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  1. I've always been WTC, but due to my views, it implies me being WTM. Funny how I see things. "All or nothing"... ^^' Most of my married WTM friends are all WTC. I think it's more of a ideal point, I guess.. Turns that most of my "past tries" have only been platonic. I'm dead shy, and they all went under my nose. But what "clicks" for me is "understanding of suffering", I guess. Not in a sadistic way. The majority of my close friends are or have been sad or in difficult situations, or are "fighting to live". That's something which I like a lot. I think it's something about understanding pain which makes people act more mature.
  2. RL community ?

    Hello there, it's the frog! I'm wondering (perhaps a bit too enthusiastically), for the WTM website staff : have you ever thought of building RL communities as well? I'm sure it would help lots of our peers to feel better... and it would allow us to socialize as well. Has the idea been pondered? WKF
  3. Virgin Therapists: What would you do?

    I'm going to be short : "Yes." Well, I couldn't do less... ^^' I mean, if Adam and Jane are married, it's for the worst and for the best. Until death! Turmoil awaits, but who cares? Maybe I'm too idealistic. ^^'
  4. @redgrapes Nono, it's my fault. I'm not clear enough. ^^' Ah, difficult question. I have a gift for opening myself to people and making new friends and acquaintances IRL; I'm quite talkative and cheerful, so it helps ^^. I'm quite open about my lifechoices as well. I guess it comes to habit and education. I'm fine discussing about anything with anyone, so I can get information about people quite easily while making my points known fast. I know it can repel some, sadly. The "only" limitations I give to find my soul other are : be unique (in a WTM sense), and love me for what I am (while being extremely open and talkative, I'm quite shy and can easily feel being ostracized - without showing it, fortunately). I think the rest is somewhat superfluous. I have lots of friends with different mindsets and ideas (political, moral, religious, etc.). But among these people, there are a few "closest" friends with whom I "click". It's a hard to describe feeling. Like if you were MADE to be closely friendly to that person. That's the "pragmatic" view to find my SO : the "click". Yep. WTE is Engagement, and WTC is Commitment. I'm more of a WTC than anything - indeed, any commitment from my side will lead to marriage due to a deep view of commitment : for me, WTM is holistic : I've never dated, I'm saving myself for one person.^^' I'm an "all or nothing!" guy.
  5. Having children?

    For me, kids are "tuned" to the love of a couple. As in, it's neither a duty nor a right, but it must reflect on the couple's love. It makes #2, for me, I guess. I do dream of being a good Dad at times. I'm writing stories about "Monsters under the bed and how to befriend them", and I often daydream of activities I could share with my future kids. But it depends on what my future wife will desire.
  6. I think it was a choice of bad wordings from me. Perhaps it's indeed more of a "superfluous" question for me, I guess... my bad. ^^' As for your answer, I think it boils to what I assume to be "Soul Other". Let's take your example : if you find your SO to be into violence, does it put into question that he's not your SO, or that you're into violence? For me, the question can't even be asked: if you know that your views are so part of yourself, you wouldn't get with someone who has opposite views. (And I don't see how I could be marrying someone who makes a living off the detriment of others either, so I am with you on that point.) Meaning that he wouldn't be your SO, no? I think I should make a whole thread about the concept of WTM/WTE/WTC and the one of SO and how both harmonize for me. I think we all are Waiters for different reasons.
  7. Woops, I was too vague! ^^ But your addition allows me to be more precise. Well, I'd say that if you met THE person in your life, thinking about your salary or your views is something going accessory. Even in your example : what if it was something you PERCEIVED as violent, but wasn't? I guess my view works because I see WTM going hand in hand with "soul other". ^^'
  8. I'd say that porn is to sex what IKEA is to master craftmanship. Lots of "insert piece A into slot B, rotate, smile to yourself". Adding to what @'tis the Bearded One said, it kills the emotion between people. It's purely utilitarianist. Take a person who's in a porn movie. Any person. I'm sure you can replace everything else by everything else, and it would make no difference. One thing I'd reproach to porn, is that it perpetuates the same and overrated aspects : it's clichéd, it's fake, it's "farming feelings". I'll take a more NSFW description (overline this if you want to read it). You can look for acts, or for specifics things, for example "redhead oral". But darn, it looks like ordering from a catalogue! That's making sex something boring, only pleasure oriented. And it succeeds in making our society views on sex as "tick this if you did something". Sex isn't that. I'm not a married waiter, but I did read and study on the topic. And besides, sex is nothing but a requirement, nowadays. I mean, how many of us here don't get the "if you didn't have sex at age XX" or "if you didn't do XXX" or "if you're not XXX you're a loser" society norms? Blast it. I'm not in for requirements. I'm in to be with a person! Sex is supposed to be good. And I believe that WTMing makes it better!
  9. I'll guess I'll be frank and short : the one that makes her happy. Happiness is something hard to balance, in my opinion. And I believe (perhaps too idealistically) that once you find the Person you Love, whatever position they have will not hinder any relation. For example, I'm a computer engineer, leaning on to be soon a Ph. D. doctor. If I were to be in love right now, there would be two possibilities : 1) My SO is next to where I live : no trouble here. 2) I need to move where my SO lives : no trouble there either. ^ ^ Indeed, if it's love, I can move an find a job where she lives, or make a project to move where she is. Let's imagine it again : her job requires her to have unfitting times? Fine. I can work at home or be a father-in-home. I mean, I already work from home. The opposite? Fine. I can fill up my days and work crazy to free all the times she needs. And darn, you bet I'll be working to avoid my SO to do some chores. ^ ^ To me, it's a concomitant position with the WTM one : if I go towards offering my own sex life and romantic life to one person in order to be with her, what I could possibly do towards this situation is ideal. I think your question would be better suited if it was framed into a broader view.
  10. Seeking Pleasures of the Flesh

    As a Catholic, I'd say that this is the "ultimate" "reason for sex". Sex is meant to be the ultimate union between wife and husband. As such, when you're married, sex is the finalizing of the bond between you and your spouse. As such, it's seen as a sin when it's outside this situation. That does mean that between "playing in the straw every moment" and "never doing it", two extremes, there's the "right way in between".
  11. How many languages do you speak?

    Well... Je parle français, good English, un poco de Castellano und ein bisschen Deutsch. That makes four, I think. I'm studying Latin, ancient Greek and Hebrew for the beauty and poetry of these languages. Learning a language is something fantastic : each time it happens, it's like having your usual color palette, like a painter, and finding that there exist a complete different set of colors that you can use. And... well, I found language beautiful for itself. I love poetry for that reason, whether it's writing or reading some. The shape, the sounds, the magic of words... Especially in different language. I picture words like small ballet dancers on a soft white page, that slowly circle, spin, and ultimately blend together in a wonderful great picture. Like a piece of a soul where you can see clouds... ... I guess I get carried away. ^^' Thanks for such a topic, though. It's amazing to see how rich some speakers are here! I wish to learn one Arabic and one Slavic language soon.
  12. To christian guys

    Hi Ladywolflucy, ... I don't even know where to begin by believing how bad thinking such a woman could be on. "Is she still worthy to be wanted?"... Whoever couldn't be worthy?! Besides, such a Woman, with a deserved capital W, would have endured all the raping and torture without losing her mind and her ideals... How the hell wouldn't she be worthy? As said above by the numerous replies before, my answer would be a resounding YES. How can one say "no" to someone who still believes in her ideals, who carried them through Hell itself, and still stands full on her feet despite the hits? I'd be ready to help her go through a complete recovery and hold her truly to my heart. Though, as said by previous posters, I'm worried about her own self-image. I can love Her with all my soul, but can she love herself? The human mind is a fragile thing, sadly. I'd wait for her to realize and take the time to make sure she can love Love again before taking any kind of decision with her. As Laurentinus said, some guys like vulnerable women; but I'm not. I'd rather avoid to be her next unwilling abuser : there are boys way better than me she could get, and I wouldn't want her to take me just because she feels weak or abused. And for the b*****d who did that to her, I don't think I'd be able not to traumatize him harder than what he did. Even if it'd cost me damnation or worse. It might not be Christ-wise of me, but I can't even begin to believe that a Soul could be hurt that way without consequences.
  13. As most people said previously, this is an ideal. Like all ideals, it suits others and don't suit others. As I am one following the same ideal, I won't disagree with you. Don't torture yourself with "is it wrong or not". There is no right and no wrong in making your choices, having your ideals, and being yourself. It's your life, your choice, your ideals. As you put it in "Anyways, I don't want to feel like I'm wrong by non-virgins to want a virgin Christian guy, but they can't see it the way I can because that aren't in my shoes. I'm curious to her other virgins thoughts!" : here, we might be "closer in your shoes" than others, but in the end, we all see the question differently. For some here, WTM is required for both husband and wife, others only wait for their true love, whoever s/he will be. So... To give your question a nice answer, I'd say that as long as your choice, life and ideals, they cannot be wrong. Be who you are, and be confident in yourself, life and God... happiness will follow. God bless.
  14. Hi! Well, I'm 24, and in the exact situation as yours. At times, it frightens me terribly, at others, it makes me happy because I feel that I'll be in eternal bliss when I'll meet her. My best advice? Don't think about it too much. Do things that please you. I went into boyscouting and poetry group writing, and although I haven't meet my future Beloved, she feels closer than ever. "Love will happen when you least expect it" said my grandma. And I think she cannot have said something righter. Best wishes on you, Scarlet. God bless.
  15. Men, would you date/marry a taller woman?

    Yes, I happily would. Taller women are extremely pretty. I'm 7ft myself, so finding a taller girl will be impossible... or not, who knows? But what really matters the most is the size of the heart...