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  1. I need some advice.

    Thanks everybody, I greatly appreciate it!
  2. Hi everybody.

    Hello my name is Justin. I am 20 years old and attend Saint Vincent college in Pa. I am Catholic and God is one of the major reasons why I am waiting. I have joined Waiting till marriage because; well I'm gonna be honest, I have been waiting my entire life but now its getting harder to wait because I'm surrounded by women who do not share this same belief of waiting and I am hopeful that this Waiting till marriage group can strengthen my conviction to wait. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.
  3. I need some advice.

    So I'm in college and I am surrounded by girls everywhere. As time progresses, it has been getting harder and harder to wait; I am primarily concerned because most girls up here do not share my same belief and I feel as though I'm not gonna be with someone because I am waiting and they are not. I don't care if someone has already "done it". I am concerned that if I am with someone who is not waiting I will not be able to hold off the urges. What do I do?