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  1. Update: Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle have broken up
  2. Adriana Lima grew up poverty stricken and was raised Catholic. At age 14 she was a millionaire and traveling the world modeling. If you were given millions of dollars to do what you were raised to believe was sinful, I can pretty much guarantee that you will find a million reasons to still justify doing it. And I think that's how Adriana Lima gets through her day with a clear conscience. I am an avid fan of fashion and I have never seen a picture of Lima's nipple or naked buttock or anything frontal.She has found a way to reconcile everything. And I guess Camilla Belle thinks being a Hollywood actress doesn't go against her Catholic upbringing because as Sophie said, she probably thinks so long as she isn't doing porn, she's good with God.Tebow doesn't think it goes against his beliefs to have a girlfriend in Hollywood because I guess at the end of the day, who he is attracted to matters more than what Jesus or the Bible says he should want. I guess it's easy for those of us that aren't in their shoes to call them all hypocrites but if we were, we'd probably be too. People usually have no say in how they are raised and I'm sure they try to honor those values but at the end of the day they eventually see it's not always completely possible and compromise.
  3. I'm pretty disappointed about this too, seems like he caved in and compromised on his beliefs to fit in and 'adapt' to modern society. Camilla Belle seems nice enough and does charity work but judging by her scantily clad photo shoots and making out on screen, how much of her Catholic upbringing is she actually respecting?
  4. Does anyone have any opinions on this match-up? Supposedly she has had a strict Catholic upbringing, tho I don't know what anyone with a strict Catholic upbringing is doing in Hollywood.
  5. I like to think that it's not my fate to be alone but due to bad experiences I feel that I have given up on searching for my soul mate. As I've mentioned here, allowing my natural sense of empathy to loosen my standards caused me alot of grief. The one non wtmer I got close to took it as a form of emotional abuse/deprivation that I was 'withholding' sex from him..I had allowed myself to get attached to someone who I knew was incompatible with me because of societal pressure. This is why I urge you all to go with your gut and not compromise and not justify your 'narrowmindedness' or 'naivete' to those that want to belittle your personal choices.
  6. This is not an easy path because it's definitely not the path of least resistance and that makes you question it..often. Especially when you get well into your thirties. I get told often that I'm naive and that I'll regret this choice. It hurts to hear honestly. It hurts to be judged. The only thing that keeps me going is telling myself that I'd regret it more if I just blindly got married and had kids with the wrong person only to go through a divorce.
  7. White wedding dresses on non-virgins

    I think that because alot of religions teach that you can become 'purified' of your sins, and inherent in human nature is wanting to have your cake and eat it to that brides see absolutely no irony at all wearing white to their wedding if they've been sorry to be vulgar but penetrated by lord knows how many.
  8. White wedding dresses on non-virgins

    I think marriage/monogamy has lost it's meaning/value precisely because people have many simultaneous sex partners (at worst) or are serial monogamists (at best) before they decide that they think it might be a good reason to settle down and get married. It's not at all surprising given these circumstances why divorce rates are so high, these people inevitably realize that they can't kid themselves that marriage is for them after they have gotten used to changing partners for so long.
  9. Anyone else assume...

    Have any of you ladies from Vancouver heard the Amanda Todd story?
  10. Anyone else assume...

    I hate how people justify casual sex by saying that they may as well have sex with the wrong person until the right person comes along. It's logically makes no sense. In order to have integrity in a relationship, you need monogamy and if you've justified casual sex then chances are, you'll never understand that.
  11. I came across a commercial on TLC promoting this new reality show featuring a Christian couple the Bates and their 19 children. I wonder how they would feel if everyone on the planet behaved as they did??? I would imagine that they like the Duggers don't find having kids younger than their own grandkids to be odd or how they have time and privacy to have sex often enough to conceive with all those kids around. Taking the whole be fruitful and multiply thing a bit too far.To each their own I guess but their sort of 'I need to breed until my penis falls off/uterus explodes' mentality to be somewhat incredibly misguided and elitist.
  12. There are always vehement arguments about both cases. I wonder what the real deal is.
  13. Your rant left me in stitches! I agree with your points.
  14. I think alot of non wtm folks don't necessarily justify premarital sex by saying they need to try the car before they buy it, they just enjoy what feels good in the present, and being a young sexual person feels good so they live for the moment. I think since we are living in times where being sexual before marriage is accepted, it makes no sense to people how anyone would restrain an urge as natural as going to the toilet past the age of consent. So we become sort of pariahs in modern day society. told we must have some type of psychological problem or hang-up, shames issues, religious brainwashing. These same people overlook rampant HIV and HPV infections plaguing humanity, it's like they have blinders on to that because God forbid you bring those things up, you are seen as being judgmental and evil for possibly implying that someone is promiscuous and that they deserve it.
  15. Forgiveness

    Relationships are all about preference, it's a prerogative. I may be attracted to a gay man because's he's muscular and creative and sensitive but I have to accept that he doesn't have a preference for women and move on.