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  1. "Sherlock" Fans?

    Yup, the character Gregory House was based on Sherlock Holmes.
  2. Pet Peeves regarding Guys

    All this talk of leaving is so exiting.
  3. Pet Peeves regarding Guys

    I tried to find ten really good puns that made me laugh, but no pun in ten did.
  4. Just for fun...

    I was taught to shun boring, generic swearwords and use my full vocabulary to express the way I was feeling.
  5. Gentlemen: Does Size Matter? (Female Version)

    Totally agree, I'll have a child-bearing hips girl any day (and already do ) Am I the only one that thinks we might have a troll in our midst?...
  6. Staring...

    Haha yeah I'd look away as quick as I could..but then sometimes you get caught staring and all you can do is kinda smile in embarrassment, which probably gives them even more of the wrong idea!
  7. Staring...

    Unfortunately I quite often catch myself staring at girls that are wearing far too little, or haven't thought about their body shape when they chose their outfit. It's not like I'm attracted or anything to her, more that it's difficult to look away from a car crash! Of course, there are some women with such beauty that it's hard not to stare, but I find it easier to resist that for some reason.
  8. Gentlemen: Does Size Matter? (Female Version)

    Cue a bajillion PMs? But yeah, despite my earlier post stating "I prefer breasts", I do VERY much enjoy that I have a busty wife.
  9. Gentlemen: Does Size Matter? (Female Version)

    I prefer breasts.

    Next challenge for Nicole:

    Ahh! My mind's eye!!!!!
  12. Ladies, what should you say when....?

    Exactly! I don't think I've ever, EVER, heard a guy complain about his girl's breasts. Having said that, I've heard a few complain that their girl doesn't appreciate herself enough - funny old world isn't it?
  13. Not waiting on Purpose BUT

    Stop being so patronising.
  14. Which Type of Guy Are You?

    I was a legs guy until I met my wife. She showed me the error of my ways, and I am now a proudly converted boobs guy, thanks to her wonderful curves
  15. Would you let your GF.....?

    Only for roleplay. Nothing else.