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  1. Asking for Some Support

    Sending prayers and good vibes to you and your family!!!
  2. An interesting article

    I love this article!
  3. Wedding vows

    Great topic! I would prefer to write my own vows because then they'd be more personal and it will be more of a surprise.
  4. New member

    Welcome! Thank goodness for google! lol. It's a great site filled with wonderful people from many different backgrounds.
  5. Question about finding other 'waiters'

    I view it as extremely difficult. Then I log onto this website and think maybe not, but then I revert back to the same old thoughts...extremely difficult.
  6. Who did you want to be when you grew up?

    I just wanted to be accepted to Hogwarts. Still waiting for a letter!
  7. Hey everyone.

  8. Seriously, I just think haters gone hate and leave it at that.
  9. Favorite Stand up Comedian?

    The initial episodes are the only one I watch. They are hilarious and can always cheer me up if I'm in a mood. Some of my faves are Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Angela Johnson, Kathy Griffin, and Chris Rock. Also, anyone from the very old show Mad tv. That was my favorite skit comedy show.
  10. The guy didn't tell me personally, but he told his friend who then told me. "I want to date her but I know I'd just cheat on her if we weren't having sex". While it was terrible hearing it from his friend, I think it would've been way worst hearing it from him.
  11. Random: Hunting & Ethics

    True, but everyone won't though. As a society we've moved away from that. Not to many people want to get their hands dirty so to speak. Also, good thing that there's limits to how much you can hunt.
  12. Biblical Movies

    My favorite biblical movie is the cartoon film The Prince of Egypt. lol sooooo good :-)
  13. Random: Hunting & Ethics

    Hunting is fine as long as it's for food. I'm surprised that more people don't start hunting with all the chemicals that are being put into meat nowadays. Seems like chicken, beef, turkey, or something is always on the news. Also, I understand hunting for population control is really important in some areas. But I could never do the hunting. I would be too busy crying.
  14. I agree 100% with you. It is possible for people who grow up in the US to not be familiar with one race. There are places that just aren't very concentrated with different races. I have a friend from some random city in Idaho and the only time they saw other races was in movies and the first time they interacted with them was at university in Houston. I also have several other friends with stories similar to this. They are just from towns that have very little to no diversity. Also I think that people just tell themselves that the same race means the same culture in the US when in reality that's usually not the case. For ex: as a black person in the US I have way more in common with a white person from the US culturally (the American culture) than I do with a black person from France. Just because I might have a similar skin tone does not make me any more familiar with a black person in France. I have had a Black Jamaican friend that has said that she could never date an American Black person because of a difference in culture...even though there might be similar skin tones involved. But she would date someone of any race from Jamaica or the British Virgin Islands because culturally they have more in common. So this I understand, if her preferences are based on cultures. In the US, I think many people think of race when they are talking about having the same culture...IMO it makes no sense though. I just see American culture. You are not being naive. I think sometimes we all have too much faith in humanity and other times not enough.
  15. So much going on with this topic recently...I want to type a ton but can't eloquently form coherent thoughts because it's really just making my head hurt. Thank you Sunny and Tatyana for being able to do so.
  16. Greetings From SoCal

    Welcome! Glad to have you join
  17. Yes I could. Families disapprove for a lot of reasons: ethnicity, religion, career or lack there of, social status, wealth status...among other things. These are the things that shouldn't matter to them because they aren't the ones going to be living with me and are they? When you marry someone, you gain a new family (your spouse) and that's the one you LIVE with for the rest of your life. Your spouse is also the one for you when the rest of your family dies. Although, I must add family is important so I can definitely understand them not approving if I were like a psychopath, had a terrible criminal past, or a real danger in general to which my significant other were oblivious. But I'm not any of those things soooo I don't care if my spouse's family hates me. Their loss.
  18. Thinking of adopting a cat

    Sophie, with regards to declawing: Ehhh...if I were getting a cat and didn't have babies or very young children around then I wouldn't declaw especially if you have a mild mannered cat. BUT some cats are not mild mannered and go crazy and try to claw everything in which case baby/little kid or not I would get the cat declawed (for my personal safety if I loved my cat but scratching was becoming a terrible problem). But with babies...newborn who is your other baby and doesn't know that the can't play with human baby like that--> probably declaw. Cat's nails are more like needle points as opposed to dogs. Essentially case by case basis. Sometimes you love your cat and may not want to do it, but need to in order to keep it. And sometimes it's totally unnecessary which is nice because you won't be hurting them albeit temporarily. Just my two cents
  19. Thinking of adopting a cat

    Justin...ur cats...toooooooooo cute!!!
  20. Thinking of adopting a cat

    All I can say is yay for adopting a cat! Cats are very easy to take care of. Also I'm sure you will give your cat the thing it needs most which is love. Being a mom to a "furbaby" will be a great feeling!
  21. This was also me. And even though I'm religious, I honestly don't think that had any input at all on my decision. My parents (who are also religious) have never even brought up the topic of sex to me at all. But maybe that's because they just know how I am (well my mom, cause dad is clueless sometimes) because they probably would've talked about it if they thought I had needed a talk or something. They're very open. I don't really know, but I'm glad with my decision .
  22. I come back the first week of May. France me traite très bien. Les gens sont super sympa et la cuisine est excellente! Je suis triste de quitter la France, mais j'ai besoin de commencer une nouvelle aventure!
  23. Hi, I'm Cara!

  24. No Kids? Is this an option for you?

    Ehh if they happen then they happen and if they don't , well then they don't. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but I am at the moment in my life where I just want to explore the world!!!
  25. Hello from Appalachia

    Welcome to the site!!!