have been this way no matter what environment I was raised in. To get women with personalities like this to change entirely just to attract a man is unrealistic and a recipe for future unhappiness and resentment.
  21. I broke a couple of ribs in a horse-riding accident - I was flung off and crashed into a fencepost. That was really painful as even breathing made the bones move about. When I sneezed it felt like I was being stabbed!
  22. Random Thoughts

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Also, that's not really how public forums work. If you truly want to vent and have no one respond then make a blog post and set it to private. Don't dish it out if you can't take it back. I agree that this forum has changed in recent months but posts like these really don't help matters. I'd wager that reading an undignified and aggressive rant like the one you just posted is slightly more offputting to potential new members than them seeing a thread where a group of people are having a discussion about a topic where they are expressing opinions that may oppose their own.
  23. Take Charge?

    I'd MUCH prefer a guy who was inexperienced but willing to learn what pleases us both instead of a guy who thought he knew it all and 'took charge'.