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  1. Stay At Home Mom VS Working Mom

    I voted Working woman. Two incomes are much better than one in our society! However If my wife wants to stay home during the pregnancy stage and early childhood, I would support her. This is not the Man brings home the bacon society anymore. Its the Man brings home the bacon and the woman brings home the bread society. BACON SANDWICH! lol
  2. HMM. Not for a girlfriend. I think it would pose a situation if she wanted to flaunt the outfit. I think lingerie might be a encouraging sexuality, especially if its something that is very provocative. Now a wife, yes. I think it might be good to use different things such as lingerie, outfits etc. to not only spice up, but keep an idea of what your spouse likes. Kinky or classy, everyone has their own turn-ons, and its very important for the spouse to get to know the side that they don't know about their partner in the dating phase
  3. MUSIC!

    I've always loved classical music. its so peaceful. Perfect HW music
  4. MUSIC!

    Guys I love the different tastes in music! Sophie, the instrumentals and melodies are awesome! I wish I understood the language though lol Its just a positive reinforcement that I need to make lingual studies a priority Gil. I like all the songs you posted man, The USE IT music video is one of the most interesting videos ive ever seen. Stabbing Westward is great too.
  5. Sexist Superbowl Commercials

    Yeah they did stand out . Those commercials that use sexuality to appeal to the viewers. Trashy commercials like that should not be televised especially given the fact that children are DEFINITELY watching. Its just an idea of how far the censorship of the United States has plummeted.
  6. Im New!

    OOO. so its totally fiction! cool I like it, Well I look forward to helping encourage folks to WTM with ya!
  7. Hey guys, so I wanted to ask where you obtained your view on waiting until marriage and also what happened if anything in your life that reinforced the idea of waiting. I think this gives an idea of what helped you gain your focus and could potentially be used by a newcomer to encourage abstinence til marriage! Ill go first. Well, I am a reformed Christian. I say it like this because I was baptized at a young age, and didn't fully understand the aspect of being a christian. I made mistakes in my life which I regret, and I repented and began to change my mindset on life. With this said I can see the strain of Marriage on my Parents who did not wait. My Father and Step-mother, have been together for 19 years. They have been married for 13 years. With this being said, they have arguments non-stop and always have a difficulty with even simple communication. My father was baptized before they were married, and felt as though Marriage was necessary because they were still have pre-marital sex. Now as a christian,he feels as though divorce is a direct sin to God whom he made his marital vows to. As a witness to their lives and problems, I have chosen not to have any sexual relations before marriage so that I may have a opportunity to not only get to know the person, but to love the person, understand the person, and obtain unity in marriage before unity in the flesh.
  8. I always had a self-esteem issue...I felt like I was unattractive and so I never really dated at all until I was 18. Its kind of hard going through school and feeling as though you dont want to ask someone out because they really wont want to go out with you. I worked up the courage to talk to girls but I NEVER asked a girl out until I was in college and alot more confident
  9. MUSIC!

    So guys ! Im like a music lover. either or. I was wondering if anyone had some good music or a band or musician that they feel obligated to share! Just leave a favorite song that you think is a must-hear. >Cake - Tougher than it is (Alternative) >Black Keys - Tighten Up (Alternative) >Raconteurs - Steady as she goes (Rock) >Asher Roth - G.R.I.N.D. (Rap) >Radiohead- Idioteque (Alternative) Let me know what you think! and Post your own favorites!
  10. Im New!

    lol funny! so whats your name mean? and when is markAfter?
  11. Im New!

    Ok, so My name is Myron. and in school I always got Myroni, then I worked at a local supermarket, and when I first introduced myself to my current bestfriend I told her I was Myroni, and she said she liked macaroni more lol and from that day on she called me Macaroni/mac/mac&cheese.
  12. The Dating Game

    I can see where you're coming from, I think in that aspect its a mutual respect if you only talk to each other. It also makes sense because it would be more frustrating to give your attention to multiple people...The better question would be how do you keep these things from developing from a friend-friend relationship.
  13. College Dating for women

    That's true. It does seem like once you meet someone in a classroom setting, after that class is over there is a small chance of ever seeing them again...especially at my school !
  14. College Dating for women

    That's true. It does seem like once you meet someone in a classroom setting, after that class is over there is a small chance of ever seeing them again...especially at my school !
  15. College Dating for women

    So, I have a crush on a girl in my math class...I'm a math major, so I don't find it hard to learn math, however I am trying to get this girl's attention, its not hard because she sits next to me, but I feel like I could be a distraction... As a girl, do you think it would be best if a boy who likes you wait until the class is over, as in end of the semester, or if they try to express attraction and proceed to attempt to date during the semester?