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    I like Museums, playing musical instruments (keyboard and guitar) I love dogs, and I collect Lego!!! I love them:)

    I also like watching movies, such as action, thriller, and adventures.

    I'm a Christian:)

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  1. Hey all, haven't been on for a long time. Just hope to keep in touch again and meet people. Feeling kind a losing hope...

  2. Hi...waiting with you guys

    Hey, welcome welcome. Nice to meet you. Yep, I am 34 as well and waiting.
  3. Favorite Horror Movies

    Hello! Oh i love horror movies!!!! I actually wrote an article about scariest movies made. But for my faves I guess i would say: Sixth Sense, Conjuring, The Shining (truly a classic one!), many more actually but these are my tops! Happy Halloween all!!
  4. Hello Everyone

    Hey! Great to see you here. Indeed this site is truly helpful in encouraging us waiters. and of course, many cool people to meet as well. Have a great day!
  5. What is your dream job?

    My dream job is to be an Art Conservator! imagine being able to handle those artifacts which no others can hold or get as close to. I guess i am being a nerd but yeah that is my dream job.
  6. still here and...

    Hello. How are you feeling? I can relate to how you feel and what you are saying. I am 34 and still waiting. It can feel really lonely. All the achievements and even failures mean nothing, meaningless, because we as humans want to share our life with someone that is built in within us, we long for companion. That is why we have this loneliness when we are alone. Like you, I also don't know the answers. It's just that i want you to know that you are not alone feeling this way. I would always remember when I was a little girl, I would always say that i am already contented with my Lego toys (building them), I was happy already. but now, (yes, I still build Legos---i collect them), whenever i build, i don't feel happy anymore because I want to build it with someone special and enjoy that time. Well, this is just to share but i believe this example says it all. take care and God bless. Joy
  7. A Song

    Hey Raz! I am sure this is a meaning song just by reading the title I could tell. However, Youtube is ban here in China so that means i can't access it. So hope the others enjoy! God bless Raz! Thanks for posting the song
  8. Giving up

    Hey, I understand how you feel. my heart has been broken many times and i am beginning to feel that i just don't have that luck when it comes romance. But then I'm a hopeless romantic and so i always give it a chance. However, i believe that my experience has helped me a lot to become a better, wiser and stronger person. Just today, i prayed to God to help take the bitterness away and keep on believing in love. Give your heart a rest... Joy
  9. Hello Raz! Welcome to the site. Glad to have you here. I'm a Christian too. I agree to what you have just said. We are almost the same. Well, anyway, hope to get to know you more. Take care and God bless.
  10. Wow! Congratulations. You are one of the people who once again proved that WTM is possible!!! God bless and Cheers!
  11. Why do people fall off the wagon?

    i grew up in a family where WTM is a must. And all thru the years from when i was a kid until College I was enrolled in a Christian school. This has also become my personal choice. However, as time passes by, some of my friends and relatives gave up on it. And this has affected me a lot. People that i look up to as an inspiration has given up and so I was in a confused state last year. But nah....after getting myself right with the LORD and making sure that i put HIM on top of all, I can say that i am better at handling it. I am not saying I am perfect but more guided and firm right now. And of course, finding this site has helped me a lot too!
  12. New member has arrived!

    Hello and welcome. Yes, it is really nice to be part of this site. Enjoy!
  13. Hey Everyone!!! Excited to Join :)

    hi there! it is nice to know that members of this site keep on growing. Nice to meet you here! Congratulations for deciding to wait. God bless.
  14. A french in your community

    Welcome! you and your husband are an encouragement to us waiters. It only proves that waiting till marriage is all worth it and possible. God bless!
  15. Hello there! I am 33 now and have never experienced a real loving relationship. and just like what was said in this forum, it is also because of luck. I have dated guys but all of them just backed out upon knowing that i am waiting!!! they were about 5 of them. And each time i thought they were the one. I don't know why but i always find myself being left by someone. sad as it is, but all i can do is accept, step up, and go on. Anyway, yeah, there are times when people would judge you just because you never had a relationship before. What they don't understand is that there was a deep reason why, circumstances that is. Take care you all! God bless. We will be ok.