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  1. umm im leaving

    Another door opens. Kindest regards to you and your future endeavours.
  2. Any tips for travelling?

    Don't end up in jail in another country. Period.
  3. Wife Duties

    Naturally, I think this "duty" ideology goes back to the 50s where that is all women did. In the 21st Century, women should be able to be the tinker, tailor, soldier and the spy. By that I mean, there should not be a list that ones checks off daily or weekly, but rather practices. I as a future husband would want to do things that make my wife's life easier, happy, and be a witness to her life, just as she would to mine. As for who does what? Well to me, Faithfulness is my #1. But other topics can be discussed. But I sincerely hope she will volunteer to do the cat litter. (I love my cats to death, but hate the cat litter)
  4. Is it possible to show affection?

    Just be human. If you are both comfortable to hold hands, hug, kiss then do so. You won't transform into an abomination that makes you unable to have self control. Just be aware of how intense these actions get. Naturally, you want to keep yourself in check, so just be mindful. But intimate expression is natural, and it is important in a relationship.
  5. Describe your social life

    I have an several cores of friends. My main one are my real life-friends which I have known for most of my life. I see/ talk to these people often, and spend time with them. My next core would be online friends, one I have really gotten to know and had a lot of good times with (mostly from online gaming). After that would be my university and work friends. These people I see often as well, but don't intermingle with the other two groups. I would prefer to be outside or just out doing something with these people than sitting I front of a computer.
  6. "Hanging out" in the bedroom

    If your partner is anti-wtm then you have to decide if they should be your partner. If they do not believe in but respect you then them wanting your love should keep them in check. For example, my last girlfriend, we fully respected each other, but we cuddled a lot, and we had a lot of naps next to each other. We wore clothes, and didn't look for chances to take advantage of each other, we merely both experienced sleep, physically next to each other. No malice intended. If your partner won't respect your WTM then should they really be your partner? Only you can decide that. While a lot of people here and ardently opposed to most or all types of intimacy, you also have to understand that you and we are human. We are supposed to want to be close to others, and that is able to be down without malice or sexual assault. Primal urges or feelings let us know we are alive. And as many of us are adults, we should have the knowledge and personal wisdom to know not to act on them if we don't want to. No one is holding a gun to our heads.
  7. "Hanging out" in the bedroom

    We are all adults, it is perfectly fine to cuddle or even have a short nap together (with your clothes on of course). I personally think there is nothing wrong with sleeping next to someone, it's sleep after all. If your respect for the other person transcends your desires then you have already won. Just respect each other, acknowledge your boundaries, and stay pure to each other. Did it for almost three years and never had an issue. Trust, honestly and respect keep you and your heart in check. We are all adults, and we are all human, not robots, While we believe in the system of WTM, being primal should also be respected in it's own right,
  8. I have no issue with it. I prefer it, and for every person it has a different role. For my mom, aunts, grandmother, cousins (female) it is usually a hug or a kiss on the cheek, which is perfectly fine for both parties. For friend, a hug if it's a girl, a handshake or fist-pound if it's a guy. For a relationship, always start off slow and see where it goes. I have never been pushy about physical contact, however, I do believe it an important expression of love. Cuddling is on the most amazing things ever discovered. Trust, respect and honestly are the rules to apply when in a relationship. Kissing is also very wonderful but you most people are in a committed relationship before they start doing this, at least I am. Everyone is different though. My last girlfriend didn't care for a lot of physical contact, so I did most of the initiating of physical contact, I always respected her, but I wanted more affection from her as touch is my love language. Remember, modest practice makes perfect!
  9. A belief in both the decision I have made for myself, and a belief in mankind.
  10. What is your biggest regret in life?

    Regret is not a loss, it's an opportunity to do better. We all have areas of out life where we can or should do better. Probably the biggest reason for not doing so is drive. But we learn from our choices and we move forward. Having "regret" is two-fold, it gives us a chance to re-evaluate what happened, and gives us the opportunity to mitigate said choice in the future. A prime example is how many of us are waiting until marriage. That can be seen as a regret, but it is also an opportunity. It may be a regret because we are missing out on one of life's most primal events, but it's also an opportunity to prove to our spouse and ourselves we have perseverance. Which one it falls under is up to you. Try not to look at the past as a train wreak, but rather a guide of what to do next. "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain." .
  11. What is the fastest you've driven?

    200 K/ph on a level, strait section of the Trans-Canada Highway. However, we had a VERY good Radar Detector. We were only doing that speed for 30 seconds.
  12. Voting?

    Whether you are actively political or completely apathetic you should vote. The rationale for this is that while you may not like politics you have the ability to influence change. Also, the notion of "if you don't vote you can't complain," is really smart. Voting is important because for thousands of years, many different people (African-american, women, British-Hindus) never had the chance to vote as they were seen as second class citizens. You should be proud you have the opportunity to influence change.
  13. True Colors

    Furthermore to what you said ian, i don't go to places looking to pick up girls or whatever, but the fact that I am doing social, being out away from a computer and just "making myself available to the Universe" is what counts!
  14. Hey Community: So on Saturday I to a bar with some friends for one of the friend's birthday parties. I was the designated driver and while there and prior to being there my two friend spent the afternoon and evening talking about how they were going to work hard to wheel girls and take them home to f*** them. I being the only guy in that bar who probably don't pick up girls like that spent ost of the night listening to them complain, get mad, argue and rationalize their skills, and how good they can pick up girls. I on the other hand spent the night quietly wondering if I am doomed to be single forever because I refuse to act that way? I doubt it, but it seems to be the norm. What are we to do?
  15. "I'm happily married, BUT..."

    I read a post a few days ago where it was called "Do truly happily married people still cheat?" There was one responder that stated she or she cheated in a successful, happily marriage. The rationale for this was and I quote: "I cheated on my spouse because of all the problems wrong with me, not with my marriage." I found that very interesting, Now, whether that person was being truthful, or hiding behind some veil of cowardliness, I do not know. But although it should not have happened this person was able to definitively state that they were the problem and they were in a happy marriage. Something to think about.