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  1. MBTI? (Myers Briggs)

    ENFP's!!! I feel like I've found my long lost family! Hopefully you guys aren't as all over the place as I am lol
  2. I'm a hopeless romantic so when I love someone and try, I really put my all into it. I've had a string of recently unsuccessful short term relationships. The most being with my best friend who on paper was exactly what I was desiring in a future wife, but it didn't work out. It's got me wondering, man, am I doing something wrong? Why can't I get this relationship thing right? Anybody out there feel similar? Feel free to share stories as well?
  3. Not a good idea. I dated a bisexual girl in high school. We had so much chemistry and honestly cared a lot about each other, but even though she was faithful, every sleepover, every vacation with friends, it just all brought unsettling thoughts into the back of my head. Also, we may not like to admit it, we do size ourselves up against our partner's past partners or those we deem as a threat. My security works when I stack up against another guy, but against a beautiful, charming girl? Nah. Not even a fair game anymore. We eventually ended up splitting because of different religious views as I did "change" on her as I grew in my faith plenty. It was humorous though when we would watch a movie and we would find out we had a crush on the same female lead lol. Ohh...high school.
  4. The idea sounds so great in theory but...just say this soul mate wasn't exactly what you had in mind? Say yall fuss fight and argue all the time and just never see eye to eye on anything, do you stay with them just because they are your "soul mate." Or what if you just legitimately fall for someone else? Do you ignore that attraction and impulse and just put your hopes, fears, dreams in a complete stranger? Or even what if the soul mate passes away? Single forever? Divorces? Age differences? There's a lot to think about. It makes me appreciative of our ability to CHOOSE a partner. Though the idea would make amazing for a romance
  5. The Question Game

    Bath soap? I'm not really a bath soap type of guy, but body wash is up my alley. Dove Men's products smell so good but deep dark secret. When I come home for Christmas break I kinda sorta sometimes use this shower gel that's for mom, its called warm vanilla or something or another. It smells ridiculously good lol. What's your most treasured memory from school days? It can be from preschool all the way to college and grad school. it doesn't have to necessarily be related to school, just during those days.
  6. women used for advertisement sells. Advertisements like that catch the eyes of men, and many women desire to have that level of sex appeal. I'm not justifying it all, its a pain when I'm TV with my 10 year old sister and a half naked woman comes on the screen,but it DOES work. And the people that make those commercials don't care about standards or objectification of anyone, they care about making money and alas, they do.
  7. Is it normal to worry about pleasing your future spouse?

    Zeke21 said it perfectly. You're committed to Christ and you desire a wife that shares that same commitment. Like everyone has been saying...hold on to that hope of that idea for your wife because like you said what if she messed up in the past, will you love her less? I think not. And I've shared your concerns before. The last gf I had we dated for two years and she wasn't a virgin and I was always fearful of the fact that she's already had the cake before and I' m not in business of baking. Terrible analogy but you get what I'm saying though. She was with me for me though, not for the sex. Your wife will be with you for the man you are, not for the sex, so don't stress. PLUS Think about this, a lot of people, especially women's sexual experiences aren't automatically enjoyable. Sex isn't completely about the raw action, its a lot of just closeness and physical intimacy so if you two are compatible and committed to each other then I'm sure the physical things will come along naturally. Plus, you get her to marry you, she's stuck and you can get all the re-dos and practices you can handle .
  8. Seek God; don't seek the mate.

    Preach man...preach He gave us His son so why withhold a wife...which Scripture says is a good thing?
  9. Is thinking about skin color offensive?

    I've read everyone's post and it seems like the lines of preference and prejudice is being blurred. Preference: One has an inclination to a person, this inclination can very well be on skin color or tone. For example a person with an olive complexion will may prefer a partner with a darker complexion because it would be a good compliment to their own, and they can more appreciate it. Prejudice: Is just one writing off an entire people group, or individual based on their skin tone, "Yeah, she's cute, but I could never take home a Japanese girl." or "I can't date a white girl, how would that make me look?" I don't see what the big hold up on skin color is. I live in the south and the overwhelming majority of my peers have no problem dating someone of a different ethnicity or skin tone. The issue comes from social pressures and expectations such as bringing a significant other with a different background home to mom and dad.
  10. Ladies, what's your ideal way of being approached by a guy? direct is "direct" without being too direct? I hope I made sense lol
  11. Ladies, what's your ideal way of being approached by a guy?

    Leave it in the girl's hands....makes sense
  12. Hey There

    Welcome to the site're gonna love it!
  13. Ladies, what's your ideal way of being approached by a guy?

    I'm glad that you acknowledge that its hard because in some situations it really is...women...yall can be real intimidating sometimes
  14. Ladies, what's your ideal way of being approached by a guy?

    I like the whole classroom gives yall a common interest so things should be less...awkward I guess