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    A poet bares his heart on the subject of VIRGINITY. Take a look:
  2. Love Birds: Beyond Death

    @Sally Thanks for the encouragement. Lol @ "don't know what area though."

    Thanks for the feed back guys. Stay tuned. There is more where that came from. Lol. Thanks again.
  4. THE SEX POEM Good morning guys and gals, check out this poem I wrote a while back on the topic of sex. I pray it inspires someone.
  5. Love Birds: Beyond Death

    @holdingtohope That would be awesome.
  6. Love Birds: Beyond Death

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. It is so glad to see and commune with others who share your views. By the way, I love the quality of the website. I will get the word out about this website. Thanks again.
  7. Love Birds: Beyond Death

    Good morning family and top of the day to you. My name is Lysious and I am new to this family of waiters. I've always been one of those who believe in waiting till marriage for sex. And I thank God for the grace to keep this vow, He prevented me from compromising this no-sex-till marriage vow. As I grew older as a Christian, I came to the commitment of not just keeping sex out of the equation but also any sex-related habits as well. I am a novelist, poet and host of Underground Gospel, a music show on WHBC-Howard University's student run radio station. Last year, I released a fiction novel titled Love Birds: Beyond Death It is a book about two teenagers who fell in love at a young age but made a vow of chastity. I think every teenager in America needs to read this book because I deal with some of the challenges we face as young people. More about the book and an interview I recorded can be found here: The Interview: I look forward to having a great time with everyone on this group. I will also like to hear everyone. Thanks Lysious