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  1. Are there times in life...

    That's great advice! Women love a man with ambition who's trying to improve himself.
  2. Are there times in life...

    Guys, stop putting yourselves down! There will be a girl out there who will love you despite your baggage. We inflate our baggage when in reality they aren't a big deal. (I mean, it's not as if you guys are axe-murderers or man-whores ). Love is accepting someone's flaws and celebrating their strengths Find a girl who will do that and you've got a keeper
  3. If virginity is more special for a woman it's because society sexually repressed women. Being a virgin woman wasn't always a choice, it was a requirement to fit into polite society. Nowadays you're a loser if you're a virgin no matter what your gender is. I think virginity is special in the eyes of the person that they waited for. If a man waited his whole life for me I would consider his virginity priceless, whereas I see my virginity as a label that's just there.
  4. I can imagine finding a partner would be like this: "I'm fertile and could be a nurturing mother, wanna mate? I'm sure our children will be genetically diverse and competitive" XD Without love life would be pretty meaningless.
  5. Hi Sweetie I completely understand your frustration. It's hard to meet people let alone date. The key it t put yourself out there and to keep trying. One day you'll find a girl who will stick. I know this sounds impossible at first. Spend time with your guy friends and tell them about your problems. They might know the perfect girl for you. If you don't have guy friends then try and make some at place you love (gym, basketball courts, clubs). Start by making friends with girls. Friendships that evolve to love are sweet and wonderful. Having female friends with help you understand women ad develop your social skills If you meet a girl you like go for it. Ask her out for coffee. This double as a mini date and you can get to know her to decide if you want her number. Remember the worst that can happen is that she turns you down
  6. What offends you?

    Thanks for the input. Those are great points
  7. What offends you?

    Thanks for the insight into the male psyche guys. I never knew texting was such a big deal. People are always on their phones.
  8. What offends you?

    That's completely reasonable. Ladies can forget that men have body image problems too.
  9. What if your man...

    OK the reason why it's a turn on is that men hardly show their emotions around women. Hardly ever. (Maybe it's just the men I know?) So if he's laughing or crying or just showing how passionate he is about that moment, it makes us feel special. That's how I feel anyway.
  10. What offends you?

    Thanks for replying guys! I'm not much of a phone user, but it helps to know that
  11. I don't know your situation, but do you really feel he's prevent you from meeting her for selfish reasons? You should confront him on why he doesn't think she's the one for you. He may think you might be hurt by her and was trying to shield you as a friend. You know a lot of virgins, I thought we were rare!
  12. What offends you?

    What can a woman say (unintentionally or not) to offend you? I'd like to know so I can get along better with men.
  13. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    You know, I've never heard a woman say she'd wouldn't want a virgin man. The media portrays ideal men as ladies men but in real life they're not the men that get married or are sought by women. I think virgin men are very attractive
  14. What if your man...

    I'd think that he was as hot as hell and I'd probably cry too XD
  15. I don't like it. Being a virgin and waiting till marriage is something intensely private for me. Getting a certificate for being a virgin would be analogous for a man having his you-know-what measured and certified by a doctor.(Take a moment to imagine that XD) It's just too much information and unromantic. Not to mention it's gender exclusive too.