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  1. hello

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Steve Harvey Show - Virgin Daters

    I like that Steve Harvey decided to have an episode like this. It gives a lot of waiters hope. Thanks for sharing!
  3. How i it usually when you date another person who's waiting until marriage? I recently started dating this guy from online who's also waiting until marriage. This is my first time dating a guy who's waiting until marriage too. He's also a virgin and we never talked about past relationships, so I'm not even sure if he had his first kiss.I'm a virgin waiter too, but I dated a lot of guys before. I'm not sure if he's just different or if he's not interested. We went on three dates so far. He smiles at me a lot, always pays, and is extra nice. However, he never compliments, flirts, or touches me.He accidentally touched my hand when we were walking, but that was it. I don't understand why he wouldn't even show that he's interested when we're together, but continues to ask me on dates. It's so confusing. Is the experience usually different when two waiters date?
  4. Red or Blue?

    The red pill. I'm extremely interested in other languages and cultures. It would be a dream come true for me! I wouldn't pick the other option even if it was alone to just choose, though, because it would take away the joy of learning.
  5. Until Marriage Mini-Series

    It does see cool. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. Do you on any dating sites?

    I use, but I rarey go on there. Most of the people that write me are the exact opposite of what I'm looking for.
  7. I got 28! At first, I got 1.14 when I did my zip code and 28 when I put my city. Not bad.
  8. What are your goals in life?

    1. Follow God's plan 2. Be healthier 3. Be more enthusiastic 4. Meet the guy of my dreams 5. Graduate with a Bachelor's in Nutritional Sciences 6. Become a dietitian 7. Get married 8. Start a family
  9. Introvert or Extrovert?

    I think you're an introvert. I can be loud and crazy too. I think the introvert full description is pretty hard to fit in. Introverts tend to think more deeply, which is why labeling can be pretty hard for us. Everyone needs energy from both alone time and social time. It's just that we are more quickly satisfied. I can have 3 positive friendly conversations for a day and be satisfied, but an extrovert would need at least 10 everyday. Sometimes I wouldn't even need any at all.
  10. Introvert or Extrovert?

    Are you an introvert or extrovert? I think I'm an introvert, but I'm slightly both. It's because I don't enjoy group discussions, but I'm a huge risk taker. I would also rather be in a group than alone. I feel depressed when I'm alone. I'm also comfortable in large crowds, large classrooms, and sometimes large groups because people tend to be less judgmental. It just feel weird when people keep telling you that you're shy. I used to be shy, but it wasn't really the true definition of shy. Actually shy people aren't usually scared of people. That's social anxiety. It's usually just disinterest in certain things. A lot of the time I was just not interested in discussing certain things, so I had to gain interest in the topic in order to stop being "shy". I used to wish I was an extrovert, but, I noticed that some extroverts can be really aggressive and conceited. I always find myself comforting someone because of the damage that an aggressive extrovert caused. But, yet I would still be considered unfriendly, mean, and shy by many extroverts. Which trait defines you? And what do you think about the other trait? What type of misjudgments do you face?
  11. I did when I was little, but not anymore. That's lust at first sight. Some things may look good on the outside, but can be really terrible on the inside. It's kind of like with certain foods. A food can look extremely delicious, but it can still be gross.
  12. Great point. I used to do that. I think we all have, but never in this way. It's usually with forgiveness. Admitting something is wrong doesn't mean you're not going to forgive them for it.
  13. I couldn't finish reading it either. It's so horrible. People nowadays are too selfish and hateful. That's not good.
  14. I think it's a lot for me. It's sexual desire, curiosity, and impatience. I've been extremely curious and impatient ever since I was little.
  15. TrueLoveWaits :D

    Thank you for this. Some people can make you really fearful about your decision to wait, which can make anyone question their decision. I really needed to see this.